Friday morning, Dec. 16, 1870
The Reporter

Kinloch Falconer & John Calhoon, Editors

Notice – The Holly Springs Reporter and Holly Springs Conservative were consolidated August 8th, 1870, since which date they have been conducted as one paper, under the name of “The Holly Springs Reporter”.

Board of School Directors – The Board of School Directors of Marshall county met in Holly Springs on Monday last, December 12th. Present, all the members. Schools were located at the following points at the school houses near the residences of C. T. Cochran, Dr. W. O. McKinney, W. O. Cochran, David H. Lesure and J. H. McClatchey, one upon George M. Buchanan's place, one at Beverly Chapel for colored children, one at the colored church near Red Banks for colored children, one upon the church property at Red Banks for whites, one at Langston school house, near N. G. Gill's residence, (and $15 per month from January 1st, 1871, be allowed for rent of said house), one in the colored church near old Hudsonville, one at Concord colored church one mile north of Early Grove, one for whites at Gourd Neck church, one for colored children at the school house on the May's place, near Gourd Neck, (and $40 per year rent allowed), one at Watson, one for colored, in the neighborhood of Mrs. McRaven's, one for same on Mrs. M. H. Watkins' land, one for same one mile north of Byhalia, (Mr. J. O. Tyson being appointed a committee to contract for ground, building, and repairs need for the four last mentioned schools), one in the neighborhood of J. R. Mahon, north of old Hudsonville (and D. T. Rook appointed the committee), one near Mr. Stainback's, one mile east of Watson, one for whites in the school house at Benson's store. All the schools in the county will be classified as first, second and third, the grade to be determined by the Board. Teachers' wages shall be as follows: first grade, $125 per month; second, $75; third, $50. The Board adjourned to meet again this morning, December 16, at which time the locating of school houses for the rest of the county will be resumed.

For Sale or Rent – An elegant residence, having five rooms, a front porch, hall and back gallery, one good kitchen, two servant's rooms, - splendid cistern with house over it, one poultry house, a stable, crib, and wagon shed all under one roof. There are 12 acres of land attached, most of it good and free; 25 bearing fruit trees; 68 young trees put out this year, all the fencing is good and new, so are all the houses. The residence is about 900 yards from the public square of Holly Springs. For terms apply to: Messrs. Fort & Craft, Holly Springs, Miss.

Notice to Non-Residents – The State of Mississippi, Marshall County, Chancery Court, In Vacation, Dec. 3d, 1870. - To Robert Kizer and Elizabeth Dire, non-residents of this State, and who reside in Henderson county, Tennessee, and whose postoffice is Lexington; and, also Polly Gillalum, Vernal Kizer and Milberry Bennett, non-residents of this State, but whose address is unknown. You are hereby ordered to be and appear before the Chancery Court of Marshall county, Mississippi, at the next term thereof, to be held in the Court House in Holly Springs, Miss., on the first Monday in January next, 1871, and to be and appear there on the third Monday of the term, then and there to show cause if any you can why the real estate in Marshall county, Miss., belonging to the estate of Benjamin Kizer, deceased, should not be ordered to be sold for the payment of debts against said estate, as prayed for by the administrator of said estate, by petition now on file in Court. By order of Court, B. D. Nabers, Clerk; Jno. C. Atkinson, Att'y for Adm'r.

Administrator's Notice – Letters of administration on the estate of S. M. Saunders, late of Marshall county, Miss., deceased, were granted to the undersigned by the Chancery Court of said county, on the 7th day of Dec., 1870. Now, all persons having claims against said estate are hereby required to have the same probated and registered in the manner and within the time prescribed by law, or they will be forever barred. Geo. M. Buchanan, Adm'r as Sheriff, &c.; Jno C. Atkinson, Att'y.

Administrator's Sale of Valuable Lands. – By virtue of an interlocutory decree of the Chancery Court of Marshall county, Mississippi, rendered at the October term, 1870, the undersigned, administrator de bonis non, of C. T. Benton, deceased, will, on Monday, the 9th day of January, 1871, in front of the Court House door, to Holly Springs, Miss., sell to the highest bidder, the following lands lying in Marshall county, a few miles south of the Memphis and Charleston railroad, to-wit: The west-half of section 27, township 1, range 4; the south-west quarter of section 34, township 1, range 4; the north-east quarter of section 34, township 1, range 4, except 38 acres off the South part thereof; the north-west quarter of section 24, township 4, range 4, except 4 acres off the south-east corner; and the south-west quarter of section 34, township 1, range 4, except 65 acres off the east part thereof. Said lands being those heretofore known as the Benton lands. Terms: One-half cash, and the balance in 12 months secured by lien on the land and good personal security. Sale to take place 12 1-2 o'clock. Jas. H. Watson, Adm'r., de bonus non, of C. T. Benton, dec'd.

