June 26, 1840
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Submitted by Sylvia Akin


Resolved, That the following gentlemen be constituted a committee of vigilance for the county of Marshall, to use all fair and honorable means in their power to elect Wm. Henry Harrison President and John Tyler Vice President of the United States.

J. H. Crisp J. Briscoe Thos. Hunt Thomas Lomax G. H. Wyatt T. B. Coleman
A. R. Govan John Williams Jas. Boyd T. G. Davis Saml. Harper Robert Raiford
W. L. Beard J. D. Wimberly John Caruth Thos. Raiford John C. Barrett Alf Simpson
D.E. Brittanham L. Deloach J. W. Dismukes A. J. Garrison Duncan Hill B. H. Wall
Clement Benton H. H. Means J. N. Phifer Hobson Ferrell H. O. Allen William Means
M. W. Moore Allen Hill Thos. J. Malone John Lossett Robt J. Moore G. B. Holland
T. R. Herron Wm. Legg W. McEwen Ed. L. Travis W. B. Spinks Simpson Payne
Thomas Lane J. J. Guy J. G. Walker G. W. Sherman L. M. James J. W. Sumner
Thornton Davis W. Robinson Jas. Brittain A. Armstead Wm. Jahkson Wm. Ragsdale
E. D. Walker Joseph Brunson Wm. Dye Joseph Moseby James M. Butler Will Arthur
David Boxley O. D. Watson W. M. Hoskins W. M. Harley John Smith Matthew Herron
Robert McKinny Geo. West Benj. H. Dill Alex B. Bradford Richard Baugh B. W. Walthall
C. C. White Saml. McCorkle Pine Ingram Wm. Polk Horatio Tison Jesse Lewellen
Thos. Stanback Wm. Cato Euclid Bourland Paul C. Reid Robert Boyd J. B. Hicks
Augustus Moore Wm. V. Taylor S. L. Carrol J. W. Davis Byrd Hill R. J. Holbrook
H. Harris Sanders Taylor J. R. Wilson P. W. Lucas C. G. Nelms Henry M. Lusher
Wm. Finley Walter Goodman A. J. Dargan Henry Anderson G. W. Graham James Elder
Wm. Craft Jno. M. Moss Wm. Ragan H. W. Walter Wm. Miller H. H. Whitaker
Lem Smith T. J. Oliver Jno. Pitman Hugh Craft Abel M. Sledge Jno. Quillin
A. B. Lane Wm. Rook W. H. Blake Wm. T. Cole E. J. Foster Wm. Echols
W.H. Woodward Dr. C. S. Bowen B. F. Allen J. Glover W. W. Ross F. S. Early
Jno. H. Henderson S. H. Thomas Wm. Lumpkin, Jr. Q. L. Morton S. Hallowell J. C. Holland
T. H. Goodloe M. Tally Jno. M. Rutherford P. H. Bradley Geo. W. Wrather D. Stephens
J. H. Farrell J. Herron Jno. N. Reid J. Lowe Jno. H. Powell J. Gurley
W.H. Rutherford T. Dalton J. Brunson A. Nolen M. McDowell T. Morris, Sen'r.
S. Carson J. Sherman Jno. A. Wilson J. Eddins S. Parker J. Jackson
N. R. Sledge F. C. Holland S. Gorman J. Waffords P. A. Gorman J. Flack
J. M. Strong J. Wyche M. Huling Jno. Hull A. B. Willie J. Lacy
Jno. Chislm J. H. Swan J. Wasser Wm. L. Goodman H. Davis Z. L. Gower
T. D. Chairs W. L. Lanier J. Rook I. Marr Wm. A. Boren J. Marr
J. Scott Jno. Caruthers Jno. W. Herndon Dr. J. Hunter W.A. Wooldridge S. Webster
T. T. Trimble J. Freeman . . . .

A mistake occurred in publishing the names of the Committee of Vigilance the name of S. Holland should have been S. Hallowell. A few more additional names have been inserted this week. We have not procured all of the names as yet.


The Committees appointed by the Tippacanoe Clubs of Holly Springs and Lagrange to select the ground, time, &c., for the contemplated Festival, met according to agreement on Saturday last; at the residence of Maj. Wyatt's. Present from Mississippi Messrs. B. Hill, H. H. Means, H. Harris, O. D. Watson, Wm. Finley, C. G. Nelms, Wm. B. Means, Geo. H. Wyatt, B. D. Mathews, J. S. Curtis, W. G. Irvine.

