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1908 - 1924

This is an abstract of public records found in the office of the Forrest County Chanceery Clerk in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The documents were presented to the clerk for filing and recording. The clerk copied the documents into the record book and it is the clerk's typed or handwritten copies of the original documents that are abstracted here. Sometimes spellings varied and names and initials were interchanged. I tried to write what the clerk wrote. Sometimes there are names but no relationship with the testator is given and sometimes the relationship is given but not the name. If you request copies from the clerk's office please note the full title of the book including the dates. If the document is multipaged you will need to request copies of each page.

Anderson, B. L. 65-66
Allen, B. J. 66-68
Archer, W. N. 96-97
Arledge, Mrs. W. H. 121-122
Acree, James O'Neal 141-142

Batson, Laomi 2-3
Brown, Mons A. 37
Burnett, Allison Dill 26-89
Brown, M. B. 127-128

Colton, Julia E. 10-13
Colton, Julia E. 14-16
Colton, Sarah O. 16-18
Conner, W. M. 25-26
Cox, Mary A. 33-34
Carter, Sarah A. 35-36
Crow, T. E. 38-39
Collier, D. W. 47-49
Collier, Morey C. 70-73
Calhoun, Miss A. A. 84-86
Cochran, G. 94-95
Campbell, Jno W. 108-109

Dunn, Mrs. Flora A. 118
Draughn, V. W. 128-129
Draper, Jason T. 14-5-9

Eddins, Mrs. Mary Ann 21-7

Fairley, John 7-8
Frost, Harriet E. 8-9
Flowers, A. F. 110-118
Fohey, Michael D. 133-5

Goldsmith, Early 3-4
Griffin, J.C. 82-83
Gomez, Mrs. Gertie 90-1
Griffin, D. B. 106-7-8
Gordon, Lizzie 59-161

Herrin, W. E. 69
Herrin, W. E. (Proof) 68-69
Hawkins, Mrs. Ellen Lee 102
Herrin, Mrs. Pearl Gardner 119-120
Holloway, Ann (see Deed Rec. 23 p. 150)
Hudson, John C. 126-127
Harris, Irene 140-1

Jenkins, W. J. 22-23

Katzenstein, Adelaid 9-10
Katzenstein, Eugene 10
Korndorffer, Pat?? M. 19
Kamper, Mrs. Anna Rebecca 143-4
(copy of Last Will and Testament)
Kamper, John
Deed of Record Book 14

Laird, Emmie Lorena 64-5
(This entry was on the K

and there was no L

Pagein this index)

Mento, Alice Powell 1
Matthews, A. J. 24
Morris, F. M. 43-7
Montaguy, A. A. 84
Mixon, George E, 158
McPherson, William Jr. 49-57
McPherson, Alexander 60-64
McClanahan, Butler 93

Norton, Mrs. N. S. 41-2

Porter, James F. 5
Powe, F. H. 30-1
Queen 135-6
Pitts, J. R. S. 99-101

Storey, Simon H. 59
Rick, Mrs. A. E. 28-9

Saley, Emily 20
Sims, Mrs. Chester 31-2
Sloan, Lizzie 40-1
Stevens, J. J. 97-99

Thompson, M. L. 57
Townsend, J. A. 123-4-5
Trigg, Albertus, S. 130
Turner, John L. 150-2

Wahrindorff, Henry 13
Winslow, J. M. 1-2
Watson, Mrs. Martha A. 73-81
Ward, Mrs. L. L. 103-105
West, Nancy P. 108-109
Wyatt, Myrtle 137-8
Watkins, Mamie 136
Watkins, Mamie Inman 138-9
(Affidavit of Subscribing Witnesses)
White, A. H. 153-157
York, Mrs. W. J. 122-3

Last Will and Testament of Alice P. Mento
Signed: 11 December 1907
Filed: 21 February 1908
Recorded: 21 February 1908
Witnesses: Geo. Drakeford,William Preston, J. M. Stevens
Executor: Dr. A. A. Kelly
Heirs: mother Emma Preston
nephew Warren Preston
Husband John Minton has received more than he is entitled to and has
not given me any support during my illness.

Page 2
Last Will and Testament of Laomi Batson
Signed: 29 December 1881
Filed: 14 January 1909
Recorded: 15 January 1909 (Returned to Perry County, Mississippi where it was
first recorded 15 January 1909)
Witnesses: Preston Bond, W. C. Griffin, J. P. Carter
Executor: Lewis Cass Batson, William C. Griffin
Heirs: brother Lewis Cass Batson
orphan Willard Faro Bond
afflicted brother Gallatin Davis Batson
unnamed brothers and sisters.

Page3, 4
Last Will and Testament of Earley Goldsmith
Signed: 13 August 1908 (age 27)
Filed: 22 January 1909
Recorded: 22 January 1909
Witnesses: John McGee, D. D. Smith, C. B. Holloday
Executor: B. Holloway
Heirs: wife Bloss Goldsmith
This appears to be an insurance policy written by the Masonic Benefit Association
to pay to Earley Goldsmith upon his death the sum of $700. It is dated 3 August1905 and
signed by E. E. Purvis, secty. It is followed by a will and it is the only property mentioned
in the will.

