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These queries were submitted between 1996 and 1999 before the message board were implemented. They are loosely in order from 1996 to 1999. To search them use the "Find" feature on the edit tab of your browser. Because the queries are old many of the addresses are bad. If you posted a query that is here and have a new e-mail address, contact me and I will change it for you! 

DATE: Oct 01, 1996 
NAME: Marie Manasco 

I am searching for info on Sam Bond b1871 d1942 and Mary Bond b1882 d1954. They were married and lived in Lamar County. Mary was a Bond before the marriage. They are buried in Military Baptist Church Cemetery in Sumrall, MS. 
I have info on all of their children and am looking for names of and info on their parents. 
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DATE: July 18, 1996 
NAME: Bob Doherty 

Does anyone have a photograph of the Sullivan-Kilrane heavyweight fight that took place at Richburg Hill and does the photo have someone watching the fight from up in a tree? Family history says that my grandfather, Mike DOHERTY, helped build the ring for the fight and watched it from a seat he built in a tree. I would like to get a copy of the photograph. 
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DATE: August 13, 1996 
NAME: Stacy Simmons 

I am looking for information regarding the parents of James Huey HALBERT, born in Lamar Co, MS in March 1910. His father was William Thomas HALBERT and his mother's first name is Lenore. If you have information on this family, please write me. 
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DATE: Nov. 8, 1996 
NAME: Henry Hudson 
Will provide info on the Hudson family of Lamar Co. Mississippi. Raleigh Rayford Hudson moved to Sumrall Miss at turn of the century. Married Ora Ida Bass of Bassfield Mississippi. Related lines: Bass, Burkett, Speights, Harper, Hathorne, Walker, Stanford, Rogers, Gill, Norwood. 
Henry Hudson 
Millington, TN

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DATE: March 13, 1997 
NAME: Janice Leggett Bays 

I am searching for information re: Hulon Eldridge THOMPSON born about 1880 married to May ATWOOD. This couple lived in Sumrall, Lamar County, Mississippi. I would appreciate any THOMPSON and ATWOOD searchers to contact me. 
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NAME:   Delilah Runnells 
DATE:  February 16, 1998  15:04:02 


  I'm trying to trace my family tree, My fathers name is Silvester Frank Runnells, b3/27/32, in Lamar Co, my grandfather's name was Corbet Dewitt Runnells,  b9/9/1891, d10-03-36, he was married to Mabel Brown Runnells she died in approx '54 or'57. My grandparents were born in Lamar county as well, My great-grandfather was named Asbury Runnells, and rumor has it was married to an Indian lady. My grandfather was raised by the Gunter family there in Lamar County. My father has numerous brothers and sisters most of whom has passed away. But, we are searching to see if he has any uncles, or Aunts even? My grandparents and great-grandparents are said to have been buried in Slade Cemetery  in Lamar County. I've done some researching, and can not seem to locate a Slade Cemetery. If anyone can help me with any information , my father and I would be greatly appreciated . 

NAME: Lorna Clarke 
DATE:  January  29,1998  10:25:20 


I am searching for information on Garfield Warren buried in Magnolia 
Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Lamar County, Mississippi. My e-mail 
address is c/o Lorna Clarke or Lucious Fullwood 
Any assistance that can be provided will be most appreciated. Thank You. 

NAME: Dusty Fletcher 
DATE: January 18, 1998    08:30:45 

Gravesite of Stif VINCZE/VINCE 

My great-grandfather Stif (Steve) VINCZE (poss. VINCE) was buried in the Hattiesburg area circa 1912-1920 (most likely 1917-1920).  Is there 
anyone who can do a lookup for his death and tell me the date and where 
he is buried?  Additional important information is that he was traveling through the area from his home in Dayton, Ohio; he was robbed, shot & died.  The perpetrators were never caught.  Possibly this event made it into the local newspaper. All help is greatly appreciated. 

NAME: Shirley Smith 
DATE: January 6,1998  02:20:43 


My  Father was born in Hattiesburg on Nov 29,1925 to a Kate Ready- Jim Farmer.   Looking for any family member or anyone else who might know of them.   Jim L.B. Farmer had a sister in Hattiesburg, Helen Killinger. 
Any one with info.  Please  contact me. 

NAME: Kitty B. Hoffman 
DATE: January 3, 1998   21:11:19 

       Searching for families of Mary Frances Anderson b. 25 Nov 1858, d 19 Oct 1936 buried at Roseland Cemetery, Hattiesburg, MS. She married William (Bill) Franklin Sumrall b. 18 Nov 1854, d. 25 July 1946 also buried at Roseland.  Mary Francis was believed to have had at least 2 brothers. One brother was named, Aus, and was a doctor.  Bill had 2 brothers.  The 3 brothers died in reverse birth order.  He was a first cousin to a Dan Sumrall.  A Tom Sumrall was also a cousin.  They raised 12 children on a homestead in Coral, MS outside Sumrall. 
      Who were Francis' parents?  Where was she born.  Was she part American Indian?  Who were Bill parents?  What was his link to the Sumralls in Sumrall, MS? 

