Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
Mt. Pleasant, MS

Photo courtesy of The South Reporter, unknown date

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
By Martha Teel Fant

In Deed Book 60, page 41, of Marshall County, MS, the following land transaction was found:

In consideration of the sum of one dollar and for the further consideration of the love and affection we bear for the cause of Christianity and the interest we feel in the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, we hereby sell, give and convey unto W. J. Coopwood, John H. Hurdle, T. J. Lockhart and the successors, Trustees for the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church all the right, title and interest we have in the following parcel of real estate situated in the Town of Mt. Pleasant, Marshall County, Mississippi. To wit: Commencing at the South East Corner of a certain one acre block deeded to H. W. King, W. A. Scruggs, L. H. Johnson, F. H. Ivy, J. F. Blair and Sam Hinton by Henry Cloud and running fifty feet north, thence forty feet west, thence fifty feet south, thence forty feet to the beginning to have and hold for the sole use and benefit of said Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church so long as it shall maintain thereon a house of worship. Witness our signatures this the 22nd day of August 1895.

Sam Hinton
L. H. Johnson
F. H. Ivy
H. W. King
W. A. Scruggs

This old church is no longer in existence. There are no old church records that I know of. There is a modern day Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church but is in no way associated with this old church. So many of these early churches flourished for a while but due to families moving and older members dying, they soon fell into disuse.

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