Last Will and Testament of J. F. Porter
Signed: 9 October 1907 (age 32)
Witnesses: C. B. Holloway, J. P. McGee, D. Smith
Executor: I. J. Fitch
Heirs: I. J. Fitch
This is an insurance policy written by the Masonic Benefit Association and issued 13
July 1905 for the sum of $600. Only the policy and will are filed. The dates filed and recorded
are not noted and no proofs (affidavits of witnesses) are present.



Last Will and Testament of John Fairley
Signed: 18 June 1909
Filed: 12 November 1909
Recorded: 12 November 1909
Witnesses: R. B. Harris, Kenneth McLendon
Executor: son Chester E. Fairley
Heirs: wife Nancy Fairley
"4 of my children, viz.,
Edith Fairley
Ray A. Fairley
Chester E. Fairley
Katherine H. Fairley"

Last Will and Testament of Harriet E. Frost
Signed: 3 January 1901
Filed: 7 December 1909
Recorded: 15 December 1909
Witnesses: J. E. Davis, W. R. Davis
Executor: none named
Heirs: grandson Charles Edgar Frost
The will is not dated but the affidavit of J. E. Davis says that Harriet Frost signed the will on
3 January 1901 and died 13 February 1907.

Last Will and Testament of Adelaid Katzenstein
Signed: 10 August 1887
Filed: 18 December 1909
Recorded: 20 December 1909
Witnesses: E. B. Renteria, Geo. H. Brent, S. C. Eaton, E. Black
Executor: husband Eugene Katzenstein
Heirs: sister Julia Winter
husband Eugene Katzenstine

Last Will and Testament of Eugene Katzenstein
Signed: 8 May 1896
Filed: 18 December 1909
Recorded: 20 December 1909
Witnesses: W. C. Bennett, J. F. Buschmann, R. G. Cowan
Executor: none named
Heirs: wife Madeline Katzenstein
adopted sister Maria Mars
adopted daughter Mrs. Mary H. Herndon
Last Will and Testament of Julia E. Colton
Signed: 6 September, 1902 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Filed: 26 May 1910
Recorded: 26 May 1910
Witnesses: none named
Administratrix: Sarah A. Colton or Matilda O. Colton
No Varietur: 4 November 1907 in New Orleans; signed by W. B. Somerville, judge.
Holographic will proved in Civil District Court in Orleans Parish, State of Louisiana
4 November 1907.
Heirs: sisters Sarah A. Colton and Matilda O. Colton
brother Henry Colton and his wife Nellie
Julia E. Colton died in New Orleans, Louisiana on 20 October 1907.

Page11, 12
Last Will and Testament of Sarah A. Colton
Signed: 11 September 1902 in New Orleans, Louisiana
No Varietur: 4 November 1907 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Holographic Will proved in Civil District Court in Orleans Parish, State of Louisiana
4 November 1907.
Witnesses: none listed
Executrix: sisters Julia Colton and Matilda Colton
Heirs: sisters Julia E. Colton and Matilda O. Colton
brother Henry C. Colton
sister Cammie who has three sons to support her
sister in law Nellie Colton
Mrs. Emma Armstrong
Sarah Colton died in New Orleans 28 October 1907.
Succession of Miss Julia E. Colton No. 84123
Succession of Miss Sarah A. Colton No. 84124
Consolidated, Parish of Orleans
Petition of sole heir and universal legatee to be recognized and put in possession, filed by
Miss Matilda O. Colton, sole heir and legatee of both Sarah A. Colton and Julia E.Colton,
2 January 1908.
These documents appear on

Pages 10 - 12 and 14 - 19 of the Will Book and all relate to an estate in New Orleans, Louisiana owned by three unmarried sisters. Each sister made her will so that the
estate passed to the last surviving sister. Julia E. Colton died in New Orleans, Louisiana on 20 October 1907. Her sister Sarah A. Colton died on 28 October 1907. Their sister Matilda Colton was named sole heir and legatee. They had a married brother and a sister with three sons. They lived at 3650 and 3652 Magazine Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. The matter appears in Forrest County records because the sisters owned three lots on the corner of Claiborne and First Streets in Hattiesburg.

Last Will and Testament of Henry Wahrendorff
Signed: 15 April 1895
Filed: 27 October 1910
Recorded: 19 October 1910 (Originally recorded in 1st District Jones County, 19 July 1897,
Book 1

Witnesses: Will Hassell, M. Seeger
Executor: wife Sophie Wahrendorff
Heirs: three minor children Helen, Meta and Freddie, wife SophieWahrendorff

Page14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
Succession of Miss Julia E. Colton No. 18123
Succession of Miss Sarah A. Colton No. 84124
Filed 13 March 1911
Recorded 1 May 1911
This document included all of the previous proceedings inthis matter and formally named Miss Matilda Colton as sole heir and universal legatee of Sarah A. Colton and Julia E. Colton.