From Tennessee Messrs. E. J. Collins, J. N. Cocke, P. S. Cosset, Geo. M. Harris, S. B. Burge, A. W. Adams, Cap't Rob't Wilkins, was called to the Chair and H. Harris appointed secretary Maj. E. J. Collins explained the object of the meeting. Whereupon it was:

Resolved, That the Festival be held at Boyd's Mill, in Marshall county, Miss., about seven miles south of Lagrange on Gray's Creek, on Thursday the 6th August.

It was further resolved that the Whigs from West Tennessee and North Mississippi meet at the contemplated ground on Wednesday, the 15th July for the purpose of building Log Cabins &c, and that committee's of four, from each Club, at Lagrange and Holly Springs, be appointed to meet at that place on the same day to make arrangements for expenses &c.

Resolved further, That there be a committee of six members each from Tennessee and Mississippi for the purpose of extending invitations to the Whig Electors and other distinguished members of the great Whit Party in Mississippi and Tennessee and to any others that there discretion may approve and that the said committee be authorized to extend their invitations to the people generally throughout the whole country. Whereupon the following gentlemen were appointed.

From Mississippi

P. W. Lucas, W. V. Taylor, A. B. Bradford, Byrd Hill, Wm. Finley, Wm. R. Harley

From Tennessee

E. J. Collins, E. Morris, J. N. Cocke, R. J. Yancey, S. H. Snead, Thos. Boothe

On motion Geo. H. Wyatt was added to the committee.


JEFFERSON COLLEGE at Washington, Mississippi founded in 1802. Faculty - The Rev. A. Stephens, President, professor of moral and intellectual philosophy, and of ancient languages; Dr. Leonard D. Gale, professor of natural and experimental philosophy, chemistry and minerology.

Jacob Ammen; professor of mathematics and civil engineering, and superintendent of the military department.

_____ ______, professor of topography, drawing painting and lithography.

J. A. T. Midderhoff, professor of modern languages and assistant professor of ancient languages.

Wm. Whielden, assistant tutor in the preparatory department.

John W. Langstaff, steward.

OAKLAND COLLEGE at Oakland, Mississippi -- Rev. Jeremiah Chamberlain, President, and professor of moral and mental science and Belles-Lettres.

John Chamberlain, A. M. professor of mathematics, chemistry and natural philosophy.

Saml. V. Marshall, A. M. professor of Greek, Latin and Hebrew.

Wm. H. Eaton, A. B. principal of preparatory department, ___ Morris, A. B. assistant teacher in same department.

MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE at Clinton, E. N. Elliot, A.M. president and professor of mental and moral sciences, &c.

J. W. Maxwell, A. B. professor of languages and literature.

D. M. Elliot, professor of mathematics, and natural science.

Female Department

Henry Strong, Sr., principal teacher of ancient languages, &c.

George P. Strong, jun., principal teacher of mathematics, moral science and vocal music.

Mrs. Sarah K. P. Fales, associate principal teacher of natural science and polite literature.

Miss M. P. Fales, assistant teacher of natural science, and teacher of ornamental branches.

Miss M. H. Fales, teacher of French and instrumental music.

Mrs. H. Stroniacher in the primary department.

What a pity it was that Amos Kendall was not a Director of McEwen, King & Co. about the time it first began to depreciate, one of his firebrand settlements would have saved much litigation.

WHIG MEETING IN TIPPAH: - At a meeting of the Whigs, of the county of Tippah in the State of Mississippi, in the town of Ripley, on the 20th day of June 1840--John B. Walker Esq., was called to the Chair, and John W. Thompson Esq., appointed Secretary. -- Whereupon it was

Resolved, That we approve of the policy of having a Southern Whig Convention in the City of Nashville on the 15th day of August next.

Resolved, That the Chairman of this meeting appoint twenty-five of the Whig Citizens of this county to represent us in that Convention.

Resolved, That we view the present derangement of the currency, and the prostration of the credit and business of the State of Mississippi, as the result of the measures and policy of the last and present Administrations.

Resolved, That we will use all fair and honorable means to insure the election of William H. Harrison, as we believe his elevation to the Presidency would restore prosperity and happiness to the country while we would view the re-election of Mr. Van Buren as a sure harbinger of the complete destruction of our republican institutions.

