Sam Houston Family
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They were descendants of Sam Houston
Houston Family flourished at Red Banks

From old settlers it's learned that this section was the "elite" of communities, the Cannons, Newells, Norfleets, Blairs and Houstons being the families. They all worshipped at the very old brick church called Philadelphia on the Cannon plantation. The very famous church has since been moved to Red Banks.

These people were great landowners holding many slaves. The Houston family has lived in this house for about 60 years. The original plaster and paint still remain. To this home came Dr. Dardy, refugee during the Yellow Fever Epidemic, bringing with him his family and retinue of servants. Dr. Dardy was a Springs physician. After reaching here, his wife and butler developed the fever. Mrs. Dardy died, but he recovered. Strange to say, her infant, who slept with her, did not develop the fever.

Now the log house, where my son's great-grandfather was born, still stands, six miles from Red Banks - the first Houston homestead. This belongs to Mrs. Anna Houston Armour. It's a very sturdy log house with solid walnut doors. The home in which Mrs. Armour lives still contains all of the old furniture and antiques of the Houston family.

There's really a wealth of romance in this community, but it will take time to uncover. One of the Houston ancestors, Laura Cannon, a beautiful young lady of 19 or 20, died suddenly of heart trouble just a few hours before her wedding. She was buried in her wedding gown and veil.

About 18 months ago her vault was broken open and her tiny shoes were found on the ground close by. Her body had been very hastily thrown back into the vault. It is said that she was buried with her wedding ring on her finger, and it could not be found.

Another of the Houston ancestors' bodies was unearthed, but the ghouls were a little more considerate and kind in replacing her body in its vault, not exposing it to the elements as they did some of the other bodies in this old cemetery.

The living descendants of the pioneer Houstons are Blair, Mrs. Anna Armour, Russell and John, who live in Texas.

Editors Note: This home was torn down years ago but the log cabin still remains.

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