Surnames: PURVIS, WILL 
Submitter: Johnie Watkins (
Date: 26 Dec 1998 

PURVIS, Will born in Jasper County Mississippi on Sept 26, 1872. Father Issac Newton Purvis Mother Mary Frances Johnson I am looking for an original or reprint of his book "The True Life Story of Will Purvis" by Frances William Griffith and originally published by Booster Press of Purvis, Mississippi in 1935. The Lamar County Historical Society helped to reprint this book on or about March 16, 1979 Mr. Neil Eubanks Temple was the president of the society at the time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Johnie Watkins 

Submitter: Vicki (
Date: 04 Dec 1998 

Searching for information on my grandfathers family: William Thomas Miller (W.T. Miller) a preacher who married Mae Bertis Courtney. W.T.'s father was Hugh Pearce Miller. Any help would be appreciated. 

Submitter: Carolyn Spears (
Date: 26 Nov 1998 

I am looking for information on Almira Graham Williamson Smith. She lived and died in Lamar County. She was born about. 1840 in Covington County and was married first to a Williamson then to Samuel Smith. She was 103 years old when she died, which would have been around 1943. I have been told that she helped raise my grandfather, Leon A. Graham, born 6-5-1866. I am seeking information on Leon, and his father James A. Graham also. Thanks, 

Surnames: SIMMONS 
Submitter: Michele (Simmons) Lewis (
Date: 19 Nov 1998 

I am looking for any and all information on James Elexander Simmons (he went by "El") he was born Feb 1870 and died about. 1925. He was married to Corrine (I think her maiden name is Graham). They lived in Lamar County. They are both buried in the Grantham Cemetery (which is now called the Graham Cemetery I do believe) off of Burnt Bridge Road Lamar County. James Elexander Simmons is my great grandfather. I know that James Elexander Simmons' mother was a full-bloodied Indian. Any help is appreciated. Michele 

Submitter: Donna Chambliss (
Date: 17 Nov 1998 

I am searching for information on my roots re: Virgil Dickson was my dad, or any information on Lee Andrew Dickson, whom is my grandfather, his wife being Ada Mae (Smith) Dickson. Born somewhere around 1890. Any information would be greatly appreciated. They are from Lamar County, Purvis, Mississippi. 

Submitter: Jean Rowell (
Date: 14 Nov 1998 

Am researching BARRETT family tree. I show a Lemuel Lymon BARRETT b. Feb 14, 1855 in Neshoba County and d. Jan 1, 1937, Coletown, Purvis, Lamar County. This would've been my grandfather's uncle. Also, at one point, my grandfather John Hamilton BARRETT and his father, Thomas C. BARRETT lived in Purvis, as well as a sister, married to a MOHRHEAD or maybe MOREHEAD. My aunt remembers an Uncle Pledge MOHRHEAD from the area. Any details would be appreciated. 

Submitter: Gordon Michael-Seth Miller (
Date: 07 Nov 1998 

I am looking for information on the Hudson, Miller, Bond, and Smith families of Lamar County. I am willing to give any information on the families that I might have in return. Please respond to or 

Submitter: Carolyn Graham Spears (
Date: 06 Nov 1998 

I am seeking information on Almira Graham Williamson. She was born in Covington County ca 1840. She lived to be 103 years old and resided in Lamar County. She was said to have raised my grandfather, Leon Graham. Will appreciate any information. Thanks, 

Surnames: O'NEIL ELAM 
Submitter: Linda Potts (
Date: 06 Nov 1998 

I am trying to find information on James Bryan O'Neil and family. James was living in LAMAR Co., Miss. in 1989. He is the gggrandson of John Monroe ELAM who moved with his family from Bibb Co., Ala. to Miss. about 1880 or so. I am trying to connect John Monroe ELAM with his Alabama relatives and learn about our Miss. relatives. I would appreciate any help with this and will be happy to share my information. Linda Potts 

Surnames: 'NEIL ELAM 
Submitter: Linda Potts (
Date: 06 Nov 1998 

I am trying to find information on James Bryan O'Neil and family. James was living in LAUREL,HATTIESBURG Co., Miss. in 1989. He is the gggrandson of John Monroe ELAM who moved with his family from Bibb Co., Ala. to Miss. about 1880 or so. I am trying to connect John Monroe ELAM with his Alabama relatives and learn about our Miss. relatives. I would appreciate any help with this and will be happy to share my information. Linda Potts 

