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The Genealogical Society of Desoto County MS is in the Old Fair Building. Membership is $20.00 year and all mail should be sent to GSDCM, P. O. Box 607, Hernando MS 38632. This is behind the old agricultural building. This is an extensive library maintained by the Society which can be visited 10:00 a.m. to approximately 2:00 p.m Mon - Wed and on Thursday or Friday by appointment only. They do not have the manpower to do private research but can refer you to local researchers.


President: Lisa Vincent

Vice President: Darryl Taylor

Secretary: Bonnie Reid

Treasurer: Cathy Powers

Quarterly Editor: Therese Fisher

Media Coordinator: Karen Blenis

Corresponding Secretary: Kay Purdie


All meetings are held the 2nd Saturday of the month at Genealogical Society Library located at 3260 Hwy 51, South, Hernando MS, unless otherwise stated. Meetings begin at 10 am and are concluded by 12 noon.  There is no charge to attend our meetings.

2018 Program Schedule

  Program starts at 10 a.m. followed by the business meeting

Jan 13, 2018

"Old Nesbit" by Lee Caldwell

Feb 10, 2018

"Black History" by Dr MacLemore

Mar 10, 2018

"Census" by John Lane of TnGen

Apr 14, 2018

"Confederate Mascots" by Debbie Lewis

May 12, 2018

"Dowsing" by Lisa Vincent

Jun 9, 2018

"Beginning Genealogy Seminar" by GSDC

Jul 14, 2018

"Creating a Family Book" by Darryl Taylor 

Aug 11, 2018

Sep 8, 2018

  Oct 13, 2018

Nov 10, 2018

Dec 9 (Christmas Party)

Court Records, Church, Cemetery, Census, Family Files, Bios,
and much more

P. O. BOX 607, HERNANDO, MS 38632-0607
Phone (662) 469-8495
April 10, 2015

DeSoto Descendants Quarterly
Vol. 1– 1982 thru Vol. 6 – 1988                  Per Issue $2.00,  Per year $8.00
Vol. 7 – 1989 thru Vol. 12 – 1994               Per Issue $3.50,  Per year $15.00
Vol. 13 – 1995 thru Vol. 19 – 2001             Per Issue $5.00, Per Year $20.00
Vol. 20 – 2002 thru Vol. 25 – 2007             Per Issue $5.00,  Per Year $20.00        

1890 Replacement Census for DeSoto County, Mississippi. Census information is taken from 1890 educable children, cemetery records. Comparison of 1880 and 1900 Federal Census of Desoto Co.         
Book #297           $20.00

1920 DeSoto County, Mississippi Census Index.  Includes all members in household with Names, Age, and Sex.
Book #298         $40.00

1930 DeSoto County, Mississippi Census Index.  Includes all members in household with Names, Age, and Sex.
Book #299             $50.00

Federal Census Index of Five Counties in North Mississippi.
Transcribed by GSDC  Members, Only white persons abstracted.
1840 Index for DeSoto, Marshall, Panola, Tunica Counties       Each County         $ 5.00
1850 Index for DeSoto, Marshall, Panola, Tunica Counties       Each County         $ 7.00
1860 Index for DeSoto, Marshall, Panola, Tunica Counties       Each County         $ 8.00
1870 Index for DeSoto, Marshall, Panola, Tunica Counties       Each County         $ 8.00
1880 Index for DeSoto, Marshall, Panola, Tate, Tunica Co.      Each County         $ 8.50
1900 Index for DeSoto, Marshall, Panola, Tate, Tunica Co.      Each County         $ 9.00
1910 Index for DeSoto, Marshall, Panola, Tate, Tunica Co.      Each County         $ 9.00
1840 thru 1910 for DeSoto, Marshall, Panola and Tunica County
 bound in 1 volume                                                                      Each County         $40.00
1880 thru 1910 for Tate County bound in 1 volume                                                $20.00

Agricultural Census of DeSoto County for 1860.  Abstracted by Louise Cox Fox.  Gives agricultural status of each farmer in DeSoto County and in what is now Tate County.  Land value, number of livestock, bushels of wheat, corn, pounds of butter, etc. 34 pages.
Book #242                              $12.00

1850 DeSoto County Slave Owners (Replaces 1850 Slave Owners of Desoto County Index).  Gives Slave Owners’ name, Slave’s age, sex, race and date census taken.
Book #226   $20.00

1850 Panola County Slave Owners  (Replaces 1850 Slave Owners of Panola County Index).   Gives Slave Owners’ name, Slave’s age, sex, and race.
Book #227     $20.00

