Old Letter
From Charles Prichard to Lev Prichard


R. B. Gunther                                                                      J. R. G. Hewlet 
Corresponding Secretary                                                     Enlistment Worker
Jackson, Miss                                                                     Charleston, Miss.

Mississippi Baptist State Convention
Department of Enlistment
District No. 2
Charleston, Miss.

                                                                                            Dec. 31 1921

My Dear Son:

Your letter for information as to my service in confederate army recíd

I herewith enclose you the 2 slips made out. You will see that I did not give the No. of Regiment, said Regiment was made up of men from Franklin, Pike, Amite and Wilkinson Counties. As to any papers relating to further information, I have none.

I will try and give you some information relating to our family history. To answer, you knew your Grand Pa Byrd, and G.P. Prichard. Your G.P. Byrd married a Herrington, your G.P. Prichard married a Stringer. Donít know the name of your Great-Grand Pa Byrd nor the name of your G. G. Ma Byrd. B---Herrington was your G.G. P. name.

On your fatherís side your Great Grand Parents were Stringer and of course Prichard.

Aunt Elisabeth Griffing (nee Stringer) lives at Hamburg, she is now in the eighties as to age. She might give you more definite information as to the Stringer genealogy.

We had a very nice quiet Xmas. Plenty good eats. Mr. Hewlett left this morning on his enlistment work.

I wish I could hear from Paul.

All send love.

                                                        Your Papa

                                                        C. A. Prichard 

Also: an application for the Sons of Confederate Veterans:

I respectfully apply for membership in your Camp and upon the record of my Father C. A. Prichard who was a member of Company B, J. T. Sessions Capt. & Franklin Powers Col. [?] Reg. and who served until Surrender in 1865

Note 1: Charles A. Prichard married Cornelia H. Byrd on 29 Jan. 1857 in Franklin Co., MS. He served for many years as chancery clerk in Meadville, until his defeat about 1909 by a Dr. Newman.

Children were:

Ingram m. Lutie>Charles, Lev, Edwin, Lola Lee, Richard

Jack Byrd m. Garrah>Clyde, Jack, Cornelia, Bertha


Lev H. m. Louise Melton>Lev H. Jr. b. 1908


Dollie P. m. Hewlitt>Charlene Breazel

Cornelius, d. 1909

Note 2:

L. H. Prichard graduated from Mississippi College and became a lawyer. He practiced in Meadville briefly before moving to Oklahoma City, OK, where he became a pioneer oil man. Joining him in Oklahoma were brothers Paul and Charles. Eventually he and partner J. Steve Anderson formed Anderson-Prichard Oil Corp. (APCO), a major independent. The company went public before L. H.ís death from throat cancer in 1948, and his widow sold her shares in the company in 1960. She died in 1966. L. H. was honored in 2001 by the University of Oklahoma with a plaque at the new Plaza of the Oil Pioneers of Oklahoma.

Submitted by: Ella Wall Prichard, 2001. Ewprichard@aol.com

Thank you, Ella Prichard, for submitting this interesting letter. Ella's husband's grandfather was Lev H. Prichard, from Meadville, who was involved in the Prichard-Newman feud of 1909.  He left the state and went to Oklahoma, where he became a very successful oilman.  He was one of seven brothers and one sister.  (I understand a nephew Charles still lives in the county); Lev's father was Charles Prichard and his mother was Cornelia Byrd.  In this letter Charles is sending genealogical information about the family to Lev.

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