Lawrence County

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Cooper, Abner W.
Dampeer, Julius
Hedgepth, Henry
Perkins, Emmett D.
Purvis, James M.


Anthony, Norbeet
Ball, Edward J.
Ballard, Chesterfield
Brister, Willard E.
Bush, Woodrow W.
Carney, J. Z.
Carney, Luther
Carr, Ford W.
Davis, Christine
Hartzog, Shelton
Hartzog, James
King, Charles H.
Lambert, Edward C.
Letchworth, Wallace
Morgan, John F.
Neal, Ralph
Pickett, Joe D.
Powell, Iroy
Purvis, Ottis B.

WWII (cont.)

Rayborn, Ottis
Raynes, Samuel
Riley, Mark
Sanders, John T.
Sanders, Owen B.
Slater, Rhesa K.
Sutton, James B.
Terrell, Plummer
Townsend, Henry H.
Vinson, Arnold
Ward, Tarvey Venton
Wilson, Arnold E.
Wilson, Earnest R.


Beasley, Carrie Lee
Green, Cary


Beasley, Edgar H.
Garner, Ira L.
Gillaspy, Thomas David
Sistrunk, Creighton W.
Stewart, Ulyess C.
White, Carson

Photo submitted by Kenneth and Jackie Rhodes

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