Submitter: Winsel R. Loyd (
Date: 27 Oct 1998 

My G-Grandfather, Wiliam Ezekial CREEL b. 1870 married Annie Louisa Register b. 1898 both of whom were born in Sumarall, Lamar Co., Ms. Williams Father was Printice CREAL b. 1870 who married Ellen Miller b. 1872. William and Annie are buried in Sumrall but I cant seem to located the burial site of Printice or Ellen Miller. I also would like any information on the parents or siblings of Annie or Ellen. Printice was born in La. and Ellen in Ms. Printice CREAL and Ellen MILLER had the Following children with then on the 1910 census for Lamar County: William b. 1893, Leona b. 1895, Nora D. b. 1897, Frank b. 1899, Claud b. 1902, Dortha, Annie. I know that William and Claud took the CREEL spelling of the name, not sure of the others. Any help, would help. 

Surnames: BUSHA 
Submitter: sue koyani (
Date: 17 Oct 1998 

I am looking for any information regarding the family Busha, I have lost contact with my family since my father was murdered in Purvis,Ms I believe in the year 1971. His name was Hershal Busha, I was only 7 years old at the time and my parents were divorced at the time so I hae totally lost touch with any of the family. Please if you know any information regarding any Busha family members please contact me. Thank you Susie Busha- Koyani 

Submitter: Winsel R. Loyd (
Date: 11 Oct 1998 

My GG Grandfather "William Ezekial Creel" and his wife Annie Register are buried in Sumrall which is located in Lamar County. I discover his father was Prentiss who married Ellen Miller. Any information on the Parents of Annie and where they lived, Married and are buried would be most welcome. Any Information on where Prentiss and Ellen Miller's people were from would be really helpful. Thanks ahead of time. 

Submitter: Alana Kirkpatrick (
Date: 08 Oct 1998 

Carter, Cameron,Smith, Debrow, Pool(e) I am looking for any lines esp. from the Camerons side. My grandfather, Arthur Cameron b.30 April, 1908 m. Recie Toleta Smith b. 11 Sept. 1911. I believe Recie came from the Debrow lines and Arthur's father was Daniel Cameron. This is all the info I have now. If any of these may fall in your lines, please e-mail me. I am traveling to MS regularly to do research in these areas. If I can help you with any TN lines, please let me know. I live in Nashville near the state archives. Thanks. 

Submitter: Winsel Loyd (
Date: 06 Oct 1998 

My Grandmothers father William Ezekial Creel, born:1893 married Annie Register born:1898. Both are buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery, Sumrall. I am looking for information that would lead me toward there Parents, children or siblings. Marion L. Register born:06feb1894 and John O. Register are buried in Sumrall also. Brothers of Annie? I am awaiting Death Cert's on them but would welcome any asitance. Thank you. 

Submitter: Darla Courtney Schroyer (
Date: 03 Oct 1998 

I am looking for information on my paternal grandfather Joseph Alvin Courtney. He was born around 1897 somewhere around Purvis. I do not know his parents names other that his mother's maiden name was Sumrall. I remember the following brothers and sisters: Luther, younger than my grandfather, died in Lumberton in late 1960's or early 70's; Oliver, also younger, I believe he lived somewhere between Lumberton and Purvis; Wesley, baby of the family; Arthur, lived outside Purvis, I believe he had only 2 daughters named Linda and Judy, but I may have them mixed up with another brother; Et or Estes, his wife was in a wheel chair and they had 6 or 7 children, three names were Charles, Lonnie and Grady; Mary, the oldest sister I believe died in the late 1980's, she never married and lived on the old home place outside of Purvis; Other sisters were Luvinia, Letha, Tiny (I don't know if she had another name) and Bertha. Any information on the Ancestors and descendants of any of these people including dates, places of birth, marriage and death would be appreciated. Thank you! 

Submitter: Peggy Maxwell (
Date: 01 Oct 1998 

I am looking for the surnames of Jones, Cook, Hawes If you are connected to this surname please contact me at my e-mail address. Thank You Peggy 

Submitter: Kinloch McCollum (
Date: 30 Sep 1998 

Seeking descendants of Willie S. CROOK of Lumberton in Lamar County. He was born in Mississippi about 1871 and married Ella McDONALD (1874-?) in 1898. Willie and Ella are listed in in Lumberton on the 1910 and 1920 censuses. There are 3 children listed with them on the censuses: Luther (born 1899), Rachel (born 1903) and George (born in 1907). Please contact Kinloch McCollum at 