The Chairman appointed the following citizens to represent us in the Southern Whig convention, under the 2nd resolution -- to wit:

O. Davis, Esq., Wyley J. Riddle, Dr. Sam'l Todd, Green R. Hubbard, Charles G. Word Esq., John McDonald, T. B. Gillam, Doct. Winfield, Wm. C. Gibson, Wm. Haywood, W. B. Kimble, Wm. H. Jackson, Dr. P. W. Saunders, H. A. Shorter, E. McKay, Dr. M. Wilson, D. W. McKinza, H. Hinds, L. S. Wells, M. Young, J. M. Watson, Robt. N. Christian, Wm. Edgerton, Dr. Wm. F. Thomas, Dr. Young.

NOTICE - To all persons interested in the lands, tenements, and hereditaments of the Estate of Aaron Root dec'd. Notice is hereby given to be and appear before the Probate Court of Pontotoc county to be held on the 3rd day of August next, then and there to shew cause if any they can, why the Real Estate of said deceased should not be sold--the said having been reported insolvent. By order of the Judge, J. A. McNIEL, Clerk. June 1st, 1840 - 14 - 7t - pr's fee $8.

NOTICE - All Persons are hereby forewarned from trading for the following notes, executed by the undersigned, to James M. Ross, on the 3rd day of July, 1838. To wit: One for $560.50, due 25th Dec., 1839, and one note for $560.50, due 25th Dec., 1840. The consideration for which the above notes were given having failed. I will not pay the same unless compelled by Law. JAMES WILLIS, June 26, 1840 - 14 - 2t - pd.

MARSHAL'S SALE - Boyers & Saffarans, vs. J. S. Curtis, and others. By Virtue of the above recited writ to me directed from the Honorable District Court of the United States for the Northern District of Mississippi. I will sell on Monday the 6th day of July, 1840, at the Court House of Marshall county, Six Negroes, or so many as will satisfy said execution and costs. Levied on the property of L. D. Henderson, one of the defendants. A. G. WEIR, Mar. North Dist. Missi., By JNO. P. CARUTHERS, Dy. Holly Springs, June 23, 1840 - 14 tds - $5.

NOTICE - Letters of Administration on the estate of the late Solomon B. Isaacs Esq., Dec'd - having been granted to the undersigned, on the 23d day of June, inst. --All persons having claims against said estate are hereby required to exhibit the same within the time limited by law, or the same will be barred. Persons indebted to said estate are requested to make payment without delay. HARDY H. WHITAKER, Adm'r. OF SOLOMON B. ISAACS, Dec'd. June 25th, 1840 - 14 - 6t - pr's fee $7.

TRUST SALE - By Virtue of Deed of Trust, executed to me by Tho's. Simons and which has been duly registered in the Registers Office of Marshall county, Mississippi. I shall offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash, on Friday, 24th July next, on the premises in Marshall county a section Land known as Section 11, Range 4, Township 4, West of the Basis Meridian, in the late Chickasaw Cession containing 640 acres more or less. The sale will be made in conformity to the provisions of the deed to me - and as the title is believed to be good, I shall only convey such title as is vested in me by said deed. M. M. SLEDGE, Trustee - June 26, 1840

TRUST SALE Notice is hereby given that on the 23d day of January in the year 1841. The undersigned will, by virtue of a Deed of Trust executed to him by Robert J. Holbrook, and Wright H. Rutherford for the benefit of John Hardin, proceed to sell, at the Court House in the town of Holly Springs, in Marshall County, Mississippi, at public auction, to the highest bidder for cash, the following negroes, slaves for life to wit: one negro girl named Giller, aged about 18 years; one negro boy named Joseph aged 10 years; one negro man named Sam, aged 21 years; one negro girl named Harriett, aged 17 years; one negro boy named Nat, aged 12 years; one negro boy Miles, aged 3 years, and one negro boy named George, 1 year; or so many of them as may be required to satisfy the provisions of said deed of trust, unless the debt therein specified be previously paid off by said Holbrook or Rutherford, including all costs. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock (noon) of said day. Said deed is Recorded in the office of the Clerk of the Probate Court of Marshall county, Mississippi, and is dated 7th March, 1840. John L. Chism, Trustee, Holly Springs, Miss.

NOTICE The subscriber having been appointed Administrator of the estate of Archibald P. Baldwin, late of Pontotoc, deceased, testate with the will annexed, has taken upon himself that trust by giving bonds as the law directs. All persons indebted by note or account are hereby called on to make payment and all having claims against said estate, are requested to exhibit and file the same within the time prescribed by law, otherwise they will be barred by the statute. Signed Rich'd. E. Orne, Pontotoc.

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