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Submitted Marriage Records

These marriage records have been submitted to the site by the person listed. The court house burned, therefore many of these marriages are documented by family Bibles, original records held by family members, or family tradition. If you have ancestors that were married in Kemper County, you may submit them to the County Coordinator for inclusion on this page.

Adams, Ransom to Simmons, Sallie, Aug 14, 1915, - Rosie Gully

Beazley, Jefferson Davis to Parnell, Allie Mae, Dec 22, 1901, - Jean Guice

Boswell, K. C. to Bancroft, Lizzie, Aug 22, 1915, - Thomas E. Van Ness

Bryan, Henry S. to Rogers, Maranda, Dec 1860, Civil War Pension Records, - Marsha Bryant

Dial, William Robert to Henderson, Mamie Florence, 2 March 1904 -Kay McKinnon

Dunning, Edward to Clark, Jinnie Florence, Jan 20, 1885, - Dwight Bridges

Ethridge, W. N. to Howell, Mary I., Jul 27, 1882

Garrard, James R. "Jimmie" to Bird, Amaranth, Dec 7,1876 at Kellis Store, by H. W. Pickett, JP., - Paul Kines

Gilbert, John Elvin "Jack" Gilbert to Martha S. McCoy, 1870, - Lisa Childress

Gully, Elmer to Hickman, Sallie, Sep 23, 1922, - Rosie Gully

Gully, Joe to Porter, Anna, 1885, - Rosie Gully

Gully, Phil to Nelson, Edrina, Dec 29, 1920, - Rosie Gully

Hopper, Harold Earl, Sr. to Elliott, Genevieve, 1912, DeKalb, - Harold Hopper

Hughes, Thomas Terrel to Roberts, Mary A., Jun 4, 1856, - Tommie H. Weatherford

Hundall, H. B. to White, Sallie A., Mar 10, 1878, - Viv Sartin

Hundall, Henry B. to Blackwell, Mary N., Jan 18, 1833, - Viv Sartin

Jones, Dr. Calvin to Spinks, Jane Caroline Jones Mosley, 1845, - Bob Jones

Lacy, Martin Van Buren, Jr. (Mart) to Mary Lacy Perrin to at 5:30 PM, 24 December 1890 at Grace Chapel, Giles, MS, in a service performed by the Rev. E. B. Witherspoon. She married Samuel Neville after the death of Mr. Lacy. She was the daughter of William Alexander Perrin and Mary Florida Lacy Jones Perrin. He was the grandson of Elisha Lacy and Caroline Anderson Walker Lacy. - Carolyn Tamblyn

Lang, Edward Clarence to Madison, Gladys, Dec 27, 1919, Denise Lang Taylor

Lang, Richard W. to Goodson, Martha Ann, 1852, - Lesley Baird Prey

Lassiter, John G. to Stone, Sarah Adeline, Jun 19, 1867, - Lesley Baird Prey

Lassiter, James Monroe to Unknown, Sarah A., Sep 7, 1858, - Lesley Baird Prey

Lindsey, Philip to White, Ruby, Dec 18, 1931, - Hattie Rupert

Mathews, Stennis to Gully, Cornelia, Aug 3, 1918, - Rosie Gully

McQueen, John Taylor to Diggs, Eliza Ann, Nov 8, 1849, - Billie Steeley

Mixon, G. R. to Eubanks, Sarah Dec 19, 1912, Book 1 page 27 - Elizabeth Hagwood

Mixon , William B. to Rebecca (unknown surname), May 4, 1881 in Kemper Co., Ms. This info was found in case # 147 and listed in the "Index to Kemper County Court Records 1880-1920" booklet that is in the Chancery Court record room. This divorce petition was filed in 1886. - Joann Broadhead

Moore, William McDow to Maria Giles Perrin to on 23 December 1891, at Grace Chapel, Giles, MS, by the Rev. E. B. Witherspoon. She was the daughter of William Alexander Perrin and Mary Florida Lacy Jones Perrin. He was the son of James A. Moore and Sarah Evelyn Minniece Moore. - Carolyn Tamblyn

Newton, Richard to Nethery, Susan F. December 9, 1855, Source: Civil

War Declaration for Widow's Army Pension Certificate #251735 - Gwen Hester

Nicholson, Alexander William to Frances Henrietta McCoy, Oct 29, 1867, - Sondra Nicholson

Pace, Clifton to Marie Suttles 5-23-1918, Book 1 page 403 - Elizabeth Hagwood

Palmer, Freddy Eugene to Roebuck, Mary Allie, Dec 21, 1910, - Wanda Toney

Perrin, Napoleon Patterson to Isabella Montegue Moseley, 1860 - Carolyn Tamblyn

Perrin, William Alexander to Mary Florida Lacy Jones on 19 August 1863 at "Pine Hill" in Kemper county, MS. at a service performed by the Rev. Mr. Wood. She was the daughter of the Rev. William Daniel Jones and Mary

Nicholson Lacy Jones. He was the son of Abner Perrin Jr. and Mary Carson Perrin. - Carolyn Tamblyn

Pool, James Daniel to O'Neal, Florence, Oct 31, 1917, - Tammy Poole

Ponder, Robert Irwin to Ella Elizabeth Land, Jul 13, 1919 by A. N.

Perkins Minister of the Gospel - Patricia Ponder Popejoy

Puckett, Thomas to Irene Cherry, Dec 22, 1921 - Linda Everett

Ramsey, Moses Franklin to Alice Lillian Winston Sibley, May 12, 1881, Information from her Civil War Pension Application, - Betty Ramsey

Smith, James William to Wedgeworth, Margaret Elizabeth, Mar 23, 1894, - Donna Bonney

Stone, Henry Asbury to Unknown, Saphronia, 1864, - Lesley Baird Prey

Suttles, Elmer to Estelle Griffin 11-2-1921, Book 2 page 24 - Elizabeth Hagwood

Suttle, Glenn Thomas to Barbara Batey 6-3-1960, Book 5 page 389 - Elizabeth Hagwood

Suttles, Valley to J. F. Murphy 2-6-1928, Book 2 page 463 - Elizabeth Hagwood

Warren, Ezekial Slocomb Gully (Sloke) to Hamilton, Willie Reid, Jan 25, 1887, - Billie H. DeVane

Warren, William James to Mc Rae, Georgia Adeline (Addie), Jan 27, 1924, - Billie H. DeVane

Warren, William Moses to Hamilton, Clara Swan, Dec 19, 1889, - Billie H. DeVane

West, Philip Gully to Murry, Viola Bell Feb 25, 1903, D. West

White, Hervey to Lindsey, Rachel, Feb 3, 1931, - Hattie Rupert

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