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Isola School 1939-1940

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Last Name First Name Initial Class Position
Beardain Hazel   Senior  
BerryHill Mary  Belle Senior  
Blount Donnie Kate Senior  
Chunn Claribel   Senior President
Crowell Mary  Elizabeth Senior Vice Pres.
Hawkins Martin   Senior  
Hicks Micky   Senior Secretary
Hollingsworth Clinton   Senior  
Runyon Inez   Senior  
Tirey William Hart Senior  
Beaird Zelda   Junior President
Fikes Lillian   Junior Vice Pres.
Garrard Billy   Junior  
Grey Sudie  Pearl Junior  
Harper Walter  Lee Junior  
Hathaway Lorraine   Junior Secretary
Henson Alice   Junior  
Hough Zelda Ruth Junior  
Minchew Leona   Junior  
Roberts Rhodena   Junior  
Royce Edith   Junior  
Switzer W. A.   Junior  
Thomas Marjorie   Junior  
Blount Laura Helen Sophomore Vice Pres.
Branch James   Sophomore  
Chapman Anna Lillian Sophomore  
Crawford Charles   Sophomore President
Crawford Marian   Sophomore Secretary
Crawford Mervin   Sophomore  
Dale Billy   Sophomore  
Garrard Ralph   Sophomore  
Hamaker Hilda   Sophomore  
Harper Ruth   Sophomore  
Hodges James   Sophomore  
Hough Estelle   Sophomore  
Stewart Esther   Sophomore  
Wallace Pat   Sophomore  
Bennett Rosa   Freshman  
Childress Catherine   Freshman  
Crowell Nellie M. Freshman Reporter
Dale Warren   Freshman  
Ervin Lella   Freshman  
Fikes Jack   Freshman Secretary
Gregory Hilda   Freshman  
Hall Frances   Freshman  
Helms J. V. Freshman  
Hughes James   Freshman  
Jay Marjorie   Freshman  
Kimbrell Thomas   Freshman  
Knight Hazel   Freshman  
Miller Maxine   Freshman President
Pace Dewitt   Freshman  
Russell Thelma   Freshman  
Simmons Mavis   Freshman  
Smith Susie Mae Freshman  
Stewart Mable   Freshman  
Towery Clyde   Freshman  
Trippe Guy   Freshman Vice Pres.
Willoughby Malcolm   Freshman  
Beaird John Riley Eighth  
Beardain Opal   Eighth  
Bennett J. W. Eighth  
Berry Eugene   Eighth  
Bowles Pauline   Eighth  
Bradley Dorris   Eighth  
Butler Thomas   Eighth  
Chunn Jean   Eighth  
Craft Gladys   Eighth  
Dale Marshall   Eighth  
Dukes Carl   Eighth  
Gould Lois   Eighth  
Grant Eugene   Eighth  
Hall Bertha Mae Eighth  
Hall Buster   Eighth  
Hathcock Inez   Eighth  
Hodges Sybl   Eighth  
Hoke Evelyn   Eighth  
Minchew David   Eighth  
Murrah Charles   Eighth  
Murrah William   Eighth  
Nelms Juanita   Eighth  
Pace Jimmie Lee Eighth  
Simmons Sam   Eighth  
Skeene Mozelle   Eighth  
Thomas Betty Claire Eighth  
Tharp Thomas   Eighth  
Windham R. T. Eighth  
Wright Thomas   Eighth  
Blount Margaret   Seventh  
Wright Richard   Seventh  
Hodges Paul   Seventh  
Bailey Frazier   Seventh  
Miller Charles   Seventh  
Brown Ruby   Seventh  
Helms T. C. Seventh  
Hughes Steve   Seventh  
Harmon Willie   Seventh  
Morman Adlene   Seventh  
Willoughby Daniel   Seventh  
Coleman Miss   Seventh Sponsor
Smith Fanny Jane Seventh  
Phillips Vernon   Seventh  
Cochran Vergie Mae Seventh  
Roberts Paul   Seventh  
Toomer Miss   Sixth Teacher
Bailey Ed. Earl Sixth  
Barkley Jare   Sixth  
Beaird Betty Jean Sixth  
Berry Amy   Sixth  
Brown Ruth   Sixth  
Butler Frances   Sixth  
Butler Pat   Sixth  
Cochran David   Sixth  
Criddle Sanfred   Sixth  
Crawford Charlene   Sixth  
Crowell Alice   Sixth  
Donald Mary  Elizabeth Sixth  
Dukes Edmund   Sixth  
Freeman Doris   Sixth  
Garrard John   Sixth  
Grant Charles Edward Sixth  
Gregory Fred   Sixth  
Hester Doris Mae Sixth  
Holloway Etta Mae Sixth  
Hood Hattie   Sixth  
Minchew Aaron   Sixth  
Powell Edna   Sixth  
Powell Joseph   Sixth  
Renfrow John Edward Sixth  
Stewart Mamie   Sixth  
Tharp Helen   Sixth  
Towery Russell   Sixth  
Wood J. L. Sixth  
Woods Irma Katherine Sixth  
Pace Miss   Fifth Teacher
Bailey Edna Pearl Fifth  
Childress George   Fifth  
Cochran Earl   Fifth  
Criddle Mary  Emma Fifth  
Criddle Mabelene   Fifth  
Dale John   Fifth  
Ganann Evelyn   Fifth  
Gregory Emery   Fifth  
Hankins Elyene   Fifth  
Harmon Doris   Fifth  
Helms Ollie   Fifth  
Henderson Mary  Louise Fifth  
Hill Imogene   Fifth  
Hoke Herman   Fifth  
Hoke James   Fifth  
Hoke John   Fifth  
Hough Ethel Mae Fifth  
Jennings Bernice   Fifth  
Kuhn Marguerite   Fifth  
