April 20, 1839
Southern Banner
Submitted by Nancy Smith


We call the attention of our readers to the advertisement in to-days paper of Mr. Wm. Arthur's new and splendid stock of goods. There may be other fine stocks in town, for we have had no interest in examining, and they may not, for ought we know, be worth advertising. However, if we are mistaken in this, we should be much gratified that their owners would adopt the proper means of enabling us to correct the mistake.


Mr. Stephen Herndon, of Columbia, Tennessee, was wounded by the accidental discharge of a pistol on yesterday morning, at the store of Herndon & Johnson in this place. A negro boy while removing some clothes from a trunk in the room, took from it a loaded pistol which went off in his hand, two balls from which lodged in the face of Mr. Herndon, who was standing before the fire some fifteen feet off, one in the forehead and another in the left cheek, both glancing in a manner, as to be easily extracted inflicting no serious injury.

Thespians look out; read the communication of O.P.Q. and if you don't shortly perform some piece, as a learned Judge in Tennessee once elegantly expressed himself, we'll chaw you up like leaves in a hog-bed.


Having just received an additional supply of Fancy and Job Type, we are prepared to execute in the neatest manner and at the shortest notice, all kinds of JOB and Letter Press PRINTING.

Books; Ball Tickets; Pamphlets; Bills of Lading; Cards; Hand Bills; Circulars; Funeral Tickets; Way Bills, Labels &c.; and Blanks of every description.

Holly Springs, Mi., March 16, 1839.


ON Monday the 6th day of May next, I will sell for cash, one hundred and twenty acres of Land–a part of Section 6, Tonship 1, R. 3, West.—Kevied on as the property of Robert Johnson, to satisfy an execution in favor of Charles Graham; also at the same time and place—Lots No. 62 and 62, in the town of North Mt. Pleasant.—Levied on as the property of Thomas Bell, to satisfy an execution in favor of C. T. Benton.–Assigned &c. April 1st, 1839. ALFRED SIMPSON, Dep't, for LEVI M'CROSKY, Sheriff, April 6, 1839—12---tds—pr's fee $6


BY virtue of two executions to me directed from the Honorable Circuit Court of Marshall county, against Nelson, Chambers & Co. In favor of Martin Tally, and the other in favor of H. S. Morgan for costs of suit in their behalf expended, I will expose to public sale, at the court house in Holly Springs, on the 4th day of March next, within lawful hours, the South half of section 30, in township four of range one; west of Bass' meridian; also, the North-west corner of section 31, same township and range, or so much hereof as will satisfy said executions. L. M'CROSKY, Sheriff, by W. EPPS, dep. Sh'ff. Jan. 25, 1839–2–ts. [printer's fee]

MONEY RECOVERED.— By a letter from the Postmaster at Montgomery, Alabama, to the Post master of this city, it appears that $760 of the $800 stolen from the Express Mail, by the rider thereof, Ralph Austin, between Elyton and Montgomery, about the 5th inst. Have been recovered from Austin, who is in custody waiting his trial at the Tuscaloosa term of the Court, which commences on the 4th Monday of May proxime. The money stolen belonged to John T. Smith Esq. of this city. Republican Banner.

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