New Hope Christian Church

Adapted from 100th Anniversary Press Release

The building of the New Hope Christian Church, located about six miles north of Aberdeen on Coontail Road, was 100 years old in 2004. The land for the church was donated by Jimmie D. Bryan on November 13, 1903, and the present building became fully used in 1904 as the Christian Church and as a community center. When the Byran family held a reunion, it was more than just a gathering of Bryan relatives, it was a gathering of the entire Coontail community.

Early families associated with the church are Adams, Blackwell, Bowen, Bryan, Chism, Finley, Green, Harris, Hill, Holmes, Howell, Jackson, Jones, Kelly, Kidd, Meek, Morgan, Seavy, Stout, Sturdivant, Sullivan, and Wamble.



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