Black Confederate Pensioners from Marshall County, MS

Listed by Post Office

by Bobby Mitchell

Many confederate soldiers had servants to accompany them into the army. Large numbers of these black servants became active participants in the service of the Confederacy.

A number of years after the War was over, laws were passed which allowed eligible soldiers to obtain a pension, based upon their War record. Not everyone could qualify for a pension, as one had to be practically a pauper to secure a pension, but hundreds of thousands across the Confederacy did receive a pension.

After searching thru Marshall County Pensioners I have found about 42 blacks (so far) who applied for a pension in Marshall County, and 28 of those were approved. Among those black pensioners are:

Pud Arnold, Byhalia

Ben Boggan, Byhalia

Henry Bowen, ------

Jim Brunson, Byhalia

Adam Bryon, -------

Edward Burton, Holly Springs

Ben Dean, Chulahoma

Tom Dockery, --------

Ben Duncan, Holly Springs

Hardy Garrett, Holly Springs

David Hill, Waterford

Monroe Hill, Holly Springs

Tobe Howell, --------

Tony Ingram, Byhalia

William Joyner, Mt. Pleasant

Richard Lay, Waterford

Martin Leggett, --------

Coleman Lester, Holly Springs

Manuel Matthews, Victoria

Norwood McKissack, -------

Alfred Peal, -------

Fletcher Phillips, Chulahoma

Adam Pryor, Laws Hill

James Smith, Byhalia

George Spears, Holly Springs

Robert Walker, Holly Springs

Wyatt N. White, -------

Joe Wilson, Holly Springs

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