Last Will and Testament of Palmyre Mary Maitrejean, Wife of Rudolph M. Kornddorffer
Signed: 4 November 1909 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Filed: not given
Recorded: not given
Witnesses: A. W. Everhart, John H. Harwood
Executor: Not named
Heirs: refers to unnamed children and to son Rudolph
Proof of Will filed in Forrest County 27 June 1911

Last Will and Testament of Emiley Soley
Signed: 12 April 1911
Filed: 25 August 1911
Recorded: 25 August 1911
Witnesses: N. B. Blount, H. X. Seameron
Executor: husband H. C. Soley
Heirs: sons William Cleveland Soley and Delmar Harrison Soley

Last Will and Testament of J. M. Winslow
Signed: 2 January 1912
Filed: 9 February 1912
Recorded: 12 February 1912
Witnesses: T. B. Lunn, F. Cullen
Executor: wife Nora Winslow
Heirs: wife Nora Winslow
son Joseph M. Winslow, Jr.
S. M. Black of Houston Texas

Page22, 23
Last Will and Testament of W. J. Jenkins
Signed: 14 May 1912
Filed: 8 July 1912
Recorded: 15 July 1912
Witnesses: T. S. Jackson, J. B. Walker
Executor: brother Harry L. Jackson
Heirs: niece Mrs. Emma Ellis
brother Harry L. Jackson
wife Emma S. Jenkins
sons Robin Sterling Jenkins and Wiley Wilbur Jenkins
This will is followed by insurance policies in the amount of $5000 on the life of Wiley J. Jenkins.

Last Will and Testament of A. T. Matthews
Signed: 25 December 1911
Filed: 29 October 1912
Recorded: 1 November 1912
Witnesses: R. J. Fenn, Jr., Ellis Hickman, J. W. Hopkins
Executor: wife S. L. Matthews
Heirs: wife S. L. Matthews
daughter Pearl Follinsbee
daughter Frazier Matthews
son L. G. Matthews

Last Will and Testament of W. M. Conner
Signed: 28 July 1913 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
Filed: 7 August 1913
Recorded: 19 August 1913
Witnesses: Conn L. Willburn and H. Grunewald
Executor: adult sons E. Earl Conner and Clyde R. Conner
Heirs: servant Henry Peterson
E. N. Pack and Mrs. Lizzie Pack
wife Dean L. Conner
Children E. Earl Conner, Clyde R. Conner, Lonnie H. Conner, Leah Beth Conner
First Baptist Church of Hattiesburg

Page26, 27
Last Will and Testament of Mary Ann Eddins
Signed: 30 December 1908
Recorded: 29 October 1913
Witnesses: W. L. Hardee, Mrs. H. A. Hemphill, Mrs. Chas. Pool
Executor: Robert Hemphill and Margaret Hemphill
Heirs: son Ransom
Dr. Gaugh
granddaughters Margaret Ann Hemphill, Ora Edmonson Mullins and Madeline M. Edmonson

Page28, 29
Last Will and Testament of Anna E. Rich
Signed: 22 May 1907
Filed: 31 January 1914
Recorded: 14 February 1914
Witnesses: F. W. Foote, R. L. Hauenstein
Heirs: children Joseph C. Rich, Charles W. Rich, Laura R. Bibb, Curtis E. Rich and
Georgia B.Toomer

Last Will and Testament of F. H. Powe
Signed: 14 November 1912
Recorded: 9 November 1914
Witnesses: W. J. Fowler, T. J. Mixon
Executor: Alexander McKee Powe
Heirs: wife Grace McAtee Powe
children Alexander McKee Powe, Norma McWillie Powe, Olive Georgina Powe
and Frances Helen Powe

Page31, 32
Last Will and Testament of Mrs. Christian Sims
Signed: 13 October 1906
Recorded: 20 May 1915
Witnesses: J. W. Harper, W. C. Bennett
Executor: son in law J. R. Boney
Heirs: youngest daughter Claudia Lee Sims "for the term of her celibacy"
daughters Emma McKenzie, Dora V. Boney, Lena Trombley, and Claudia Sims
"after Claudia marries"

Page33, 34
Last Will and Testament of Mary A. Cox
Signed: 3 March 1913
Proof filed: 16 June 1915
Filed: 4 September 1915
Recorded: 10 September 1915
Witnesses: Bessie Milner, W. F. Cook
Executor: son Phillips Jay
Heirs: granddaughter Mary Lee Hudson
children Phillips Jay, Mrs. Anne J. Hudson and J. Edward Jay
No provision is made for her husband, who is not named, because they divided their estates when they moved to Hattiesburg from Lucedale.

Page35, 36
Last Will and Testament of Sarah Carter
Signed: September 1901
Filed: (transferred from Jones County)
Recorded: 12 February 1915
Witnesses: L. B. Craft, Fred Bynum
Executor: Candice E. Carter
Heirs: daughters Nebraska May Carter, Candice E. Carter, EmilyArizona Carter and Mary M. Carter.
She leaves nothing to her sons because "they do not need it."

Last Will and Testament of Mons A. Brown
Filed: 5 May 1916
Recorded: 5 May 1916
Witnesses: J. O. Rea and R. F. Smith
Administrator: George W. Currie
Heirs: Mrs. Willis and Mrs. Platt (on whose home he held a mortgage)
Mrs. Emma Parkman
Sevart Johnson
Ida Terata Sevart
Lula Platt
deserving poor and needy
"Sevart" may be Servant. The testator did not mention family and his named heirs seem
to have been people with whom he had longstanding business relationships. The effect of his
will was to release several of them from obligations to him and the tone suggested that he had
extended assistance to them because they needed help and he was able to help them.

