Cain Cemetery was compiled by Frances Josephine Thornton Freeman on 12 July 1995.  It was shared by her cousin Thomas H. Carraway.  Tom also has a map of the locations of the gravesites that his cousin made for him.   Thank you Tom for sharing this information with Franklin County, MS genealogists.  If you have any questions about the Cain Cemetery, you can contact Tom Carraway at

Tom said that his father as a child remembered many graves which were marked with native sand stones, which are no longer there.  He also believes that James Cain, the father of D.B. and Hardy Cain was also buried there.   James Cain was the owner of this land when he died in 1834 and was the second pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

Cain Cemetery is located in Beat 5, North of Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

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Adams, Betty, b. 13 Jul 1880, d. 20 Jul 1928

Adams, James B., b. 8 Mar 1879, d. 22 Sep 1921

Adams, Inf.b. 19 Aug 1900, d. 22 Oct 1900 Son of J.B. & M.L. Adams


Byrd, Inf. of E.L. & B.H. Byrd b. 13 Dec 1902 d. 12 Apr 1904 (By Grandpa Hardy=s grave)

Byrd, Inf. b. 4 Sep 1901, d. 4 Sep 190l, of W.T. & E.M. Byrd


Cain, Adaline E., b.30 Dec 1835, d. 12 Dec 1838, dau of Hardy and Emily Cain

Cain, Dempsey, Benton, b. 31 Mar 1813, d. 15 Nov 1885

Cain, Emily Crider, b. 18 Feb 1818, d. 23 Apr 1888, wife of Hardy Cain

Cain , Hardy, b. 20 Sep 1814, d. 27 Sep 1881

Cain, Inf. b. 19 Dec 1884, d. 24 Feb 1895 dau of C.F. & I.R. Cain

Cain, Inf. b. 5 Jul 1898 d. 5 Jul 1898of C.F. & I.R. Cain

Cain, Inf. 2 babies of W.H. & A. Cain

Cain, Jimmie, b. 12 Nov 1868, d. 12 Nov 1868, son of G.M. & C.A. Cain

Cain, Lizzie, b. 19 May 1872, d. 28 Aug 1873, daughter of G.M. & C.A. Cain

Cain, Manervey, b.13 Jan 1852, d. 26 Mar 1854, dau of Hardy and Emily Cain

Cain, Rebecca, b. 28 Oct 1839, d. 9 Jan 1921, wife of William R. Cain

Cain, William R., b. 9 Apr 1838, d. 8 Jan 1914, son of Hardy & Emily Cain

Carraway, Bishop Lloyd, b. 25 Jul 1902, d. 22 Jan 1920 son of H. B. and Susie

Carraway, Emily L., b. 12 Jan 1871, d. 11 Aug 1894, daughter of B.M. and Huldah

Carraway, Hardy Bryant, b. 6 Mar 1875 , d. 26 Oct 1920, husband of Susie Lard Carraway  Killed by wild hog.

Carraway, Hosey, b. 26 Mar 1905, d. 27 Sep 1905, son of H.B. & Susie

Carraway, Huldah Cain, b.22 Apr 1840, d. 2 Dec 1877, wife of B.M. Carraway

Carraway, Wildon, b. 20 May 1916 d. 20 May 1916, son of H.B. & Susie

Clark, Annie Marie, b. 11 Jan 1923, d. 5 Jul 1924

Clark, Dee Dona Byrd, b. 1921, d. 1931

Clark, Eugene Taylor, b. 3 Sep 1875, d. 13 Feb 1895, son of W.H. & M.E. Clark

Clark, Mary B., b. 5 Nov 1876, d. 31 Jan 1906, wife of C.C. Clark

Clark, Inf. b. 21 Jun 1989, d. 21 Jun 1898, son of C.C. & M.B. Clark


Gammill, Charles Hardy, b. 24 Jan 1842, d. 10 Aug 1873, Co. A,
7th Miss. Inf. C.S.A., husband of Virginia Cain, Gammill, Byrd.

Godbold, Emma Cordelia, b. 9 Mar 1858, d. 7 Jul 1887, wife of G.A. Godbold

Godbold, James, b. 5 Jul 1887, d. 5 Jul 1887, son of G.A. & E. C. Godbold


Haley, Richard, b. 1817, Ireland, d. 14 May 1897, Age 80 yrs.


McGehee, Willie, b. 7 Jul 1885, d. 1 Dec 1886, son of P.E. & L.A. McGehee


Rhodes, Adaline E. b. 12 Jun 1840, d. 7 Sep 1851, dau of James W. & Rebecca Rhodes


Headstone with only readable, Died 24 Jul 18??.

Headstone with only readable, Died 7 Sep 1882.

Headstone with only readable, AA.E.R.@


Note:  Hardy Bryant Carraway is Thomas Carraway's grandfather. Huldah Cain was Hardy's  mother and Bryant M. his father. Bryant M. Carraway is buried at Adams United Methodist Church, Auburn, MS.  Hardy Cain was the father of Huldah Cain.


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