Spring Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Near Bethlehem, MS

The following is a documentation of the information on stones located in the abandoned and overgrown Spring Creek Cemetery located in the Holly Springs National Forrest near to the community of Waterford, in Marshall County Mississippi. The information was taken by myself Joe Owens on 9-28-2003. The information came direct from the stones as best that I could read and all stones were very legible. Many of the stones were broken and all of the above ground crypts were deteriorated to the point of collapse. The easiest direct route to the cemetery is from Mississippi Hwy 7 between Oxford and Holly Springs. Turn east off of Hwy 7, and resume driving on old Hwy 7, turn east again onto R-ford Road and proceed eastward about 1.5 to 2 miles until intersection of R-ford Rd and Gilmer Road (Gilmer is presently a dirt road). Follow Gilmore Road as it winds through the forested hills and hollows for about 3 miles. Spring Creek Church Cemetery is on the left (east) side of the road a top a small hill. The cemetery is easily overlooked as it is shielded from view by undergrowth of the roadside. If you come upon the intersection of Gilmer Road and Callicutt Road (both are presently dirt roads) then you will know you have gone too far and have passed by and overlooked the cemetery and will need to turn around and go back. The cemetery was accompanied by a church in old times but the church has been gone for many decades. I documented this cemetery to preserve my ancestors' burial site and the history of my family and their neighbors and friends. The Rileys buried there (Joseph and Lou Ann) are my great grandparents. Every marked grave or visible unmarked grave was documented. Joe Owens

McKINNEY, Susan M., died April 17, 1876, wife of M.J. McKINNEY, and dau of J.T. & M. Hamilton   Linda Ball
McKINNEY, Mary L., died May 13, 1874, wife of E.J. McKINNEY, and dau of J.T. & M. Hamilton   Linda Ball
Number of Visible Unmarked Graves: 6   Joe Owens
Partain, Robert L., 1955-2000   Joe Owens
Riley, William O., 1899-1984   Joe Owens
Riley, Joseph Pitts, 4-9-1870 to 2-23-1954   Joe Owens
Riley, Lou Ann Martin, 9-17-1878 to 7-1-1942   Joe Owens
Riley, J.C., 5-30-1912 to 2-14-1982   Joe Owens
Riley, Jossie L., 4-26-1945 to 7-3-1982   Joe Owens
Barber, Caledonia, 1-21-1849 to 1-21-1934   Joe Owens
Barber, E.J.   Joe Owens
CSA tombstone 3rd Mississippi Calvary Company C No birth or death dates Joe Owens
Barber, John Martin, 8-19-1815 to 1-7-1904   Joe Owens
Alvis, Mary Ida, dau of M.J. & C.M. Alvis, 12-17-1872 to 11-26-1880   Joe Owens
Alvis, Mary J., wife of C.M. Alvis, 8-10-1852 to 11-1-1876   Joe Owens
Hamilton, C.A., wife of David, 3-20-1815 to 1-26-1883   Joe Owens
Alvis, Mary Hamilton, dau of J.P. & E.M. Alvis, 11-9-1876 to 3-16-1877   Joe Owens
Alvis, Infant of J.P. & E.M. Alvis, b/d on 7-8-1871   Joe Owens
Alvis, Infant of J.P. & E.M. Alvis, b/d on 2-22-1873   Joe Owens
Alvis, James P., 11-19-1846 to 9-1-1911 Masonic stone Joe Owens
Alvis, Elnior Hamilton, 1-27-1847 to 9-16-1931   Joe Owens
McKinney, Susan M., wife of M.J. McKinney and dau of J.T. & M. Hamilton, 9-13-1840 to 4-25-1871   Joe Owens
Jackson, L.M., born 9-18-1888, aged 67 Years   Joe Owens
Barber, Minnie L.R., dau of E.J. & A.C. Barber, 2-20-1868 to 9-10-1878, age 10 years 6 months and 20 days   Joe Owens
Rogers, J. W., 4-16-1886, aged 54 years 3 months 16 days   Joe Owens
Gill, Wm. Henry, 8-3-1858 to 2-12-1891   Joe Owens
Smith, Martha A., wife of C.J. Smith, 11-6-1832 to 11-2-1885   Joe Owens
Mckinney, Mary L., wife of E.J. Mckinney, dau of J.T. & M. Hamilton, 7-14-1846 to 5-13-1874   Joe Owens
Hamilton, Albert, 2-20-1843 to 10-9-1875   Joe Owens
Logan, W.S., 11-16-1823 to 11-21-1889   Joe Owens
Logan, William, 6-15-1785 to 7-6-1860   Joe Owens
Logan, Elizabeth Leech, wife of Wm. Logan, 12-23-1784 to 7-6-1863   Joe Owens
Logan, Infant dau of J.W. & E.J. Logan, b/d 9-15-1868   Joe Owens
Logan, John W., born in York dist. SC, 11-16-1825 to 9-27-1869   Joe Owens
Logan, Ellen J., wife of John W. Logan, 2-14-1834 to 2-29-1892   Joe Owens
Logan, W.C., 9-29-1859 to 7-2-1892   Joe Owens
Naylor, Rev. James, born in Romney, Hampshire Co. Virginia, 7-4-1821 to 1-30-1874   Joe Owens
Good, John J., born in York Co. SC, 2-28-1847 to 11-19-1896   Joe Owens
Geary, Rev. John M., born near Pitsburge PA, 2-27-1822 to 3-7-1896   Joe Owens
McGowan, Robert S., 9-20-184? To 7-14-1912   Joe Owens
McGowan, Nancy S., 7-11-1891 aged 73 years   Joe Owens
McGowan, Rebecca E., wife of R.S. McGowan, 2-24-1844 to 4-15-1880   Joe Owens
Jarrett, Ellen D., wife of James H. Jarrett, 8-27-1859 to 4-14-1918   Joe Owens
Hamilton, Willie Ida, 10-16-1857, aged 1 month   Joe Owens
Hamilton, R.C., dau of Wm. Logon, born in York Co. Sc, 2-21-1822, Married 2-27-1840, died 6-26-1876   Joe Owens
Hamilton, David, 1-24-1799 to 7-7-1858   Joe Owens
Gilmore, Sarah M., wife of James Gilmore, 7-10-1818 to 8-8-1869   Joe Owens
Gilmore, Matilda, wife of Daniel Gilmore, 6-16-1803 to 2-16-1870   Joe Owens
Gilmore, Infant son of W.J. & W.E. Gilmore, B/D 3-20-1870   Joe Owens
Gilmore, Wm. J., husband of W.E. Gilmore, 12-25-1826 to 12-9-1872   Joe Owens
Gilmore, Winnie E., wife of W.J. Gilmore, died 2-1-1891, aged 61 years   Joe Owens
Barber, Thomas B., son of J. & S.E. Barber, 11-20-1861 to 1-30-1873   Joe Owens
Gilmore, David K., son of B. & M.E. Gilmore, 11-21-1875 to 9-25-1875   Joe Owens
Gilmore, T.A., dau of J. & N.V. Gilmore, 2-3-1876 to 11-17-1876   Joe Owens
Gilmer, J.K., 3-28-1864 to 7-25-1954   Joe Owens
Simmons, Julia, wife of J.K. Gilmore, 3-18-1860 to 8-2-1931   Joe Owens
Gilmore, Dan F., 11-26-1889 to 9-24-1916   Joe Owens
Boggs, Sallie E., 7-14-1856 to 4-3-1880   Joe Owens
Miller, Mahulda J., wife of W.L. Gilmer, 3-28-1837 to 5-1-1873   Joe Owens

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