Page38, 39
Last Will and Testatment of T. E. Crow
Signed: 15 July 1909
Filed: 16 September 1916
Recorded: 16 September 1916
Witnesses: T. J. Walker, N. R. McCullough
Executor: wife Clara Crow

Affidavit of wife Clara Crow recorded 18 September 1916 says that T. E. Crow was 58 years old and had been married to her for 27 years at his death, but date of death is not recorded. Affidavits of T. J. Walker of Citizens Bank and N. R. McCullough, a neighbor were also offered. This was an insurance policy on the life of T. E. Crow with his wife Clara as beneficiary.

Last Will and Testament of Lizzie Sloan
Filed: 27 November 1916
Recorded: 11 December 1916
Witnesses: J. E. Davis, James S. Lea, Frances Reynolds
Executor: Lucious Doty
Heirs: nephew Lucious Doty

Page41, 42
Last Will and Testament of Mrs. N. C. Norton
Signed: 27 January 1914
Filed: 16 December 1916
Recorded: 18 December 1916
Witnesses: M. C. Carmichael, S. Wright
Executor: J. E. Huddleston
Heirs: grandchildren Ernest Dewey Norton, Carrie Etta Norton and Sallie Edward Norton, who are
the named children of A. E. Norton and whose mother is dead.
This will is followed by the affidavit of Mr. Huddleston of Tippah County, Mississippi dated
2 October 1916 wherein he declined to serve as executor because of the inconvenience entailed in coming to Hattiesburg from Tippah County.

Page43, 44, 45, 46
Last Will and Testament of Francis Marion Morris, Sr. and wife Lucinda Elizabeth Morris
Signed: August 1916
Filed: 30 January 1917
Recorded: 6 February 1917
Witnesses: W. J. Jefcoat, Bruce Jefcoat
Executor: F. M. Morris, Jr.
Heirs: wife Lucinda Elizabeth Morris
daughters Mrs. M. O. Reynolds, Mrs. P. D. Tims, Mrs. Zella Mae Hinton,
Mrs. Annie Perry, Mrs. Bertha E. Draughn
son Dewey G. Morris
daughter Carrie T. Morris
Children J. O. Morris, L. J. Morris, Mrs. Hattie Hartfield and Forrest M. Morris had already received advancements and were not otherwise included in the will.

Page47, 48
Last Will and Testament of Daniel M. Collier
Signed: 7 October 1914
Filed: 8 September 1917
Recorded: 9 September 1917
Witnesses: Lamar Hennington, Marie Dickson
Executor: both sons
Heirs: sons Morey C. Collier of Painted Post, New York and Richard D. Collier of Hattiesburg
present wife Mary Louise Collier
One bequest to his sons was "furniture belonging to my first wife".

Page49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54
Last Will and Testament of William McPherson, Jr.
Died: 3 January 1915
Signed: 7 June 1884 at Howell, Michigan
Filed: 3 October 1917 (filed in Jones County 3 April 1915)
Recorded: 4 October 1917
Executor: R. Bruce McPherson of Howell, Livingston County, Michigan and wife Jennie M.
Witnesses: Luke S. Montague and Henry T. Browning
Heirs: Alice McPherson Spencer
brothers Alexander McPherson, Martin J. McPherson, Edward G. McPherson
sisters Isabella Mills, Elizabeth Gregory, Mary L. Browning, Ella Smith
employee Ewen McKinnon
daughters Alice R. PcPherson, Mary McPherson
Codicil to Last Will and Testament
Signed: 14 August 1902 at Howell, Michigan
Witnesses: Hugh A. McPherson, James T. Van Keuren, Jr.,
Heirs: daughters Alice McPherson Spencer, Mary McPherson Bigelow
grandsons Henry Norman Spencer, William McPherson Spencer
An affidavit filed by R. Bruce McPherson on 4 February 1915 states that William McPherson, Jr., testator, died 3 January 1915 in Howell, Michigan and that he left a will dated 7 June 1884 and codicil dated 14 August 1902 disposing of an estate of estimated value $100,000 real and $100,000 personal property. The affidavit lists the following devisees, legatees and heirs of William McPherson, Jr.:
Jennie McPherson, wife, deceased
Alex McPherson, brother, Detroit
Martin McPherson, brother, Howell
Edward G. McPherson, brother, Howell
Isabelle Mills, sister, deceased
Elizabeth Gregory, sister, deceased
Mary L. Browning, sister, Howell
Ella Smith, sister, deceased
Owen McLennon, stranger, Grand Rapids
Minnie McPherson Boglow, daughter, Easton
Alice McPherson Spencer, daughter, Howell
Robert Bruce McPherson, son, Howell
Henry Norman Spencer, grandson, Howell
Mw McPherson Spencer, grandson, Howell (William?)

Page55, 56
In the Matter of The Last Will and Testament of William McPherson, Deceased
Cause # 1786 in Records of Wills Book 2 in Ellisville, Jones County, Mississippi
24 September 1917
This document repeats most of the information above and cites the will, the codicil and the various affidavits. I was never able to find any reference in any of the documents that identified any specific property in Mississippi.

Page57, 58
The Last Will and Testament of M. L. Thompson
Signed: 2 May 1903
Filed: 3 December 1917
Recorded: 25 January 1918
Witnesses: F. W. Foote, Geo. J. Hauenstein
Executor: wife
Heirs: wife Sallie E. Thompson
Codicil: signed 18 May 1917
Heirs: brother H. D. Thompson
Witnesses: D. E. Sullivan, M. C. Thompson, Jr.