Submitter: Cynthia Martin (
Date: 28 Sep 1998 

WOODARD, WOODWARD, HARTFIELD, SCARBOROUGH, WARDEN Walter WOODARD(WOODWARD) married Gertrude SCARBOROUGH between 1915 and 1917. They had 6 children. My mother, Mattie J WOODARD was born in 1922 in Lamar County (Baxterville). Walter's parents were Thomas and Minerva WARDEN WOODARD(WOODWARD). Gertrude's parents were Edward and Mary "Sis" HARTFIELD SCARBOROUGH. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 

Submitter: S.B.Batton ( sibbie1164@AOL
Date: 18 Sep 1998 

Seeking information on my ggrandmother, Martha Jane (TANNER)MASON died about 1888 in the Purvis area. Married to Thomas Mason. Any help will be appreciated. S.B.Batton 

Submitter: Carolyn Spears (
Date: 16 Sep 1998 

Looking for information for Almira Graham Williamson born approximately 1840 lived 103 years which would put her death date around 1943. She was born in Covington County, Ms. but later lived in Lamar County. She had a son named Leroy Williamson. Would appreciate any information that you can provide. Thanks 

Submitter: Gerry R. Lee (
Date: 16 Sep 1998 

HUDSON-MILLER, Can anyone please help me identify Mary Jane HUDSON MILLER, b. 1830, d. May 24, 1900, buried in Advance Cemetery? Is she possibly the mother of John J. and Thomas G. HUDSON who are buried in the same cemetery. Your help sincerely appreciated. 

Submitter: Pat Oelslager ( PNO@SCIA.NET
Date: 14 Sep 1998 

Am looking for info on Fletcher Miller,born in Mississippe,.He married Eula Mae Harris.The dates could be around 1900,Is there a Greywood,Miss.? and in Lamar County Miss.I know of one child,Donald Miller of Panama City ,Fl.,He married Vivian Turner 

Submitter: Bonnie Evans (
Date: 07 Sep 1998 

Looking for any info on William W. Breazele, m. to Henrietta Jurnigan. Their son, Eddie Judon Breazele, m. Mary Jane Haden. I have no dates on any of these, but know the Breazele family lived in Purvis, Lamar Co., MS; Daughter of E.J. and Mary Jane is Claudia Marcella Breazele who m. 1st William Luke Patrick (b. 21 Dec 1903, d. 7 Feb 1950) and had 3 children; she m. 2nd to Perry Moore Eakes (no children of this marriage). Claudia is the mother of my 1st husband, but he knows almost nothing of family, so I have little to go on. Claudia had a number of siblings; I can remember going to funerals of some there in Purvis. Any info on any of these families would be greatly appreciated. 

Submitter: Gerry R. Lee (
Date: 05 Sep 1998 

HUDSON, Jane. Can anyone help me identify the Mary Jane Hudson Miller, 1830-5/10/1900, burried in Advance Cemetery, Lamar Co., MS. Am trying to determine if she was Jane Jones Hudson, widow of William David Hudson? Any help sincerely appreciated. 

Submitter: Thomas E. Van Ness (
Date: 27 Jul 1998 

Looking for the descendants of Shadrick JACOBS. AKA Shady JACOBS. Buried in the Lumberton Ceme- tery. He was married to Laura Frances JACOBS also buried in Lumberton Cemetery. My wife Jimmye R. BRASHIER is descended through Monroe C. Jacobs and Eula BOSWELL > James H. BRASHIER and Eula Neal JACOBS. Shady's Parents were Joshua JACOBS 

Submitter: Ken Courtney (
Date: 18 Jul 1998 

Looking for information on Samuel Thomas Courtney/Nancy Baxter and their children. William Fletcher Courtney/Frances Rebecca Sumrall and their children. Charles "Ely" Elexander Sumrall/Rachael Amelia Entrekin and their children. Marshall Dudley Entrekin/Katherine Jones and their children. James Jones/Esther Beech and their children. 

Submitter: Ken Courtney (
Date: 02 Jul 1998 

I am looking for information about Samuel Courtney, b. 1819 and Nancy Baxter Courtney, b. 1829. Samuel was born in SC, as were his parents, according to the 1900 census. Nancy was born in MS, her parents in GA. They were married c. 1846, and had 11 children. Their son William Fletcher Courtney (my great-grandfather), his wife Rebecca Sumrall Courtney and his brother John were also listed together in the 1910 census, with two of their children Alvin and Letha. Both Samuel and William Fletcher had land grant farms near Purvis, MS. Any info about their parents and other children would be helpful. 

