Old Lamar Cemetery
Benton County

Courtesy of The South Reporter, date unknown

Old Lamar Settled By Wealthy Planters
The South Reporter, November 25, 1965, By R. B. Henderson

Robert Allen, July 22, 1832, February 10, 1854

Amelia, wife of Reuben Treadwell, Born in North Carolina, 1764, Died at Lamar 1846

Col. Michael Rhienhardt, Born September 15, 1790, Died at Lamar October 24, 1852

Martha Harriett Smith, Daughter of Michael Rhinehardt, September 30, 1830 January 3, 1850

Julia A., Wife of W. B. Smith, Born in Burlington, Vermont, December 5, 1825, Died June 6, 1900

Eliza Allison, Wife of T. L. Treadwell, Born in Rutherford County, North Carolina, October 2, 1804, Died at Lamar April 20, 1848. Beloved wife of T. L. Treadwell

James H. Clement, Born September 6, 1853, Died 1908

Robert Crawford, Born in North Carolina in 1814

Ben Watkins Harris, Born in Pillsberry, Virginia, 1807, Died at Lamar 1831

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