The Last Will and Testament of Simeon Story
Signed: 28 June 1917
Filed: 10 January 1918
Witnesses: R. W. Grave, V. E. Hobgood, A. Buzzell
Heirs: daughter Alice K. Quinn
son J. A. Story
wife Hattie Story

The Last Will and Testament of Alexander McPherson, Deceased
Died: August 1917
Filed: 13 March 1918
Recorded: 13 March 1918
Witnesses: James E. Doran, Elliot Stevenson
Executor: Detroit Trust Company represented by the law firm of Hannah and Foote of
Forrest County, Mississippi
Heirs: wife Julia C. McPherson of 989 Cass Avenue, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
See also

Pages 49 - 56 above, The Last Will and Testament of William McPherson, Jr.

The Last Will and Testament of Emmie Lorena Laird
Signed: 9 February 1917
Filed: 13 July 1918
Witnesses: Mrs. M. E. Varnada, W. F. Cook
Executor: sister Mary Eulalea Smith
Heirs: son William Everett Laird
sister Mary Eulalia Smith
friend Ella Gray of Waynesboro
Mary Eulalea Smith is appointed guardian of William Everett Laird, minor son

Last Will and Testament of B. L. Anderson
Signed: 22 February 1901
Filed: 2 September 1916
Recorded: 2 Sept 1916
Witness: A. A. Montague, T. E. Ross
Executor: wife
Heirs: wife Melita Anderson

Page66, 67
Last Will and Testament of B. J. Allen
Signed: 11 May 1901
Filed: sent from Alabama 7 December 1918
Witnesses: W. M. Haralson and H. R. Allen
Executor: Charles B. Ames, son B. J. Allen, Jr. of Oklahoma City, and Joseph G. Meadows of
Wayne County, Mississippi
Heirs: children Elizabeth Pearl Ames, Benjamin J. Allen, Jr., Sarah A. Allen, William F. Allen
and Louise M. Allen
Refers to property in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Oklahoma. Probated in DeKalb County, Alabama and recorded there in Will Book C at

Pages 53 and 54 on 1 May 1918.

Page68, 69
Last Will and Testament of W. E. Herren
Signed: 8 November 1918
Recorded: 24 December 1918
Witnesses: E. G. Hightower, Annie May Seibe
Executor: Bank of Hattiesburg, Frank B. Clarke
Heirs: wife
daughters Mrs. Frank B. Clarke and Miss Margaret Herrin
Residence on Bay Street in Hattiesburg to wife and Margaret.

Page70, 71, 72
Last Will and Testament of Morey C. Collier
Signed 27 August 1912
Recorded: 10 October 1917 in Will Book 45 at

Page164, Surrogates Court, County of Steuben,
State of New York
Witnesses: Herbert A. Hemenway, 713 East t3rd Street, Corning, New York and
James Bacalles, Corning, New York
Executor: wife
Heirs: wife Ina H. Collier

Page73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81
Last Will and Testament of Martha A. Watson
Signed: 19 August 1902
Died: 14 June 1915 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan
Filed: 7 June 1919 (filed in Michigan 27 July 1915)
Recorded: 14 June 1919
Witnesses: Jacob Kleinhans, Stuart Knappen, Dora B. Parker
Executor: William Watson Mead and Mrs. Julia A. Carroll, residents of Kent County, Michigan
Heirs: adopted daughter Julia A. Carroll
adopted son William Watson Mead
Marian Mead, daughter of adopted son James A. Mead
The document refers to her deceased husband, Amasa B. Watson and her ward, Marian Mead.
She owned land in Jones and Greene County, Mississippi upon which there was a claim for taxes
prosecuted by J. V. Johnson, state revenue agent for Mississippi. A note on the last

Pageof this
record states that seventeen

Pages were recorded in Greene County, Mississippi on 22 May 1917.

Page82, 83
Last Will and Testament of J. C. Griffin
Signed: 1 December 1917 at New Orleans, Louisiana
Witnesses: Savely Greenberg, J. D. Lebendoffer, M.D.
Executor: J. W. Griffin and H. C. Griffin
Heirs: daughter Margaret Griffin
Codicil: signed 12 March 1919
Heirs: daughter Margaret
friend J. W. Griffin
friend H. C. Herring
Witnesses: M. T. Van Studdiford, M.D. and F. Theo Deatrous, M.D.
Proofs filed: 29 April 1919

Last Will and Testament of Adrian Affleck Montague
Signed: 23 May 1919
Filed: 31 May 1919
Recorded: 21 June 1919
Executor: son
Heirs: son Frank Douglas Montague
daughter Bonnie Jean Montague
sister Eliza D. Montague