1860 Slave Owners of DeSoto County Index    $6.00

1860 Slave Owners of Panola County Index    $6.00

DeSoto County, Mississippi  White Marriages
Alphabetically listed by Groom and Bride. gives marriage book number and page number.
Vol.  I 1893 – 1923,       Book #244                   $25.00      
Vol. II 1923 – 1930,       Book #245                   $25.00

Desoto County, Mississippi White Marriages 1931—1939

Book #246          $25.00

Black Marriages in DeSoto County, Ms. 1866 – 1900.  Abstracted by Ozell D. Scott.  Alphabetical listing by bride and groom.  320 pages.
Book #247                              $50.00

Black Marriages of DeSoto County, Ms. 1901-1920.  Abstracted by members of the Genealogical Society. Alphabetical by Groom & Bride.
Book #248                              $25.00

Panola County, Mississippi Early Marriages.  Abstracted by Mary Jane Wilson and transcribed and formatted by Ozell D. Scott.  Marriages from both courthouses, Sardis and Batesville in Panola County. Also includes some marriages and obituaries abstracted by Mrs. Wilson from old newspapers.  Full name index by both Bride and Groom.  130 pages.
Book #217                         $28.00

Cemetery Inscriptions of DeSoto County, Ms.  Eighty-two (82) white cemeteries were surveyed
1983 through 1985 by the members of the Genealogical Society of DeSoto County.  Compiled
and edited by J. B. Bell and Mildred M. Scott.  Indexed by surname. Map of cemetery locations.
Book #237                              $30.00

DeSoto County Death Notices.  Abstracted by Mildred M. Scott from old county newspapers.  Mortality schedules, Final and Probate Records.  Many of these names do not appear in the Cemetery Inscriptions as some are buried in what is now Tate County, Ms.  In three (3) sections, listed alphabetically.  92 pages
Book #241                              $16.00



Cemeteries of Desoto County, Mississippi (Caucasian). Surveyed 2002 through 2005. This includes all names and information printed in the Cemetery Book in 1986 plus additional Cemeteries found and information until December 2005. Gives Names, Birth & Death dates, name of Cemetery where buried. Cemetery Range, Township and Section plus GPS Locations.   470 Pages
Book #301        Hard Cover      $20.00                 

Cemeteries of Desoto County (African-American).  Surveyed 2005, gives Name, Birth & Death dates, name of Cemetery where buried.  Includes  Range, Township and Section plus GPS location. 68 Cemeteries surveyed.    275 Pages
Book #303         Hard Cover        $50.00                 Soft Cover Spiral Bound   $35.00

Yellow Fever Journal of Hernando, MS.  Transcribed by Ozell D. Scott from original 1878 handwritten minutes of the Citizens Relief Fund.  Includes registers of those sick and those who died from yellow fever.  22 pages.
Book #235                              $10.00

19th Century Hernando by Mildred M. Scott.  Historical sketches of events from the formation
of the county in 1836, the Civil War Years, and the yellow fever epidemic until the turn of the
Book #239          $7.00

Arkabutla, Mississippi, The Place and Its People by Mildred M. Scott.  This community was in DeSoto County until February 1873 when Tate County was formed.  The history of the area and plus 250 family names and over 1,000 family groups are traced.  Map, indexed.  200 pages
Book #701                              $25.00

Board of Police Minutes of DeSoto County 1858 – 1868.  Abstracted by Mildred Scott.  This was the governing body of the county which is now called Board of Supervisors.  When the Federals burned the County Courthouse in 1863, the Police Court Minute Book escaped the fire.  This unique volume if the only extant official county record book of the Civil War years for DeSoto County.  Over 12,000 DeSoto County citizens of 1858 – 1868 and over 200 place names are recorded here.  You can locate the area, the road where they lived, and also neighbors of your ancestors and other information pertaining to DeSoto County during this era.  306 pages with full name and geographic indexes.  Map (1994)      
Book #700                   $30.00

DeSoto County, MS Probate Court Final Records 1836 – 1845.
 Abstracted by Dorothy A. Taylor and transcribed by Ozell D. Scott.  Includes Probate Records that have never been published.  Full name index.  142 pages.
Book #252                              $40.00

Desoto County Mississippi History and Families.
This book is hard bound in simulated leather. It contains 20 pages of County history and 200 pages of family histories. Indexed by surname. Published 1999. 
Hard Cover      Book #285          $25.00

