Carey Chapel Baptist Church
Written and Submitted by Martha Fant

In the summer of 1917 several people in a small community approximately 2 miles south of Mt. Pleasant, MS started talking about having a revival meeting. Those interested were: Miles Boyd and John C. Teel (Methodists) and Will Anderson and Knox McDugle (Baptists). They built a "brush arbor" for the purpose. Both Methodist and Baptist ministers preached during the revival services. Brother Tom Fore from Laws Hill was the Baptist minister and Brother Millard Burns from Mt. Pleasant was the Methodist minister.

The congregation wanted to constitute a church and a vote was taken to decide the denomination. The Baptists out-voted the Methodist and so it became a Baptist church.

According to the minutes of the church, it was organized as a Missionary Baptist church September 17, 1917. Instrumental in organizing the church were Bro. Fore and Dr. Hooker. Dr. Hooker was appointed moderator and H. B. Watkins appointed clerk.

The doors of the church were opened and the following people were received as charter members: Those coming by letter were - Miss Evie Anderson, Miss Susie Anderson, Knox McDugle, Mrs. Linna McDugle, Elliott McDugle, Mrs. Ruth McDugle, Miss Alice Todd, S. B. Burchett, Mrs. Maggie Burchett, Clarence Anderson, Colon Joyner, Robert Anderson, Mrs. Alice Anderson, Mrs. Maggie Harris, Mrs. Maggie Anderson, Mrs. Janie Anderson, Mrs. Mattie Teel, Mrs. Susie Edwards, W. D. Anderson and Mrs. Nancy Doan. The following presented themselves for baptism - J. T. Burchett, Mrs. Bessie Burchett, M. D. Todd, Mrs. Lula Todd and George Kelly; making a grand total of 25 charter members.

Bro. Fore made the suggestion that the church authorize Bro. Hooker to name the church. He called it the Carey Chapel Baptist Church, being so named after William Carey, missionary to India.

Bro. Fore was called as the first pastor and M. H. Todd, the first church clerk. Bro. S. B. Burchett and Bro. Knox McDugle were chosen as deacons, along with W. D. Anderson, who was already ordained.

John R. and Mattie Teel gave land for the church and graveyard. The graveyard had been previously known as the Teel Family Cemetery with John C. Teel being the first buried there in 1863. The church and cemetery are located in the southwest corner of the northwest quarter of section 10 - township 2 and range 3 west.

The church met for the first time in their new building on February 23, 1918. They had previously met in various members' homes. An organ was purchased in July, 1919. The church continued its ministry on a part time preaching basis. A piano was purchased in June, 1929. One of the highlights of 1929 was on August 25th, the church baptized twenty-five people in the Coldwater River.

In 1956 the church discussed the need to repair the church building or build a new one. It was not until 1960 that the old building was torn down and a new one built and dedicated in February, 1961. In May, 1975 a new west wing was added. Less than two weeks later on May 26, 1975 during a violent thunderstorm, lightening struck the building and it burned completely to the ground. Soon afterwards, plans were made to re-build on the same spot. The new building was finished in February, 1976. The Associational Letter for 1981 showed that the church membership had reached 533.

This church continues as an active and strong body of believers.

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