Submitter: john and sammy ann landrum fullen (
Date: 01 Jul 1998 

we are searching for family history on landrum and fullen these are my great grandparents. great grandfathers name is john william fullen, born in luberton, lamar county, mississippi. sammy ann landrum is the maiden name who married john william fullen. children born by john and sammy fullen: 1 st child hattie mae fullen/married larkin bounds 2 nd child addie mae fullen.married ed jackson 3 rd child allie mae fullen/married michael ollie drew 4 th child john w. jr. fullen/ wife named edna, maiden name unknown 5th child bessie mae fullen/married edward meadows please reply to the email address above with any information pertaining to this branch of our family tree thank you for your time and patienece 

Submitter: Elsie S. Lilburn (
Date: 25 Jun 1998 

Burt Howard Lilburn born Dec. 12,1901 died in Hattisburg, Lamar County, Miss. on Dec. 18, 1943. I am looking for any and all LILBURN surnames or any information concerning the LILBURN name.Thanks in advance. 

Surnames: HARTLEY 
Submitter: Lynda Armstrong (
Date: 16 Jun 1998 

I want Information on the Hartley family from Lumbertom 

Submitter: Riley Sibley (
Date: 14 Jun 1998 

Seeking information on Saucier family (?) Francois Saucier B. ca. 1840. Children Quitman (His son named Maurice), Abner, Martha, Medie, Mae, Alice (my grandmother). Homesteaded near Corinth Baptist Church, reputed to have donated the land and helped build the church. Thank you for your help. Riley C. Sibley, M.D. ( 

Submitter: Pam Gibbs (
Date: 10 Jun 1998 

My great grandmother was Martha Elizabeth WILLIAMS b. 5 Jan 1886 d 2 Apr 1970. She was the daughter of Luvenia HUTSON and Jasper Williams and she married John Henry RAYBORN of the Sumrall community. I have been told that she taught school at BYRD TOWN SCHOOL out from Sumrall and would like to find out more about the school and where it was and when she might have taught there. I am also researching the surnames ATWOOD, DEPRIEST, BROGAN, RAYBORN, MESSER, HUTSON and that's just for starters! Thanks! 

Submitter: John C Simmons (
Date: 08 Jun 1998 

Any Information on Simmons/Nelson Family located in the Purvis area. June Caridine Simmons parents and grandparents if available. thank you for your time. 

Submitter: Vesper Henson (
Date: 29 May 1998 

Alford R. Burkhalter married Mildred Dorinder Freeman July 4, 1904 in Purvis, MS. I would like to find a copy of the Marriage Licenses if possible. 

Surnames: SLADE 
Submitter: Ken Slade (
Date: 20 May 1998 

Leonard L. Slade, Sr. of Purvis, MS wrote an outstanding history of the Slade family entitled Samuel Slade of Cheraw District, South Carolina and His Descendants, published in 1975. I was wondering if the search for ancestors of Hezekiah Slade and his father, Samuel Slade has progressed any farther back than Samuel. It is suggested in the book that the farther of Samuel Slade was Benjamin Slade who is listed in the NC Census of 1772. Can anyone tell me where I might find information on the parents of Benjamin Slade, or possibly information on the siblings of Samuel as follows: David, Nathan, Steven, Furnifold, and Enuch. Has the surname of Samuel's wife, Elizabeth been determined? I would appreciate any help in extending the Slade line. Considering how difficult genealogical research is in the 1990s in spite of all of the wonderful resources we have today, I have a great appreciation for how difficult it must have been in the 1970s. I am very grateful to own the book written by Lavelle Slade! 

Submitter: Mark Robinson (
Date: 13 May 1998 

I am looking for information on James Archibald McPheason of Sumrall, Ms. I would like his d.o.b. and date of death beleived to have lived there in the 1930's and 40's. Also any information on his father (Joel McPhearson) and mother (name unknown) 

Submitter: Mark Robinson (
Date: 05 May 1998 

I am looking for information on the parents of James Archibald Mc Pherson from Sumrall Ms. He was married to Mary Jane Pitman of Waynesboro, Ms. Children of James and Mary include Nell McPherson Arthur McPherson Leslie McPherson Clara Pearl McPherson of Prentiss Ms. Gladys McPherson of Sumrall, Ms. Mary McPherson Colombis McPherson I am trying to trace the McPherson family back to Scotland, and have no further information on the McPherson clan. Any and all help will be much appreciated as I have come to a dead end. Thanks for your help ; Mark R. 

Submitter: Monica Cato ( Monnicca@AOL
Date: 26 Apr 1998 

BERTHA LEE CRABTREE I am looking for any info on Bertha Lee Crabtree, who was born 8/11/1903 and died 7/3/1973 or her husband Holmer Troy Nelson born 11/29/1894 and died 1/20/1970 in Lamar Co. Her Parents were Thomas Jefferson Crabtree and Manerva May Hudgens. His parents were William Eli Nelson and Seneth M. Seale. Please E-mail if you have any infomation regarding anyone listed above. 