Early Settlers of North DeSoto County, MS 1850.  Compiled by Mildred M. Scott.  Gleanings of the 1850 Census of the areas north of Coldwater River in DeSoto County.  The river became the county line when Tate County was formed in 1873.  Includes reference to 1850 and 1860 census of those families.  Genealogical data from marriage records, cemetery records, tax rolls and other listings.  Map, indexed with full name for head of household and other surnames listed in household.  Approximately 200 pages.
Book #702                              $25.00

Hernando Baptist Church History 1840 – 1990.  Annotated and abstracted by J. B. Bell.  20 pages.  
Book #225                  $8.00

Hernando Historical Windows.  By J. B. Bell. Relates the history and changing times of the town of Hernando from 1836 until 1986   Hard Cover. 100 pages.        
Book #400                             $25.00

History of Baker’s Chapel United Methodist Church and Its People, a Pioneer Community. Compiled by Mildred M. Scott.  This church was established by German Baker and tells of the pioneers who lived in the area and of those descendants still living here.  Families include descendants of Johnston, Lauderdale, Laughter, Vaiden, Teague and Summers.  Full name indexed.
Book #704          $25.00

James and Mary Rumple Scott and Their Descendants.  Compiled by Ozell D. Scott and Mildred M. Scott.  From 1798 to those descendants we found still living in 1995 are recorded here.  Some are still living but are scattered.  Over 100 collateral lines are mentioned.  Approximately 250 pages including pictures.  Full name index (1996)
Book #703                              $50.00

Love In My Day by Ellen Bennet Flinn. Mrs. Flinn lived on the farm where she was born in the Love Community of DeSoto County.  She recalled her early life, farming conditions, schools, burial  customs.  38 pages.  Indexed, illustrated, maps.   
Book #215                                $10.00

Love Station Methodist Episcopal Church Register.  Copies of original church register giving names, when received into the church, how received, and some dates of death or disposal.
Book #232                              $10.00

Mammy’s Book.  The Diary of Bettie Bowen Eason.  She related the conditions in the area of Cockrum and Olive Branch communities in the last quarter of the 1800s and early 1900s, names of songs she sang in church, her family and neighbors.
Book #270                              $15.00

Memories of Sally Love Banks.   Daughter of the founder of Love Station, MS.  Her life as she grew up and her early marriage.  76 pages.
Book #234                              $15.00

Our Heritage.  This book unavailable for over 10 years and is photocopied with permission of
compiler Pam McPhail Ivy (circa 1965).  History of families of DeSoto County.  Now indexed
and cross-indexed by given and surname.  Illustrated.
Book #283                            $35.00  

Pension Applications Roster of Confederate Veterans of DeSoto County.  Photocopied from original pension records and letters relating to Civil War Veterans.  65 pages.
Book #250                              $10.00

R. F. B. Logan’s Cash Book.  Mr. Logan began his long career in county government in 1904.  His meticulous, detailed record keeping of the income and expenses incurred by him from 1904 to 1906 reveals the mode of life in Hernando at that time.  Photocopied from original ledger, 90 pages.  Over 1,000 names alphabetical indexed.
Book #236                              $12.00

Ramblin’ Remarks.  Copies of the newspaper column written by Mills Barbee, Sr.  Tells of people and related events of the first 60 years in 1900s.  Photocopy from original articles.  64 pages.  Illustrated, indexed.  Over 1,500 places and people named.
Book #219                              $12.00

The Diary of Mattie Morgan Tipton .  Beginning in the early years of the Civil War, Mattie writes of her trips to Memphis, dealing with the Yankees, visits to Hernando and her thoughts on the War.  Also, her romantic thoughts and the antics of a 16 year old southern lady.  Copied by courtesy of her grandsons, William, Meredith and Joel Walker.  Transcribed and dialogued by Ozell D. Scott. 70 pages.
Book #296                           $14.00

The District Attorney’s Diary – 1892 – 1894.  Abstracted and transcribed by Ozell D. Scott.  Date. Case Numbers, Charge, Witnesses, Plaintiffs and Defendants.  20 pages.
Book #228                              $8.00

The History of the Lake Cormorant.  As told by Walter Wilson Jr. 
Book #305       $5.00

All books are spiral bound with soft cover except where indicated.
Your order will be filled and mailed within 4 weeks of receiving your order.
Postage and handling is $4.00 for the first book and $2.00 for each additional book.
Please show book number, name and number of books ordered and amount of order.

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