Members of the Greenfield Church at Waterford
Appendix T

Shadow of a Mighty Rock: A Social and Cultural History of Presbyterianism
in Marshall County, Mississippi

by Rev. R. Milton Winter
(Submitted by Rev. Winter)

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The records of Greenfield Church were burned in the 1994 fire, which destroyed the church building. From the histories of the congregation filed by the historians of the Greenfield Presbyterian Women as well as recollections by older members, a partial list of members and those clearly associated with the church has been reconstructed as follows:

Mrs. Dorothy Jones Adams
Mrs. Ethel Echols Adams
Mrs. Johnnie Mae G. Anderson
Mrs. Minnie B. Armstrong
Mrs. Phalova Jones Applewhite
Mrs. Mary L. Barksdale
Mrs. Cora L. Barnes
Mrs. Lavora Curry Blake
Roy Daniel Blake
Sharonda Danielle Blake
Ms. Terrlyn LaQuita Blake
Jimmie Burks II
Mrs. Levonia Curry Cobb
ArnellWalton Conard
Mrs. Eleanor Jones Cummings
Alvin Curry
Ms. Barbara Faye Curry
Ms. Belinda Mae Curry
Mrs. Bonnie Marie Curry
Booker T. Curry
Ms. Devarieste Curry
Douglas Edward Curry
Eddie Curry
Elcue N. Curry
Mrs. Ellen M. Curry
Mrs. Elmira Curry
Fulton Lee Curry Jr.
Fulton Lee Curry Sr.
Mrs. Gracie Lee Curry
Jacob Curry Jr.
Jacob Curry Sr.
James E. Curry
John Curry Sr.
John W. Curry Jr.
Mrs. Katherine Curry
Ms. LaTonya Curry
Leroy Curry
Leslie Aaron Curry
Ms. Loretta Curry
Mrs. Mae Florence Curry
Ms. Maggie Lorine Curry
Mrs. Magnolia Nabors Curry
Ms. Maranda Curry
Ms. Nancy J. Curry
Nathaniel Curry
Ora P. Curry
Mrs. Pearl Curry
Prentis Curry
Ms. Regina Curry
Mrs. Remia Malone Curry
Robert Curry
Robert Clinton Curry
Robert Fulton Curry
Ms. Sherlyn D. Curry
Simon Curry
TerryIn Lisa Curry
Ms. Thelma Curry
Timothy Curry
Van E. Curry
Ms. Vanessa A. Curry
Wall Doxey Curry
Willie Curry
Mrs. Magnolia M. Dean
Abe Dukes
Maggie Dukes
Mrs. Evelyn Jeffries Elliott
Mrs. Central Farrow
James Farrow
Melvin Ford
Mrs. Ruthie Mae Curry Gant
Mrs. Pearline G. Garner
David Earl Gladney
Mrs. Gladys Miller Gladney
Levi Gladney
Ms. Nettle B. Gladney
Mrs. Ora Lee Gladney
James Henry Glover
Mrs. Mamie Glover
Mary Curry Hamilton
Ms. Earnestine Hampton
Ms. Susie Hampton
Ms. Hannah Mae Curry Ingraham
Jerry Ingraham
Mrs. Leona Ingraham
Mrs. Zadie Mae Walton Jackson
Ms. Carina Yevette Jeffries
Russell LaShaun Jeffties
Ms. Samantha LaVette Jeffries
Bennie Ray Jones
Clifford Jones
Dan Jones
Douglas Jones Jr.
Douglas Jones Sr.
Felix James Jones
Franklin D. Jones
Mrs. Gheeler Jones
Green Jones
Ira B. Jones Jr.
Ira B. Jones Sr.
Jeff Jones
Mrs. Mary L. Jones
Michael Jones
Moses Jones
Mrs. Nannie Jones
Mrs. Phalova Jones
Mrs. Alma Littlejohn
Mrs. Nancy Littlejohn
Nathan Littlejohn
Willis J. Littlejohn
Earnest Malone
Elmo Malone
Mrs. Ina Malone
Magnolia Byers Malone
Moses Malone
Will Malone Sr.
Lemmie Moore Marian
Mrs. Francis Jones Meadows
Ezekiel Matthew Miller Jr.
Ezekiel Matthew Miller Sr.
Harvey Columbus Miller
Herbert Miller
Isaac Miller
James Earl Miller
Mrs. Johnnie Mae Miller
Mrs. Mary E. Gladney Miller
Mrs. Mary Lois Miller
Mrs. Mary Ruby R. Miller
Mrs. Patricia Miller
Mrs. Ruby Miller
Terry Miller
Mrs. Visie Miller
Morris Mitchell
Vicie P. Mitchell
Mrs. Deloris Farrow Moore
Mrs. Lillie Pearl Curry Moore
Mrs. Queen Moore
Mrs. Vanetta Moore
Magdalene Moore-Hughes
Jasper Mull
Mrs. Mary Mull
Ms. Irene Naylor
Mrs. Sallie M. Naylor
Mrs. Olga Mae Jones Noah
Isaac H. Peeler
Larry Peeler
Will Peeler
Lannie J. Pegues
Oliver Pegues
Randolph Phillips
Mrs. Fannie Haes Scott
Ms. Helen Scruggs
E. V. Thompson
Creed J. Walker Jr.
Creed J. Walker Sr.
Mrs. Dorothy Adams Walker
Mrs. Joyce Lorraine Walker
Artis Lee Walton
Ms. Elizabeth Walton
Howard Walton Jr.
Howard Walton Sr.
James Walton
Ms. Teresa Walton
Mrs. Virginia Walton
Mrs. Willie H. Walton
Mrs. Willie Margie Walton
Willis Gleen Walton
Mrs. Bettye Lorine Farrow Williams

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