Submitter: Tom Collins (
Date: 23 Apr 1998 

My great grandfather, Stuart J. Collins(1846-1910) and my great gramother, Julia Lott Collins(1854- 1913) are buried in the Oloh Cemetary. I am trying to trace their background; where they came from and who their parents were, etc. I can share info on one of their sons, William Nathan Collins, and his children. 

Submitter: Dan Thornhill (
Date: 20 Apr 1998 

I am interested in information about my great grandfather, Johnie Willie THORNHILL. He was born on May 14, 1867 in Mississippi. He was married to Ella Caroline JOHNSTON on Nov 3, 1893 in Mississippi. She was from Purvis, MS, and I am guessing that they might have been married in Lamar County. I would especially like to know who were Johnie's parents. I would also appreciate information on the JOHNSTON family. Thanks. 

Submitter: Sharon Childers Alderman (
Date: 17 Apr 1998 

Verifying information on birthplace of Charley or Charlie Childers, brn abt 1893 died 1920; and his parents. Have been told he was brn in Sandersville, Ms or Ala.? In 1916 at the time of the birth of my father, Charley was living in Hattiesburg, his wife - Fannie Jones was living in Lumberton. Charley/Fannie were my grandparents. Any info on his or her parents would be appreciated. 

Surnames: LEE BOND 
Submitter: Diana Morris Thomas (
Date: 01 Apr 1998 

Seeking descendents of ELIJAH LEE, son of WILLIAM LEE and CAROLINE BOND. William was a brother of my great grandfather JOHN LEE. ELIJAH would have been born between 1871 and 1880, probably in Harrison County. ELIJAH also had a sister named IONA LEE, who married a BOND and there was another brother named ALBERT. Any information would be most appreciated. 

Submitter: Van Tate (
Date: 01 Apr 1998 

Searching for Fortenberry and Jones family connection. Will Fortenberry married Sabra Louisa Jones. She was born Jan of 1866 in Hattesburg and died Jan 1915. They had one son named A who married Fannie Mae Hammond. Sabra's father was Wylie Jones. There is a large Jones family and a Jones cemetary in Sumrall. I hope to visit there soon. Thanks for any help! 

Submitter: Stacey Lazenby (
Date: 31 Mar 1998 

I am searching for Lewis Lamkin Hatten b: Covington County, MS in1928 and d: Lamar County,MS in 1893. He was married to Mary Compton of Winnfield,LA ( Winn Parish). If you have any information on the above or any Hattens please e-mail me at I will be happy to share any information I have or find! Thank You! Stacey Lazenby 

Surnames: BYRD 
Submitter: Melba (
Date: 21 Mar 1998 

Any one who has information on a Baptist Minister in Lamar/Forrest Co.> George Washington Byrd. I would like to know who his parents were, and a list of his siblings. Thanks. Melba 

Submitter: Joey Lee ( )
Date: 04 Jun 1999

Searching for info on Alfred Lee, lived just outside Purvis, Mississippi. He was born in the 1910's or early 20's, I'm not sure if he was born in Mississippi or not but I know he died there in the mid-1970's.

Submitter: Joe Pierce ( )
Date: 01 Jun 1999

Searching for information on the following surnames of Lamar Co., MS:Robertson

Submitter: THERESA JORDAN ( 11565rj )
Date: 28 May 1999


Submitter: Donna Chambliss ( )
Date: 28 May 1999

I am researching the Chambliss' in Lamar County, MS. Names are Porter, Patrick, Chris, David, Dan, Walter, Ephraim, Mary, Zachariah etc... I would appreciate any information. Thank you, Donna

Submitter: SHIRLEY BROOME ( )
Date: 22 May 1999

i am looking for information on arinda penny thompson who lived in lamar co. about the turn of the cantury she was married to walter langford she died when my granfather was very young her mother was arinda penny cooksey and father was robert bob thompson

Submitter: james salter ( )
Date: 21 May 1999

Information on the family of William Riley Salter, Purvis, MS, Lamar County 

Submitter: Mary Guy ( )
Date: 18 May 1999

I am researching the Perry Family. My grandfather Walter E. Perry moved to Lamar County as a young man. His twin sister is buried in the Methodist Cemetery in Purvis, probably around 1890. Any help would be appreciated. 

Submitter: Joseph Lee ( )
Date: 18 May 1999

Any Information on E.Liberty Lee wife Elizabeth. We think there were four or five boys. One of the boys was Grayson Issac Lee (my grandfather) married Nancy L. (Housely) Lee Feb1910 Any information on these people would be greatly appreciated. We believe Lamar county is the correct location. ThankYou.

