March 16, 1839
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Submitted by Deb Haines

Divorces – The Intelligencer (Tuscaloosa, Ala.) says, that the last Legislature of that State, divorced eighteen wives from their husbands and eight husbands from their wives. What a crabbed, ill-natured, contrary, cross-grained sort of folks they must be! Can't they agree at all? O git out!!!

Doctor Duncan – Our exchanges by the last mail, contain a rumored account of the death of Dr. Duncan of Ohio. The information as received by the Cincinnati Whig, came from a gentleman direct from Wheeling, who stated that just as the boat was about to leave, several passengers in the stage, from Washington, brought news of a street fight, between Duncan and Mr. Menifee, of Kentucky, which eventuated in the death of the former.

Circuit Court – During the present week our Circuit Court has been occupied in trying principally small cases, involving but little for the litigants, except defeat and the payment of cost on the one side, and a glorious victory, achieved at considerable expense on the other. The case of the State of Mississippi against James Flack, for murder, by consent, was continued until next Monday.

Groceries – Sugar, Coffee, Nails, Salt, Soap, Candles, Mackerel, Flour, Meal, Raisins, Almonds, Cigars, &c., &c. – Thankful for a very liberal patronage; he asks a continuance, offering good bargains at all times, at his stand (for the present) corner of Lagrange and Memphis street, next door north of Ross & Alderson's. J. T. Davis

Dissolution – The Co-Partnership heretofore existing between the subscribers under the style and firm of Malone & Farrell, was dissolved on the 10th of January last, by mutual consent. The business of the late firm will be settled by either of the partners, and the name of the firm used in liquidation only. B. J. Malone; Joseph H. Farrell.

Notice – On Monday the 15th day of April next, I will sell for cash, at the Court House door, in Holly Springs, the east half section 22, township 1, range 3 west, levied on as the property of Samuel C. Hooker, to satisfy the balance of an execution against Brown Carroll and the said Hooker, in favor of James Guy: Also, at the same time and place, I will sell Lot no. 58, in Mount Pleasant, levied on as the property of Lewis Sawyer, to satisfy an execution in favor of H. S. Morgan & Co. Also, at the same time and place, I will sell all the right and interest of Marshall Pitman to a block of land in Mt. Pleasant to satisfy an execution in favor of Amos Pearson and James Broadus & Co. Alfred Simpson, Deputy, for L. McCrosky, Sheriff.

The State of Mississippi, Lafayette County – Pursuant to an order of the Probate Court of said county, at a regular term held at the Court House, in the town of Oxford, on Monday the 11th day of March, 1839 – Notice is hereby given to all persons interested in the negroes belonging to the estate of Bryant Bonner, dec'd., to appear at the Court House in the Town of Oxford on the 13th day of May next, to show cause why said negroes should not be sold. Witness the Honorable James J. Shegog, Judge of said Court, this March 11th, 1839. Wm. H. Smother, Clerk.

Public Dinner: On Thursday, according to previous arrangements, our citizens gave a Public Dinner to the Hon. James McDowell, of Virginia. The Committee have politely furnished us with the following:

Correspondence, Holly Springs, March 7, 1839. To James McDowell, Esq.: Dear Sir – The undersigned a committee on behalf of the citizens of Holly Springs, some of whom are your personal acquaintances, whilst others know you by reputation, without respect to political parties, embrace the present opportunity of testi____ their respect for your valuable public services in the cause of republican principles in your native state and respectfully invite you to join them in a public dinner at such time as will suit your convenience.

Yours with sentiments of high respect,

Roger Barton A. H. Powell Granville Lewis Wm. R. Harley
B. C. Harley B. H. Dill Frank S. Early Joseph Caruthers
Z. G. Gower E. Curtis W. L. Lanier Levi M'Crosky
R. P. Mosby S. O. Caruthers Saml. Wilson Wm. Craft
S. B. Finley A. T. Caruthers James L. Totton James M. Greer
A. B. Lane W. T. Caruthers O. D. Watson James Elder
A. C. McEwen J. W. Hill C. Kyle G. W. Pittman
G. Waite J. C. Randolph P. P. Burton John S. Waddle
B. S. Williamson Saml. McCorkle C. L. Thomas I. N. McCampbell
Thomas Trimble John T. Finley S. B. Isaacs A. G. Kyle
W. S. Randolph . . .

Holly Springs, March 8, 1839

Messrs. Barton & Powell, and others – Committee. Permit me, gentlemen, in reply to your letter of yesterday to say, that whilst nothing could have been more unexpected so too, nothing could be more gratifying than the distinguished reception in your city which you propose to extend to me. I cannot indeed but feel that the compliment of a Public dinner is in great and evident disproportion to any “services” in any “cause” which it has been my fortune to render, but then the personal kindness with which it has been offered without distinction of party, together with the hope of making it auxiliary to a wide acquaintance with your citizens – forbid me to decline it. I am, therefore, at your disposal for the purpose mentioned, at such time and place as may be agreeable to yourselves. With great respect, Your obedient servant, James M'Dowell.

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