Sandlin (or Booth) Cemetery

Contributed: March 2006

Surveyed by John Thompson

Note: This cemetery was originally known as the Booth Cemetery; however, years later, after the Sandlins were buried there, a sign was erected identifying it as Sandlin Cemetery. It is now known by both names.

Directions: Close to Beans Ferry on the Tombigbee River in southwestern part of county.

Also had 14 more graves marked but should have a lot more unmarked. The cemetery is a lot bigger than the number of graves that were marked.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes
Mother Albie Lou sept 4 1891 june 22 1942 wife of Flurry Devall
Rev A. E. Sandlin 1861 1940  
Margaret Elizabeth dec 12 1855 march 3 1928 wife of A. E. Sandlin
Thomas Harper Booth may 7 1807 jan 25 1871 mason symbol
Nancy Chilcoat Dulany     no death date only 1834
Thomas H Booth may 7 1807 jan 25 1871 mason symbol
John W Booth 1843 1863 in memory of, co h 1st ms inf confederate states army
Sallie B june 24 1871 april 18 1874 dau of T H and N J Booth
Davie F Booth april 22 1869 nov 17 1873 son of T H and N J Booth
David W.P.Wallace nov 10 1829 jan 27 1889  
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