Thomas Fletcher McElwee
1911 Arkansas Census of Confederate Veterans

Thomas Fletcher McElwee was born 22 September 1847 in Marshall County, Mississippi. He was the son of Samuel J. and Susan (McNabb) McElwee. The McElwee family was living in No. Mt. Pleasant when, in the summer of 1863, Thomas enlisted for the Confederacy at Holly Springs. Thomas was a Private serving until he was paroled at Gainesville, Alabama, in 1865. After the war Thomas migrated to Arkansas where he was a school teacher and a farmer. He died 28 January 1917 in Nimrod, Arkansas. In 1911 the State of Arkansas conducted a census of resident Confederate veterans. Following is a transcription of the census record for Thomas from microfilm at the Arkansas History Commission.

1. Full name and present P.O.: Thomas Fletcher McElwee, Nimrod, Perry Co., Ark.

2. If officer, give rank in Company, Regiment, or Brigade: Very tall private.

3. Company in which enlisted, original name, official designation after joining regiment: Co. A. Served about 14 months and transferred to Co. C. same regiment.

4. County, City, Town or Community from which company was enlisted: Marshall County, Mississippi.

5. Officer receiving company into service: Lt. Col. Outlaw 4th Ky Battalion.

6. Place and date of enlistment, length of active service, parole: Holly Springs, Miss. Summer of 1863, about 2 years service. Paroled at Gainesville, Ala.

7. Regiment to which company was assigned, when, where, infantry, artillery or cavalry: 18th Mississippi Cavalry, Forrests Corps Chalmers Div, Ruckers Brigade and Starks Brigade.

8. Name of company commissioned officers, 1861-1865: Wm. R. Mitchell Capt, M. E. Brittenum 1st Lt, Fred Chick 2nd Lt, Powell 3rd Lt.

9. Name of company non-commissioned officers, 1861-1865: (no response)

10. Names of companies in regiment, original names, names after joining regiment, captains of each: Co. A. Captain W. R. Mitchell and Capt. M. E. Brittenum. Co. B. Capt. Rains, Co. C. Capt C. T. Smith. No room for all.

11. Names of Regimental Officers, 1861-1865: Lt. Col. Alex Chalmers. Majors W. R. Mitchell and Maj. Floyd. I belonged to two different companies in the same regiment. I first enlisted in Co. A. in 1863 and transferred to Co. C. in the fall of 1864. Said Co. C. being detailed from the regiment for Division escort duty and served as Gen. J. R. Chalmers escort Co. until the surrender at Gainsville, Ala May 9, 1865.

12. Original strength of company, name of private soldiers which are remembered accurately: (no response)

13. List of battles in which company engaged, killed, wounded and captured in each. Strength of when paroled, incidents of camp life or battlefield, gallantry or heroism or other data of interest: West Point, Abbeville, Okalona, Collierville two battles, Moscow, Tishimingo Creek on Brice's Cross Roads, New Albany, Prairie Mound, Padula, Fort Pillow, Franklin, Selma Ala which wound us up. In addition we had over a hundred skirmishes some as hotly contested and attended with as many casualties according to numbers engaged as in any battle of the war.

Page attachment to census: There is not sufficient space on the blanks to give accurate data and I only gave the officers of my first Co. A. The officers of Co. C. were Cal (?) T. Smith Capt, James Dinkins 1st Lt, Tom Jones 2nd Lt and John Burton 3rd Lt. In Co. A., W. R. Mitchell was promoted to Maj. of the regiment when M. E. Brittenum became Capt. and Fred Chick 1st Lieut. Lt. Chick was also recruiting officer for a while under Gen. Leonidas Polk and mustered me into the service. The orderly Sergeant for Co. C., James Butt-killed in a skirmish at Plantersville, Ala-got my initials wrong on the roll at the time of my transfer and it appears on the records in the war department at Washington as T. J. McElwee also as J. T.McElwee when it should be T. F. McElwee. Lieutenant Lawshea was first Lieutenant of Co. C, but was killed near Franklin, Tenn when James Dinkins of Gen. Chalmers staff took his place.

It would take volumes to tell all I know and then you would be better informed if you knew what I do not know.

(Signed) Respt, T. F. McElwee

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