Submitter: Gerry R. Lee ( )
Date: 15 May 1999

GREEN HUDSON JONES, Louisa Jane. Am seeking info on Louisa Jane Jones, b. April 18, 1826, AL (Chambers or Macon Co.) m. William David Hudson, b.1825, AL, d. Feb. 1865 Camp Chasse, Ohio. Surviving were wife and five young sons of Leake/Neshoba Co. area. Young widow, Louisa Jane Jones Hudson, is said to have married a Mr. Green. Some of her descendants are found in Lamar County. Would appreciate any information concerning Louisa Jane.

Submitter: Connie ( )
Date: 12 May 1999

GRADY WILLIS GANDY born May 20, 1930 in Lumberton, MS to Dorothy Jones Gandy. He was possibly adopted by J.W. Gandy. If you have any info on him, please contact me.

Submitter: Joe Pierce ( )
Date: 26 Apr 1999

Would anyone know who is buried in the Bullock Cem. in Lamar Co., MS in the unmarked graves. In the mid 1950's the cem. was in bad shape. The graves were caved in & the headstones were broken. I do remember a headstone made of cement with nthe name of sword on it. My mother told me that it was an Indian woman. That stone is not there now. 

Submitter: Brenda Burton ( )
Date: 24 Apr 1999

I am lookinf for anyone who has a picture of the graduating class of Purvis High School 1931, Purvis, Lamar Co., Mississippi. Tina COURTNEY is my Mother. Anyone willing to make a copy for me please contact me. Thank you in advance for your kindness. Brenda Burton

Submitter: Tanya Varnado ( )
Date: 19 Apr 1999

I am researching the Langley family.The only info I have is my Great-Grandfather William Everett Langley born September 14,1878 married Mary Amanda Howell.

Submitter: Jewel Collins ( )
Date: 19 Apr 1999

Searching for information on Sumrall. Harmon Levi Sumrall and descendents. Thanks, Jewel

Submitter: Ernest C. Walley ( )
Date: 16 Apr 1999

Father and Mother of Levi Walley. Born Purvis Ms 16 April, 1865. Died 22 February 1951. Buried n Corinth Cemetry at Purvis

Submitter: Kevin Jorrey ( )
Date: 15 Apr 1999

We are trying to locate information on a John A. McNeese b. 1860 location unknown d. 1904 in Lumberton, MS married Frances Stringer b. 1861 location unknown d. 1951 in Lumberton MS

Submitter: Donna Miller ( )
Date: 14 Apr 1999

CLEVELAND and SMALLEY, my great grandparents were George Sidey Cleveland and Lela Anna Smalley. I am searching for information on them and their ancesters.

Submitter: Brenda Bond Ruehl ( )
Date: 03 Apr 1999

I am looking for information regarding Leo Bond born in Mississippi, probably the Baxterville area, in 1924, 1925 or 1926. He is probably deceased and may be buried in the Baxterville Cemetery. I have reason to believe that he lived his life in the Baxterville area marrying and have one son. He may have been a meat packer at one time. I would appreciate any information that anyone may have. I have no names or identifying info about his wife or child.

Submitter: Joe Pierce ( )
Date: 01 Apr 1999

Researching the following surnames in Lamar Co., MS & Covington Co., MS. Will Share what info. I have. Joe Pierce

Submitter: Ken Courtney ( )
Date: 31 Mar 1999

Looking for information on Samuel Courtney who was married to Nancy Baxter. Samuel was born in Sumter, SC - does anyone know who his parents were? Also any connections to Courtney family with Entrekin and Sumrall families.

Submitter: Charles Terry Purvis ( )
Date: 21 Mar 1999

J.B. Purvis, mayor of Purvis, Jan. 1903. Could he be my grandfather, James B. Purvis, 1857-1921, married to Sally M. Terry, 1857-1905.

Submitter: Michael Lowe ( )
Date: 17 Mar 1999

I am looking for information on Matthew Pridgen Lowe b. 22 OCT 1853 d. 4 Jan 1929 Bu. Caney Cemetary Co. Lamar M. Mary E. b. 1855 d. 1913 bu. Caney Cemetary Co. Lamar. I am interested in finding out whether Matthew was born in Mississippi and who his father was. Any other supportive information (Land deeds, census records, etc.) would be helpful as well. 