Notice – Having closed out, and quit business, all persons indebted to the firm of H. Winborn & Co., are notified to come forward by the 1st of January, 1871, and make payment, and save costs and trouble. H. Winborn & Co.

Valuable Residence for Sale – I offer for sale, on good terms, the valuable residence of the late Columbus Barrett. Situated three-quarters of mile north-east of the public square, Holly Springs. Nine acres of land adjoining. Enquire of Kinloch Falconer.

Auction House of L. Falkenburg, South side of Square; Lee Roberts, Auctioneer. Consignments solicited.

For Sale, Lease or Rent – Several valuable tracts of land in Marshall county. Apply to: R. S. Stith.

For Sale – 250 acres of land and improvements near Holly Springs, the homestead of the late Col. John D. Martin. Price - $5000 cash; or $25 per acre in 3 payments. Apply to: Dr. W. C. Cavenaugh, 268 Second St., Memphis, Tenn.

The voters of Adams county will vote, Dec. 30th, on the proposition to subscribe $600,000 to the capital stock of the Natchez and Jackson Railroad. The subscription will be carried, it is thought, by a large majority.

Smith, the carpet-bag adventurer, who usurped the office of Governor of Alabama two years ago, thought to play the same game a second time. But the “verdict” of the bayonet and fraud had been “reversed” by the people, and the game failed. Lindsay, a gentleman, is now Governor of Alabama.

Monument Committee – The Committee of the 15th Mississippi Regiment, appointed to contract for a monument for the dead of that Regiment, will meet in Grenada, Miss., on Wednesday, 11th January, 1871. J. R. Binford, Chm'n.

J. P. – Mr. E. J. Marett has been appointed Justice of the Peace for the 5th Cornersville District, Marshall county, rice Willis Duncan, failed to qualify. The appointment is a good one, and gives satisfaction. Mr. Marett is a highly respected citizen, and will make a no. 1 officer.

School Teachers Notice – A public examination of all persons who desire employment in the common schools of Marshall county will take place in Holly Springs, at the office of the Supt. of Education, on Friday and Saturday the 23d and 24th inst., commencing precisely at 10 o'clock each day. All who desire certificates and schools are expected to attend, as the board of directors will be present for the purpose of engaging teachers. Applications will find it to their advantage to be prompt. L. C. Abbott, Supt. of Education, Marshall county, Miss.

Married – At the residence of the bride's father, near Early Grove, Marshall Co., Miss., on Tuesday, Dec. 13th, 1870, at 10 a.m., by J. M. Rook, J. P., Mr. J. C. Dougan, of Fayette county, Tenn., and Miss Penelope T. Sides, of Marshall.

At the residence of the bride's father, in Marshall county, Miss., on Tuesday, Dec. 6th, 1870, by Rev. J. W. Neblett, Mr. T. L. Nichols to Miss Lonie Gray, daughter of Henry Stephens, both of Marshall. Attendants: W. F. Wilson and Miss Carrie Eastlack; H. L. Howze and Miss Artelia Futrel; Wm. Perry and Miss Annie Hawk; Jimmie Lee and Miss Emma Nichols; all of Marshall.

A Deceiver – Pass Him Around – We are requested to make public the following facts, and to ask the press of the country to pass the scoundrel around. In August, 1869, a man calling himself John B. Stone came to this county, and settled in the neighborhood eight and a half miles south east of Holly Springs. He stated that he was raised by Daniel Madison of Greenville, S. C. It has turned out that he stated falsely in this particular. He did reside in S. C., where he went by the name of Andy Crosby. He left Greenville in 1868, and went to Canton, Ga., where he married Miss Frankie Reaves in Nov. 1868. He then called himself John Stone. He came to this county from Georgia. In Nov. 1869, he married a most estimable young lady in the neighborhood where he settled. Rumors began to reach his ears a few weeks ago, and after swindling a few persons, he took the train at Holly Springs for Memphis, and has not since been heard from. It turns out that he has four or five wives living, and has made a habit of leaving a wife in each neighborhood that he runs away from. John B. Stone, alias John Stone, alias Andy Crosby, alias a dozen other names, is below medium size, about 35 years of age, stammers very badly, and has a mark on his left wrist, and one on his left shoulder. The marks seem to have been made in endeavoring to pick out India Ink brands. He has probably gone to Texas. We would warn everyone to be on the lookout for him. He is an unmitigated scoundrel, and should be in the penitentiary.

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