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Stewart Family Letters

Clifton Texas
June the 10th 1872

Dear Sister,

I at length seat myself to write you a few lines to let you know that I have not forgotten you although so far from you it is with sorrow I have to tell you that Jane is dead. She died the 3rd of February in Cranberry with menegitis. She was taken with chilly sensations on Sunday evening but did not appear to be very sick till Tuesday morning and died Saturday night at 10 oclock. She suffered a great deal and was not in her mind much of the time I went up there the first of December to stay with her and John She was keeping house for him none of her sisters go to see her alive John wanted to send for them on Wednesday but the Doctor said she would be dead and buried before they could get there the weather was very cold we sent for them on Friday Caty and Jennet got there to see her buried it is 55 miles from Clifton the rest of my children are in tolerable good health Caty has Barbara little girl. She grows fast is a walking now. Mr Archibald is almost foolish about her he pets her more than he did his own he and Caty had her Baptized for her mother gave her to them to raise as their own Tom Ballenger is at work on the railroad he well when we heard from him two weeks ago he thinks there never was such a child as his Jennets girl is a small child but Nannie is larger than she is Hugh has a daughter 5 months old named Margaret Elizabeth he wrote Barbara twice but has not received any answer yet Barbara wrote to know his wifes name if she did not get his letter I will tell her it was Mary McSpadden. Allans children grow very well Archie is a smart boy to work or learn he lives with Hugh Flora Ann with Jennet their mother gave them to them the day she died. Annie Archibald is as large as any commonwoman she is not 13 yet. Willie grows well he is a promising boy he makes me think of brother John in his ways we have good crops this year the best wheat we had for several years some had their wheat thrashed it made 30 bushels to the acre corn looks promising the health of the country is good money is scarce taxes high John is on the Leon in Commanche with his saw mill at this time I dont know when he will go back to Cranberry I believe I have written all that could interest you My children all send their love to you and family may God bless you My Sister write soon farewell

Nancy Anderson

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