Nelms Leona   Fifth  
Pate Ray   Fifth  
Phillips James Edward Fifth  
Phillips Will Jr. Fifth  
Phillips Nannie   Fifth  
Pitman Bettye Jean Fifth  
Powell Marjorie   Fifth  
Powell Wallace   Fifth  
Russell IMogene   Fifth  
Smith Elizabeth   Fifth  
Taylor Ruby Lee Fifth  
Taylor Guy   Fifth  
Wigginton Bulius   Fifth  
Wigginton Leona   Fifth  
Whittington Millie   Fifth  
Wood Lorraine   Fifth  
Labrano Miss   Fourth Teacher
Ables Ruby   Fourth  
Blount John   Fourth  
Butler Colleen   Fourth  
Burns L. E. Fourth  
Childress Laura Ann Fourth  
Crawford C. L. Fourth  
Fuller Bobbie Nell Fourth  
Gray Edna   Fourth  
Gregory Lesslie Earl Fourth  
Hacutt Merline   Fourth  
Hankins Billy Rae Fourth  
Harper Pat   Fourth  
Henson Sylvie   Fourth  
Hester Albert  James Fourth  
Hoke Bobbie   Fourth  
Irving John Henry Fourth  
Miller Annette   Fourth  
Milton Dudley   Fourth  
Milstead Anniee Lee Fourth  
Minchew Eugene   Fourth  
Nelms Evelyn   Fourth  
Pettigrew Howard   Fourth  
Russell James   Fourth  
Simmons Harry   Fourth  
Sims Lois   Fourth  
Skeen Agnes Grace Fourth  
Snider Sally   Fourth  
Stewart Charles  Ellis Fourth  
Stewart Jean   Fourth  
Street Delores   Fourth  
Tatum Lois   Fourth  
Walker Helen   Fourth  
Willously Morris   Fourth  
Wright Mary    Fourth  
Ladner Mrs.   Third Teacher
Crawford Howard Earl Third  
Dale Dorothy   Third  
Dunn James   Third  
Ganann Ernestine   Third  
Gould Peggy   Third  
Garrard Mary    Third  
Gray Jewell   Third  
Gray Irene   Third  
Hamaker Jimmy   Third  
Hamilton Phillip   Third  
Hankins Millie Mae Third  
Helms Maxine   Third  
Henderson Jimmy   Third  
Hester Lucille   Third  
Hoke Blondie   Third  
Holloway Dorothy   Third  
Hughes Ilena   Third  
Lowery T. J. Third  
Milstead Flora   Third  
Murrah Lee   Third  
Phillips Doris   Third  
Phillips Etta Mae Third  
Pitman Lee   Third  
Powell Mildred   Third  
Pritchard Dewey   Third  
Renfroe Lula Mae Third  
Stewart Peggy   Third  
Trainer Grady   Third  
Walley Charlene   Third  
Wigginton Gola Mae Third  
Williams Billy   Third  
Williams Louis   Third  
Woods Eugene   Third  
Addkison Miss   Second Teacher
Ables Dolly   Second  
Ables Pat   Second  
Bailey Doroth  D. Second  
Beaird Mary  Edna Second  
Beaird M. L. Second  
Bennett Christine   Second  
Berry Theo   Second  
Brister Edith   Second  
Burns Alice  Jeans Second  
Diggs Arthur Ray Second  
Dukes Richard   Second  
Glorioso Annie  Mae Second  
Grant Ouida   Second  
Gregory Ralph   Second  
Hamaker Robbie Jean Second  
Harmon Nora   Second  
Hathcock Ruth M. Second  
Hoke Earl   Second  
Hoke R. B. Second  
Hoke Tommy   Second  
Hough Bonnie Louise Second  
Lee Mary  Ann Second  
Marshall Marjorie   Second  
Patterson Ann   Second  
Pate Mary  Ann Second  
Pettigrew Harold   Second  
Phillips Sammie   Second  
Perryman Jack P. Second  
Renfrow J. C. Second  
Russell Fred   Second  
Spruill Evelyn   Second  
Stevens IMogene   Second  
Stewart Ethel   Second  
Stewart Rowland   Second  
Tatum Ruth   Second  
Taylor Jean   Second  
Tharp Gaylon   Second  
Whittington Dolly   Second  
Willoughby R. G. Second  
Haag Miss   First Teacher
Ables Henry   First  
Barkley Janice   First  
Broomhall Mavis   First  
Butler James   First  
Cockran Nellie Ree First  
Cockran Odis   First  
Crawford Bobby   First  
Crawford Laverne   First  
Deaton Jimmie Louise First  
Donald Joe   First  
Durr Joyce   First  
Edwards James   First  
Edwards Robert   First  
Hankins Jr.   First  
Hankins Raymond   First  
Hodges Donald   First  
Hoke Loretta   First  
Hoke Rodney   First  
Jennings Elbert   First  
Jones Virgie   First  
Lofton Dorothy   First  
Marshall Maxine   First  
Mathis Joe   First  
McClain Bernice   First  
Nelms Lois   First  
Pitman Joyce   First  
Powell Harold   First  
Simmons Betty Jo First  
Simms John   First  
Skibning Bernice   First  
Smith Onell   First  
Smith Virginia   First  
Snyder Flois   First  
Stewart Aubrey   First  
Stevens Eugene   First  
Tatum Mardine   First  
Taylor Doris   First  
Williams Henry   First  
Williams Juanita   First  
Williams J. V. First  
Williams Malcrom   First  
Williams Vera   First  

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