Page84, 85
Last Will and Testament of Miss A. A. Calhoun
Filed: 16 July 1919
Recorded: 28 July 1919
Witnesses: Ivey Steen, Mrs. Martha Brown
Executor: John A. McLeod
Heirs: brother W. J. Calhoun and his two youngest sons, Horace and James B.
brother Will Calhoun
brother Ed Calhoun
brother Gains Calhoun
brother James Calhoun and sons James, Hugh, and Herbert and daughter Katie
sister Aline McDougall and her sons Calhoun, Tilbert Jr., and Will
youngest sister Lida R. McLeod
Calhoun McLeod
Carroll McLeod
Dan McLeod
Angus McLeod
family servant John Thomas
Annie Rose McLeod Gilliam
This was a holographic will. Miss Calhoun stated that she was born in Mobile, Alabama
to parents Joseph C. Calhoun of South Carolina and Sarah Ann Gross of Tennessee who
were at the time of their marriage living in Green County, Alabama. They moved to Mobile,
Alabama, where they and their children who had passed away were buried at Magnolia. Miss
Calhoun described the disposition of her mother's estate in Mobile in detail and then made her own

Page86, 87, 88, 89
Last Will and Testament of Allison Dill Bennett
Signed: 28 August 1912
Filed: 13 September 1919
Recorded: 15 September 1919
Witnesses: Clara Stokes, George Sullivan
Executor: wife, City Bank and Trust
Heirs: daughter Mary Eloise Bennett
wife Ophelia Bennett
Probated in Mobile, Alabama on 9 February 1918: Will Book 11 at

Pages 69 and 70.

Page90, 91
Last Will and Testament of Mrs. Gertie Gomez
Signed: 22 November 1919
Filed: 10 December 1919
Recorded: 10 December 1919
Witness: Mrs. Lotta Katz, George Currie, Luther Smith
Executor: Herman Katz
Heirs: my brother Alexander M. Kahan
sister Sarah K. Gomez
Mrs. Gomez referred to herself as "widow of Charles Wile first, Henry Wile second
and Benjamin Gomez third."

Page92, 93
Last Will and Testament of I. B. McClanahan (Butler McLanahan)
Signed: 12 May 1917
Recorded: 19 February 1919
Witnesses: George J. Hauenstein, L. W. Bayne, D. L. Easterling
Executor: T. L. O'Donnell
Heirs: wife Winnie J. McLanahan
my brothers and sisters, if living
Codicil: 9 June 1917
Stated that he and his wife had reached a settlement and that she had no further
claim upon his estate.

Page94, 95
The Last Will and Testament of G. Cochran
Signed: 19 February 1918
Filed: 6 April 1920
Recorded: 10 April 1920
Witness: W. D. Freeman and N. T. Currie
Executor: A. L. Cochran
Heirs: grandson R. W. Backstrom, the son of my daughter Elizabeth Cochran Backstrom,

The Last Will and Testament of W. N. Archer
Signed: 14 June 1918
Filed: 30 January 1920
Recorded: 27 May 1920
This was a letter addressed to Mrs. R. L. Archer, 607 East Pine Street, Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
It was written by W. N. Archer to his mother on the occasion of his going off to fight in World War I.
In it he praised his mother, thanked her, and expressed his heartfelt love and appreciation for all
she had done for him. He left everything to her, and requested that she pay his debts to H. W. Dewitt,
Dr. T. W. Gillis, C. D. Chenault, and Deas& Duke.

Page97, 98
Last WIll and Testament of Joseph J. Stevens
Signed: 15 January 1912
Filed: 21 March 1919
Recorded: 10 November 1920
Executor: wife
Heirs: wife Mary Ethel Mounger Stevens
brothers H. S. Stevens, J. M. Stevens, C. Z. Stevens and C. H. Stevens

Page99, 100, 101
Last Will and Testament of J. R. S. Pitts
Signed: 17 January 1920 in Quincy, Florida
Filed: 19 January 1921
Recorded: 28 January 1921
Witnesses: R. F. Godard, M.D., and W. B. Greer
Executor: L. S. Pitts and S. O. Pitts
Heirs: sons S. O. Pitts, L. S. Pitts
Rosa Pitts Martin, wife of G. L. Martin
Pauline Pitts Slaughter, wife of T. O. Slaughter
Grandchildren James Pitts, Marie Pitts and Charlie Pitts, children of deceased son
C. R. Pitts
Grandchildren Ruth Pitts, Allison Pitts and Gladys Pitts, children of A. S. Pitts
Walter Johnson, son of daughter Ida Pitts Johnson
Bob, Oscar, Julia, Ruth, Talmadge, Minta and Cornell, children of daughter
Verda Pitts Britt
There is a note that the testator lived in Wayne County, Mississippi.

Last WIll and Testament of Ellen Lee Hawkins
Signed: 22 January 1915
Filed: 19 February 1921
Recorded: 21 February 1921
Witnesses: G. L. Hawkins Jr. and G. C. Hawkins
Executor: husband
Heirs: husband George L. Hawkins

Page103, 104, 105
Last Will and Testament of L. L. Ward
Signed: 10 August 1920
Filed: 7 December 1920
Recorded: 2 March 1921
Witnesses: T. E. Ross, Jr., and N. G. Fairchild
Executor: Dave E. Ward
Heirs: W. H. Ward, Mrs. Annie L. Jones, Miss Ella I. Ward, Mrs. M. E. McGinley,
Mrs. Edna Ward (wife of Dave Ward) and Dave E. Ward
According to her will Ms. Ward was a widow with no children.

