Will of Green Berry Waldrop

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Text: G.B. WALDROP WILL (Rev. Green Berry Waldrop)

Wife : Elizabeth Ward

Children: Gilbert Franklin Waldrop, Henry Low Waldrop, McDonald Waldrop, Joseph Ryan Waldrop, Nancy Caroline Waldrop (Mrs. Seaborn Higginbottom)

Grandchildren: Georgia Ann Elizabeth Waldrop (Thornton), Stephen Franklin Waldrop

Great grandchildren Jimmy Amm Thornton ( Mrs. Arthur Scott)

Mississippi, DeSoto County

Know all men by these present that I Green B. Waldrop of the state and county aforesaid feeling that in the cause of nature my time on earth at best is but short and being of sound and disposing mind I do make this my last will and testament as follows; for the support of my wife, Elizabeth Waldrop I leave her the use of ?name, my house woman and a girl named Adaline and the interest of five hundred dollars during her lifetime or widowhood and in case of either death or marriage all the above property to return to my estate and the sum of one thousand dollars raised out of said property and money which sum of money I give and bequeath to my two grand children namely Georgia Ann Elizabeth and Stephan Franklin Waldrop, the children of my son Joseph R. Waldrop by his first wife Nancy five hundred dollars each provided they should both be alive at that time but in case the amount going to either or both. In the case maybe to be paid ? over to my son Joseph R. Waldrop their father by my Executor. I do further give and bequeath to my said wife Elizabeth all the house hold furniture that we are in possession of and my horse and vehicle should we possess at my death for her own use and benefit. Second: I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph R. Waldrop five hundred dollars to be paid by my executor as soon as such collections can be made as to justify.

Third: It is my will that as soon as collections can be made that my Executor pay all my just debts with a decent funeral expense. And

Fourth: That my Book of Charge against my children be balanced and my Negro property and my money be equally divided between my three children namely McDonald Waldrop, Nancy Caroline Higgenbothom and Henry Low Waldrop which Negro property I give and bequeath as the Negro property that is charged on my Book as already charged against the said McDonald Waldrop & Nancy Caroline Higgenbothom as also Henry Low Waldrop portion which he may receive all the above named Negro property is entitled to then and the price of their bodies and it is desirable and expected that the above entitlement may be rigidly observed as my Negros are my fellow beings and I do not want them to be made merchandise of if it can possibly be avoided.

Fifth: I do duly appoint my son McDonald Waldrop as my agent to manage the property and money left my wife Elizabeth Waldrop and to see her well supported in her declining days.

Sixth: It is my will that my lands be sold at such time and in such manner as in executors judgment may think suitable for the benefit of my heirs and the proceeds equally divided between my four children and my wife.

Finally: I show the present state of my Book of Charges to wit: McDonald Waldrop is charged therein one thousand four hundred and seventy nine dollars. Nancy Caroline Higgenbothom is charged therein for what she has received at sundry times nine hundred and sixty dollars, Henry Low Waldrop is charged therein for what he has received at sundry times one hundred and forty dollars and Joseph Ryan Waldrop is charged therein for what he has received at sundry times eight hundred and seventy five dollars and it is my will that the said Joseph Ryan Waldrop shall have no further claim on my Estate other than what is bequeath to him & to his two oldest children in the above. And also his equal interest in the proceeds of lands when sold & collected.

Seventh: I do hereby appoint James H. Jackson my executor to execute this my last will and testament so soon as I have deceased and gone hence from the Walks of Life. Given under my hand and seal this the 26th day of April AD 1854.

Signed, sealed and delivered

in the presence of G B Waldrop

M A Thornton [his signature]

Willis Evenson

G L Scott

Title: Green Berry Waldrop
Abbrev: Green Berry Waldrop
Text: The State of Mississippi

DeSoto County

In the Probate Court of said County at the November Term 1854 thereof

Be it remembered that at a time of the Probate Court of the County of DeSoto state aforesaid began and held at the Court house in and for said County on the first Monday in November in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty four personally appeared in open Court M A Thornton, Willis Everson and G L Scott subscribing witnesses to a certain instrument of writing hereto attached purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of Green B Waldrop late of said County deceased bearing date the 26th day of April AD 1854 who having first been duly sworn , deposed and said that said G B Waldrop signed, sealed and declared said instrument as his Last Will and Testament in the presence of these deponent on the day of the date thereof that said testator was then of sound disposing mind and memory and more than twenty one years of age and that these deponents subscribed said instrument as witness then to in the presence of said testator and in the presence of each other on the and year aforesaid.

Sworn to and subscribed in open Court the 6th day of November 1854

M A Thornton

G L Scott

Willis Everson

George Foote Clerk

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