Slaughter Cemetery

Located in R7W, T2S, Sec. 18 on the north side of Star Landing road, east of Interstate 55 near the Forestry Tower.  Surveyed in the 1980’s and included in the 1987 cemetery book.  Additional information added by Tim Harrison.

Arthur A. Lea – 1884 – 1885.
Believed to be the son of William G. Lea (1855 – 1943) and Annie E. Brewer (1860 – 1939), and the grandson of Roderick C. (see below) and M. P. Lea.

Roderick C. Lea – 1820 – 1885.
Born in Chatham County, North Carolina, the son of Joseph Lea II and Julianna Banks.  He married Mary P. Grider about 1853.  They are listed in the 1860 DeSoto Census (p. 179) with two children: William G. (1855) and Cora (1857).  Roderick served in the Confederate Army in Co. A, 2nd Mississippi Partisan Rangers and also Co. A, Blythe’s Battalion.  His first wife died prior to 1868 when he married Mrs. Telitha C. Pounders on August 19th.  They are listed in the 1870 Census (p. 84) with William G., Cora, and a new child, Joseph (b. 1869).

Robert E. Lea – 1883 – 1884.  Son of W. G. & Annie Lea.
Son of William G. Lea (1855 – 1943) and Annie E. Brewer (1860 – 1939), and grandson of Roderick C. Lea (see above).  Siblings include: Mable M. (b. 1880), Arthur A. (see above), William Henry “Jack” (1887 – 1966), Lucile (1892), Lester Edward (1894 – 1923), and Annie (1898).  His parents are buried in the Nesbit Cemetery.

Thelisa G. Kurtz – Aged 49 yrs – 1893.  Wife of Gustav A. Kurtz.
Born about 1843 in Alabama or Tennessee.  She married (first) A. M. Parker before the 1860 Census.  They are listed in DeSoto on page 186.  Mr. Parker died prior to 1867.  She married (second) Cornelius E. Grimmer on January 3, 1867 and was the mother of two known children by him: Edward (1868) and Roeannie (1869).  She and C. E. Grimmer are listed in the 1870 Census (p. 84).  Mr. Grimmer died prior to 1882, when she married (third) Gustavus A. Kurtz (1845, Germany) on November 6, 1882.  She was the mother of one known child in this marriage: Julius Frederick, born November 1884.  Her husband, Gustavus (also known as Gus) died in Memphis, Tennessee in on November 4, 1922.

The following graves are unmarked and have been described by Mrs. Robert J. Jarvis, Bosier City, LA.

Lula Slaughter – 1869 – 1870.  Daughter of John S. & Isabelle Slaughter [?].
Daughter of John S. Slaughter (see below) and his second wife, Susan M. Calhoun (see below) Isabelle (last name unknown), John’s first wife, died shortly after the 1850 census and could not have been Lula’s mother.  Lula was the twin sister of Lundy Slaughter (see below).

John S. Slaughter – 1811 – 187_.
Born in North Carolina, he was first married about 1838 to Isabelle (last name uknown, born about 1817 in Tennessee).  They are listed in the 1850 DeSoto Census (p. 381) with the following children: Leander (1840 – served in Co. B, 1st Mississippi Cavalry (Adams/Wood’s, CSA), T. (f) (1842), Cynderilla (1843), Angerena (1844), Harwell (1847), and Stephen (1848).  He is listed in the 1860 DeSoto Census (p. 187) with no spouse and four children living with him.  He married Susan M. Calhoun (see below) about 1861 (the marriage records for this time period were destroyed in the Civil War).  He and Susan had the following children: Florence Ida (married John W. Brackett, see below), John (1865), Lula and Lundy (see above).  Since there are no children born after 1869, John probably died shortly after the 1870 Census.

Lundy Slaughter – 1869 – 19__.  Twin of Lula Slaughter.
Son of John S. Slaughter and his second wife, Susan M. Calhoun.  He is listed in the 1870 (p. 84) and 1880 (p. 447) DeSoto County Census records.  He could not be located in the 1900 Census.

John W. Brackett – 29 Jan 1853 – 29 Dec 1908.
John Washington Brackett was born in Union County, Georgia, the son of Thomas S. Brackett (1825, NC – 1888, GA) and Mary Amanda Queen (b. 1824, NC – 1903, GA).  He is listed with his parents in the 1860 and 1870 Union County, GA Census records.  He married Florence Ida Slaughter (b. February 23, 1862 in Memphis, TN), daughter of John Slaughter (see above) and Susan Calhoun (see below) on February 19, 1880 in Shelby County, TN.  They are listed in the 1880 (p. 447) and 1900 (p. 112) DeSoto County Census records.  They were the parents of eight children: Infant (see below), Arthur Gustave (1882), William Lundy (1884), John Thomas (1886), Robert Cecil (1888), Mary Lula (1895), Susie S. (1898), and Grace (1902).  John died in Memphis, Tennessee.  His widow was listed in the 1910 Shelby County, TN Census (p. 59), where Julius Kurtz, son of Gus and Thelisa Kurtz (see above) was listed as a boarder.  Florence died in Memphis, TN on June 22, 1951 and is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery.

Susan M. Calhoun Slaughter – 183_ - 19__.
Born Susan M. Calhoun in 1835, her birthplace is listed in the census records alternatively as Viriginia and Tennessee.  She is listed in the 1860 DeSoto Census (p. 187) living with her mother (initial M., born about 1800 in VA).  The family is listed just below that of John Slaughter, whom she married about 1861.  She was the mother of four children: Florence Ida (wife of John W. Brackett, see above), John, Lula and Lundy (twins, see above).  Her husband died after the 1870 Census.  She is listed in the 1880 DeSoto Census (p. 447) with two unmarried children (John and Lundy) and also her daughter and son-in-law.  She could not be located in the 1900 Census.

Infant Slaughter – 1881 – 1881.  Daughter of F. Ida Slaughter & J. W. Brackett.
See John W. Brackett (above).

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