Page106, 107
Last Will and Testament of D. B. Griffin
Signed: 27 January 1921
Filed: 2 March 1921
Recorded: 5 March 1921
Witnesses: Ruby Guice, George J. Hauenstein
Executor: wife
Heirs: wife Inez Griffin, daughter Avalee Thoms, son Ralph D. Griffin

Last Will and Testament of Jno. W. Campbell
Signed: 9 March 1921
Filed: 21 March 1921
Recorded: 26 March 1921
Witnesses: S. S. Turner, M.D., and R. L. Bullard
Executor: nephew
Heirs: nephew John Peters

Page108, 109
Last Will and Testament of Nancy P. West
Signed: 15 November 1913
Filed: 1 September 1921
Recorded: 9 September 1921
Witnesses: P. H. Odom, A. L. Cochran
Executor: D. M. McLemore, son in law
Heirs: husband T. C. West, daughter Myrtle West McLemore

Page110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118
Last Will and Testament of F. A. Flowers
Signed: 30 May 1905
Filed: 23 November 1921
Recorded: 26 November 1921
Witnesses: David W. W. Fuller, Fred S. Ball
Executor: Mrs. Tomie S. Flowers, Mrs. Maude F. Pitts of Vicksburg, Mrs. Mary F. Wilkinson of
Jefferson County, Alabama
Heirs: widow Mrs. Tomie S. Flower
daughters Mrs. Maude Pitts, Mrs. Mary Wilkinson
F. A. Flowers died 7 December 1914 in Montgomery, Montgomery County, Alabama. His will was admitted to probate in Alabama 23 January 1915.

Last Will and Testament of Flora A. Dunn
Filed: 16 February 1922
Recorded: 18 February 1922
Witnesses: Mrs. W. M. Conner, Clyde C. McGee
Executor: niece
Heirs: niece Maud D. Carter

Page119, 120
Last Will and Testament of Mrs. Pearl Herren
Signed: 5 January 1922
Filed: 18 March 1922
Recorded: 21 March 1922
Witnesses: Robert M. Ross, Maude King
Executor: Robert M. Ross
Heirs: Frances Gardner Ross,
Harry Shoemaker Jr.
stepdaughters Jessie Clark and Margaret Ballou
Dr. T. E. Ross
sister in law Daisy Ross
Katherine Ross
Edith Moore
sister Alice
Hilda Beard
Pearl Moore Merchant
sister Nannie
Erskine and Vondell
cousin Dora Ross
Myrtle Byrd
Ella Maxwell
my mother
Mrs. Pearl Herren died 27 January 1922 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The terms of her will included a trust fund of $1000 to maintain her plot in Hickory Grove Cemetery but the location of the cemetery is not given.

The Last Will and Testament of Mrs. W. H. Arledge
Signed: 22 August, 1921
Filed: 29 December 1921
Recorded: 24 March 1922
Witnesses: Hattie M. Todd, D. D. Todd
Heirs: youngest daughter Lorena
The entire text of the will reads, "If I should die before my youngest daughter Lorena marries, I want her to have all the furniture she wants that is in the house and as much of the property that is left and all the money that I have."

The Last Will and Testament of Mrs. W. J. York
Signed: 23 July 1920
Filed: 20 July 1922
Recorded: 21 July 1922
Witnesses: Robert L. Bullard, W. Coke Collins
Executor: W. J. York
Heirs: husband W. J. York
stepdaughter Ruth Winter
husband's son S. J. York
husband's daughter Mrs. Irma Bixley

Page123, 124
The Last Will and Testament of Jessie Alexander Townsend
Signed: 25 April 1921
Filed: 3 October 1922
Recorded: 4 October 1922
Witnesses: Ben S. Bevon, Luther A. Smith
Executor: Sallie Townsend
Heirs: all to Sallie K. Townsend to take care of my mother after her death

Estate of Ann Holloway

Pageis blank

Last Will and Testament of John C. Hudson
Signed: 8 August 1922
Filed: 12 January 1923
Recorded: 20 January 1923
Witnesses: B. D. Moore and F. E. Williams
Executor: Estus E. Hudson
Heirs: youngest daughter Ruth Hudson
wife Viola Hudson, other children, to wit, Mrs. Ida Easterling, Mrs. Lucille Martin, Buford E.
Hudson, Robert E. Hudson, George W. Hudson, Winnie W. Hudson, Estus E. Hudson

Last Will and Testament of M. R. Brown
Signed: 10 June 1921
Filed: 10 February 1923
Recorded: 12 February 1923
Witnesses: S. E. Bethea, R. A. Wallace, W. A. Lovett
Executor: W. D. Bailey
Heirs: Cecil Clyde McGee, Jr.

Page128, 129
Last Will and Testament of V. W. Draughn
Signed: 27 June 1917
Filed: 6 September 1922
Recorded: 14 February 1923
Witnesses: Neil Fairley, H. W. Denham
Executor: R. B. Draughn of Bendale, Mississippi
Heirs: brothers A. D. Draughn, A. F. Draughn, R. B. Draughn
sisters M. A. Copeland, M. M. Draughn

Last Will and Testament of Albertus S. Trigg
Signed: 6 October 1919
Filed: 24 March 1920
Recorded: 14 February 1923
Witnesses: R. J. Bishop
Executor: H. C. Greer
Heirs: son Albert J. Trigg

Page131, 132
Last Will and Testament of H. A. Camp
Signed: 12 August 1920
Filed: 5 August 1921
Recorded: 17 July 1923
Witnesses: D. E. Sullivan, C. W. Sullivan
Executor: wife
Heirs: wife Cornelia Maxey Camp

