Title:  Chambers Bible Record
Submitter:  Delores Sanders
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Chambers Bible Record

Present (1974) owner: Mrs. H. C. Biedenharn - Edwards, Hinds Co., Ms.

S. Graves Chambers & Catherine E. McAlfred m. 20 Aug, 1838 in Warren Co., Ms.
Geo. Thombs & Lizzie L. Chambers m. 18 Feb, 1875 in Yazoo Co., Ms.
Wm. A. Edrington & M.E.L. Thombs m. 16 Jan, 1880 in Redding, Shasta Co., Ca.
Thomas V. Wood & Kate Emma Thombs m. 1 Jan, 1895 in Colusa, Colusa Co., Ca.

S. Graves Chambers was b. 10 Ap, 1809 in Capurle Co., N.C.
Catherine E. Chambers was b. 1 Jan, 1822 in Summer Co., Tn.
Mary E. Chambers was b. 11 June, 1840
Eugenia B. Chambers was b. 9 Aug, 1843 Warren Co., Ms.
Henrie F. Chambers was b. __ Mar, 1852 in Chicot Co., Ark.
Mary E. L. Chambers was b. 7 Feb, 1855 Yazoo Co., Ms.
Kate Emma Thombs was b. 25 Dec, 1875 Yazoo Co., Ms.
Henrie Chambers Thombs was b. 23 Jan, 1878 Yazoo Co., Ms.
Ethel Bradford Edrington was b. 22 Oct, 1880 in Shasta Co., Ca.
Eugene Clyde Edrington was b. 10 Feb, 1883 in Colusa Co., Ca.
Mary Eliza Edrington was b. 22 June, 1885 in Colusa Co., Ca.
Wm. Maurice Edrington was b. 2 Mar, 1888 in Colusa Co., Ca.
Henrie Eakle Edrington was b. 21 Nov, 1890 in Williams, Colusa Co., Ca.

Eugenia B. Chambers d. 22 Jy, 1862 ; age 18y 11m 13d
Mary E. Chambers d. 27 Dec, 1851 ; aged 11y 6m 16d By the falling of a
  a buggy in which she and family were riding.
S. Graves Chambers d. 11 Oct, 1867 ; aged 58y 6m
Catherine E. Chambers d. 10 Mar, 1875 ; aged 53y 2m 2d

There are 3 funeral invitations in this Bible:
Dr. R. L. Dunn for his mother Mrs. L.G. Dunn, Yazoo City 4 May, 1881
Mr. & Mrs. F. P. Hillard for their son Frank, Yazoo City, 5 Oct, 1873
Col. I. N. Gilruth for Alexander Davis ,Yazoo City, 9 Mar, 1879

One newspaper obituary for Mrs. Catherine Hock Wagner, aged 70 years who
died at her home in Sartartia, Miss. on 5 Jy, 1888.  A native of Ohms Hesse
Cassell, Germany ,she was the widow of Gotthelt Wagner