Leflore County

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Leflore County's Tribute
To Her Sons And Daughters
Of The Southern Confederacy
Erected Under The Auspices
Of The Varina Jefferson Davis
Chapter United Daughters
Of The Confederacy
Oct 9,1919

To the Confederate woman
none has told the story of her.
Whose heart and life were a
sacrifice offered as valiantly
and unselfishly upon the altar of
her southland as were any wariors
life upon the battlefields. So to
her import we have placed this
monument, that all may know she
loved her country, and enfold her
memory in eternal glory,
cherishing it forever. 

This side of the monument shows a soldier saluting.  Under where he is standing is a steamer wheel.
Underneath the soldier the monument is inscribed as:

Replica of Pilot Wheel of
the steamer "Star of the West"

To the left of the steamer wheel:
Steamer Star
of the West
in 1861 the
first gun of
the war between
the states was
fired at this
vessel in 
Charleston Harbor

To the right of the steamer wheel:
The "Star of the
West" was captured
by a squad of
calvary at Sabine
Pass, and scuttled
in 1863 in
Tallahatchie River
at Fort Pemberton
three miles from

A testimonial of
our affecton and
everence for the
Confederate Soldier
the memory of whose
brave deeds and heroic
life and the principles
for which he sacrificed
so much we bequeath to
our children through
all future generations

Photos and text Submitted by Kenneth and Jackie Rhodes

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