Page133, 134
Last Will and Testament of Michael D. Fohey
Signed: 3 July 1920
Witnesses: Mrs. May Covert, Chester J. Morse
Executor: wife Margaret F. Fohey
Heirs: daughter Mary Cecilia Fohey
sister Mary U. Fohey
wife Margaret F. Fohey
Saint Thomas Cemetery Association, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Father Dennis Hayes to pray for myself and for my mother and father

Last WIll and Testament of F. W. Queen
Signed: 26 October 1920
Recorded: 28 June 1923
Witnesses: S. E. Travis, J. E. Davis
Executor: wife
Heirs: wife Dorothy P. Queen

Last Will and Testament of Mamie Inman Watkins
Signed: 28 April 1919
Witnesses: Mrs. Marie Lloyd Watkins, Miss Gladys L. McNair, Miss Gertrude Cook
Executor: husband
Heirs: husband Thestor O. Watkins

Page137, 138, 139
Last Will and Testament of Myrtle Wyatt
Signed: 26 September 1921
Filed: 4 October 1921
Recorded: 3 August 1923
Witnesses: W. M. Bounds, Pressley Glover, I. C. Harper
Executor: sister
Heirs: sister Gertrude Williams
The title of this document entered in the book by the clerk is Last Will and Testament of Gertrude Williams but the will is actually the will of Myrtle Wyatt.

The Last Will and Testament of Irene Harris
Signed: 22 June 1922
Filed: 31 August 1923
Recorded: 1 September 1923
Witnesses: Zeather Mae Smith, Reatha Shears, I. C. Harper
Executor: son in law I. C. Harper
Heirs: daughter Mrs. J. B. Woods
grandson Booker T. Spencer, only child of my daughter Manie Spencer
grandsons Isaac and George Harper, only children of my daughter Mrs. I. C. Harper

Page141, 142
Last Will and Testament of James O'Neal Acree
Filed: 27 October 1923
Recorded: 26 October 1923
Executrix: Carrie G. Acree
Probated in Mobile Alabama on 3 August 1923

Page143, 144
Last WIll and Testament of Annie Rebecca Kamper
Signed: 28 February 1913
Filed: 7 November 1923
Recorded: 12 November 1923
Witnesses: C. Bevill, Stephen Colson, J. C. McEachin, W. V. Evans
Executor: son Frederick Arnold Kamper
Heirs: children Mamie K. Smith, C. C. Kamper, G. W. Kamper, Annie R. Slaughter,
Katie M. Dear, F. A. Kamper
friend Edwin McMorries

Page145, 146, 147, 148, 149
Last Will and Testament of Jason True Draper
Signed: 13 January 1917
Filed: 11 March 1924
Recorded: 12 March 1924
Witnesses: Rose M. Amadon, Mabel L. Judd, Fred F. Bennett
Executor: wife
Heirs: wife Catherine Morrison Draper
Philinda Rand Anglemyer, cousin of my wife and now in Niagra Falls, New York
A note at the bottom of the will says that not included in the will is sister Luzetta Emerson.

Page150, 151, 152
Last Will and Testament of John S. Turner
Signed: 24 May 1921
Filed: 26 April 1924
Recorded: 26 April 1924
Witness: T. B. Wright, C. M. Cox, Jr.
Executor: sons J. H. Turner and J. S. Turner, Jr.
Heirs: wife Loline Turner
daughters Loline Turner Ames, Ethel Turner
sons J. H. Turner, J. S. Turner, Jr., S. H. Turner and R. C. Turner

Page153, 154, 155, 156, 157
Last Will and Testament of Alfred H. Waite
Signed: 11 June 1890
Filed 5 May 1924
Recorded: 5 May 1924
Witnesses: John R. Kirkland, M. J. Thompson
Executor: friend James L. Chandler of Meridian
Heirs: daughters Lily Bolton, Mrs. Lela Akin
sons Alfred H. Waite, Ralph Waite
Addendum: signed 10 July 1890
In his will Mr. Waite referred to his sons as though they were minors and also mentioned his "present wife". He left a portrait of his "former wife" to Alfred and directed that a copy of the portrait be made for Ralph. He owned property both in Hattiesburg and Meridian, Lauderdale County, Mississippi.
In the addendum Mr. Waite provided that his sons live with their sisters, whom he did not name, rather than their stepmother. He appointed Mr. James L. Chandler guardian of his sons.

Last Will and Testament of George E. Mixon
Signed: 2 April 1924
Filed: 11 June 1924
Recorded: 8 July 1924
Witnesses: R. S. Majure, E. E. Powe
Executor: wife
Heirs: my mother, my sisters Jennie Mixon and Mary Mixon, my daughters Mary Mixon and Nellie
Mixon, my wife Nell Scanlan Mixon
He was living in Newton County, Mississippi when he signed this will. He referred to his mothers and sisters in Dallas County, Alabama and left land there to them.

Last Will and Testament of Lizzie Gordon
Signed: 30 June 1924
Filed: 15 July 1924
Recorded: 19 July 1924
Witnesses: F. W. Foote, John L. Mixon, Emilie W. Clemens
Executor: son
Heirs: son Estell Gordon to have everything here and in Los Angeles, California.
She and her son lived in the McLaurin Community according to the will.

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