Masonic Lodges of DeSoto County

Masonic Lodges of Desoto County:
Hernando No. 51 Chartered in 1841 Located in Hernando
Ebenezer No. 76 Charteded in 1846
Desoto No 100 Located at Cockrum's Cross Roads
Centre Hill No 125 Chartered in 1850 Locatedt at Olive Branch
Solomon No 126 Chartered in 1850 Located at Flwewllen's X Roads
Loxahoma No 145 Chartered in 1850 Located at Loxahoma
Jeremiah No 158 Chartered in 1851 Located at Jeremiah

Members of Hernando No. 51 - 1852 H.W. ANDERSON E.B. HARRIS Joseph M. BARBEE W.G. HUDDLESTON Peyton S. BETHEL A.M. KISSAK William BETHEL R.S. MANNING E.F. BUCKNER John T. MOSELEY E.N. CAFFEY James H. MURRAY Solomon C. CHILDRESS John H. MURRY Wade H. COBB John C. PRYOR Alfred C. COLE Amos ROARK A.R. COLE Andrew C. SATTERFIELD Jared COLLINS Joseph SCURLOCK William D. DAVIS John L. SIMS John DELAFIELD Young C. STOKES John DELAFIELD Jr. Thomas STONE William D. ELLIS Isaiah STOUT L.W. EVANS Thomas S. TATE George FOOTE Robert THRASHER Joseph G. HALL Siles WALDEN R.C. HANCOCK James H. WILBOURN Thomas N. HANCOCK O. WIMBERLY Died: B.F. GRAY, E.B. HARREL, Amos ROARK, F.H. WALKER Represenatives to Grand Lodge: J.H. STUBBLEFIELD - 1844 James S. OLIVER - 1847 D.J. White - 1848
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