Calhoun County

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Inscription, Left side:
(column 1)

World War I

Abbott, Henry C.
Ashby, Sam D.
Barker, Ray L.
Beckham, James R.
Carter, Worther
Collins, Fred B.
Floyd, Chester F.
Griffin, Marion L.
Hardin, Willie
Hardy, Lamberth
Smallwood, Morris
Spraberry, George M.
Collums, Dempsey
Doolittle, Clyde E.
Sartain, Columbus F. 

Left side: 
(column 2)

World War II

Adkins, Ford
Akins, John L.
Barchelor, Wade
Bailey, S. T.
Bailey, Sidney C.
Bennett, Elam L.
Benning, Jessie R.
Boyles, Charles D.
Brown, Felix C.
Bramlitt, Adrain
Beckett, Robert
Bratton, Lathaire
Cantrell, Limenul T.
Carty, Randolph I.
Caviness, Julius T.
Cole, James E.
Claton, Melvin
Crawford, A. D. 

Left side: 
(column 3)

World War II

Crocker, Ray N.
Denton, Claude H.
Dover, James W.
Driver, Rolland
Easley, F. G.
Ellard, J. A. Jr
Fleming, Dover C. Jr
Griffin, Henry I.
Culledge, J. W.
Gumm, Charles C.
Hamilton, Robert I.
Hancock, Russell
Harris, Jewell
Hawkins, Joseph
Hellums, Clayton
Hubbard, A. G.
Hollis, Therrell L. 

4th column
(right of center)

Hood, Junior
Ingram, Arnold
James, Jack B.
Johnson, Theron D.
Johnson, James W.
Johnson, Fred H.
Kennum, Willie Ray
Kirby, Harold L.
McKelroy, Wayne B.
McPhail, Roane
McGregor, Buel
Miller, Harrold
Mabus, Dencie K.
Massey, Stanley
Morris, Robert A.
Morgan, Roy R.
Morris, Perry
Neal, Boyce T. 

5th column
(2nd from right of center)

Nichols, Adron E.
Nixon, Melvin
Overstreet, Sand E.
Patterson, Winford D.
Overby, Denzil
Payne, Joseph A.
Phillips, James P.
Pryor, Lee L. Jr
Ramage, Howard E.
Reeder, William H.
Rogers, James E.
Sherman, Earl B.
Stribling, J. W.
Shippey, Silas H.
Simmons, John T. Jr
Simpson, Benford B.
Skinner, Everette I.
Smallwood, Rex A. 

6th column; 
(far right side)

World War II
Spicy, Jim
Taylor, Fremon C.
Tutor, Harrison A.
Wade, Durelle
Williams, Mervin R.
Wilson, Cynclair B.
Wilson, Gerald L.
Winter, James E.
Young, Robert
Betterton, Clayton I.
Bevill, Willie A. 

(this is all centered)

To the memory
All Citizens
Calhoun County
who gave their lives
in the service

our country
World War I
World War II
Korean Conflict 

Vietnam Era
1917 -- 1975 

(below seal)
If we break faith we
shall have died in vain
erected 1986 

Bruce Veterans of Foreign Wars
Post 5571 

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Column One

Korean War

Baker, Leroy
Clanton, Wayne
Kennedy, Robert E. L.
Morgan, Clarence E.
Parker, Arthur C.
Parker, Patsy G.

Back of monument -
Column Two

Vietnam War

Barton Graham
[name has been removed]
Bolland, Melvin L.
Jones, Charles Ray
Morgan, Frank E.
Robinson, John W.
Simmons, William Lee
Walker, Hugh W.

Submitted by Kenneth and Jackie Rhodes

Calhoun City



Submitted by Kenneth and Jackie Rhodes

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