Submitter: Donna ( )
Date: 17 Mar 1999

I am researching the Sidney L. Dickson, out of Sumrall, Mississippi. If you have any connections please write me. Thank You, Donna Dickson Chambliss

Submitter: Lefay Keene ( )
Date: 09 Mar 1999

I am looking for information on Versie Victoria Purvis,my mother. She was born in Rankin.I know her father was Newton Purvis. She was born in 1899 She married Clyde Martin Keene(Keen).That is all the information I have to go on. can you help me locate any of her ancestors? mandl 

Submitter: Jean Rowell ( )
Date: 07 Mar 1999

Researching BARRETT family in Lamar County: Quincy Carradine Barrett- b. 1822 AL d. Oct 1891, Lamar County; married Elizabeth and buried at the Midway Baptist Church. Lenora Ann Barrett- b. 1835 Neshoba County, d. 1907, Lamar County. Lemuel Lymon Barrett- b. 1856 Neshoba County, d. Jan 1937 Coletwon, Purvis, Lamar County; may have married a Mohrhead. Burton D. Barrett- b 1871 Neshoba County, d. 1894, Lumberton, Lamar County; married Betty Phillips Have many more Barrett names and would be happy to share the info I have, please email. 

Submitter: Jewel Messer ( )
Date: 06 Mar 1999

My paternal grandmother was Dicey Lucretia Hatten, wife of Henry Dezebual Messer Sr. son of John Dezebual Messer and Mary Mollie Parker Messer who I am told are buried in Covington Co. Ms. She died 1907 and he 1910. Dicey Lucretia Hatten Messer raised one daughter and several sons--one of whom was my Daddy, Henry Dezebual Messer the 2nd--in Lamar County--Epley--I am tracing the Messers with no results Can anyone tell me where my grandparents came from????????

Submitter: SHIRLEY BROOME ( )
Date: 23 Feb 1999

i am looking for information on samuel bacon thompson who married rachel smithe samuel was b-1812 d1890 i think he is the father of robert bob thompson b-1845 d-1888 my ggggrandmother was arinda cooksey thompson and is buried in lamar co. at caney baptist church in baxterville can anyone fill in these blanks?

Submitter: Patrick W. Jacob ( )
Date: 21 Feb 1999

BROWN Seeking information on ancestors of Robert Duncan BROWN born 10/18/1873 in or near Lamar County, Mississippi. He had brothers named William and Bill. He moved to Louisiana when about 18 years of age and lived in Sabine and Natchitoches Parish. He died 3/28/1930 and was buried in Robeline, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana.

Surnames: MCNEESE 
Submitter: Kevin Jorrey (
Date: 19 Feb 1999 

Looking for information on Thomas Milton McNeese. We believe he was around Lumberton, MS. Born Sept. 1886 

Submitter: Betty Husband Kinney (
Date: 15 Feb 1999 

Interested in any info about HUSBANDS and GATES from Lamar Co. My Aunt Maggie Husbands was married to Luther Gates. 

Submitter: mary dickerson (
Date: 14 Feb 1999 

I am trying to find info on the history of my fathers family . His father was Monore Jones and his mother was Becky Smith Jones. His name is Lawrence Jones. I would like start a web page for it. We planning a reunion on May 8,1999, which will be at Little Black water Park Anyone interested in continue the heritage of this family please come. 

Surnames: BURGE LEE 
Submitter: Toni(Burge) Brumbaugh (
Date: 13 Feb 1999 

I am looking for ifo in the last name of Burge, and Lee. My father was Preston Grayson Burge,Jr., his father was Preston Grayson Burge,Sr. and his mother was Fanny May Lee. On his father`s side, his grandfather was James Monroe Burge, grandmother was Nancy Missouri Lee, his great grandfather was Allen Burge, great grandmother was Ellen Bilbo, and great, great, grandfather was George Washington Burge, great greatgrandmother was Elizabeth Stockstill. My father`s mother was Fanny May Lee, her mother was Eli Lee, and her mother was Mary Alice Moody. Thank you, Prestonia (Toni) Lee (Burge) Brumbaugh 

Surnames: MOORE 
Submitter: Susan Hansche (
Date: 11 Feb 1999 

My Grandmother lived and passed away in Hattiesburg, MS. I see that Hattiesburg is in LAMAR CO. I am coming there next week and would like to look up her Death Certificate and Will. Would I find this information there in Hattiesburg or somewhere else? Thank you! Look forward to my visit to Hattiesburg. Susan 

Surnames: LOWE 
Submitter: Michael Lowe (
Date: 02 Feb 1999 

Records for the Arthur Lowe Family, From Baxterville. His father was James Albert Lowe, I am looking for information about James Alberts Father. Thanks. 

Submitter: Betty Husband Kinney (
Date: 22 Jan 1999 

Would like any info on Luther GATES and wife Maggie HUSBAND GATES. Both are buried in the Sumrall Cemetery. Maggie was my daddy's sister. 

Surnames: AMACKER 
Submitter: Tonya Glenn (
Date: 20 Jan 1999 

I am hopping to find someone who can tell me where I can get a book about the Amacker family. I know there was a book published in the 1960's and would like to get a copy, if possible. Any information on this would be much appericated. My grandmother's family was from Lamar County, from the Purvis area. 




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