Re-transcribed from Photocopies of the Record Pages from the original Bible which is presumed lost…They may have been destroyed in the fire which severely damaged the Welch’s Log home. Bracketed [ ] information was included by this transcriber for clarity from proven facts.

The inverse of these pages bear the stamp ‘Certified True Contact Reflex Copy Without Retouching or Alteration Gulfoto 407 W. Howard, Biloxi, Miss’

Photo Pages are in the possession of the Covington County Genealogical and Historical Society, Seminary, MS.

A transcription of this Bible was printed by the Mississippi Genealogical Society of Jackson, MS in Cemetery and Bible Records Volume II, pgs 77-78, however the surname was misspelled and numerous errors were included which have been proven incorrect, i.e., the transcription does not match other Records on file, or grave markers, while several entries were omitted.

Family Record


Jesse Gieger was born March the 20th 1793
Tobitha Gieger wife of Jesse Gieger was born July the 22nd 1793 [Tobitha Martin]
Zachariah Gieger was born May the 1st 1814
Lucretia S.Y. Gieger was born May the 20th 1816 [Mary Lucretia]
AB Martin Gieger was born April the 25th 1819 [Abram Martin]
J.S. Gieger was born May the 27th 1822 [James Samuel]
Selete An Gieger was born August the 22nd 1824
Elias E. Gieger was born April the 14th 1829 [Elias Eli]
Mary M. Gieger was born March the 28th 1833 [Mary Magdalene]
Lucinda Gieger was born March the 15th 1835
Anzonette R. West was born August the 12th 1856

C.T. Rawles was borned December 10 1859 [Charles Timothy]
Martha Gieger was borned November the 14th 1849 [Martha Jane]
Charity Rawles was borned June 2nd 1884
Bernice Rawles was borned February 8th 1885
Maggie Rawles was borned March 3rd 1887
Charles P. Rawles was borned July 8th 1889
Maye Belle Rawles was borned February 17th 1893

James Martin was born October the 6th 1756 [Tobitha’s Father]
Mary Martin his wife was born August the 12th 1764 [Tobitha’s Mother]
Abraham Gieger was born June the 11th 1761 [Jessie’s Father]
Mercy [Martin] Gieger his wife was born April the 24th 1771 [Jessie’s Mother]

Mateopolis Wilson Dun was born April the 16th 1864. First son of A.J. Dun
Angeline Lefait was born July the 16th 1847 [La Fayette?]
William P. Long was born August 19th A.D. 1844
Lucinda Jane Long was born August the 29th 1867. Named by her mother Angeline Long


Jessie Gieger & Tobitha Martin was married March the 11th 1813
Lucinda Gieger & Benjamin West was married November the 24th 1851
Benjamin Gieger & Mary Speed was married April the 21st 1879
Jessie Gieger was married to Susan Welch November the 8th 1871
T.R. Welch married T E Gieger December 27th 1877 [Timothy Ransom\Tobitha Elizabeth]
E.W. Gieger was married to E.S. Lowrey November the 21st 1881 [Equilla Winfield\Evaline S.]
C.T. Rawles was married to M.J. Gieger November the 16th 1881 [Charles Timothy\Martha Jane]
L.D. Gieger was married to A.J. Rawles November the 15th 1881 [Lorenzo Dow\Angeline Jane]
M.L. Gieger was married to M.L. Welch January the 16th 1878 [Martin Luther\Martha Laney]
William P. Long and Angeline La Fayette were married November 15th A.D. 1866, by the Reverend J.J. Creel

[Note: A marriage entry following M.L. Gieger and M.L. Welch is too faint to read...It is thought to be that of Z.R. Gieger to Mitt Lowrey who is the only child of Zachariah that is not included. They married on March 17, 1875]


James S. Gieger departed this life March the 23rd 1868 [James Samuel]
Martha Dikes the wife of Benjamin Dikes departed this life May the 1st 1863 [Dykes]
Grandfather Gigger departed this life October the 20th 1871 [Jessie]
Grandmother Gieger departed this life November the 18th 1871 [Tobitha]

File contributed by Gerry Gieger. Thank you!

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