Whitesides Cemetery Photos

Contributed: May 2006

Photographed by Bob Franks

Robert Whitesides tombstone
Robert Whitesides (19 Sep 1827-6 Oct 1842)
[The date appears to be 1848 on the photo
but it is 1842.]
Sarah Whitesides tombstone
Sarah, wife of James Whitesides
(1 Aug 1801-13 May 1883)
Whitesides Cemetery
Overview of Whitesides Cemetery
Whitesides Farm and Home
Home of James Whitesides, Sr. (b. 1798)
The house was built in 1842
Farmland today at the Old Whitesides Plantation
Cotton on the Old Whitesides Plantation
Thomas Whitesides Home
Home of Thomas Whitesides,
son of James. Built before the Civil War