Lamar County, Mississippi Genealogy and History


Ann Allen Geoghegan County Coordinator

Jeff Kemp - State Coordinator    
Ann Allen Geoghegan & Denise Wells - Assistant State Coordinators


Marion County W. P. A. History




         Marion County as it is to-day is bounded on the North by Jefferson Davis and a division of Lawrence, east by Lamar, south by Pearl River and Louisiana, and west by Walthall and another division of Lawrence. It is a trapezoid in shape with its eastern and northern boundaries considerable longer than those of the western and southern limits and has a land area of 550 square miles. Marion County was, in the original area, considerable larger than it is at the present time. At different times the counties of Lawrence, Pike, and Lamar have been carved from her territory. Lawrence County was created December 1814 and Pike was Pike County about one year later, or in December 1815. In 1888 the remaining territory of Marion County was divided in two judicial districts and Purvis was made the seat of justice for the second district. In 1904 the second district applied for admission as a county, their petition was granted, and Lamar County came into existence March 10, of that year.

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