Montgomery County

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Foot Stones at the base before reaching the Veterans Monument

The Lord Bless Us and Keep Us
The Lord Make His Face to Shine
Upon Us and Be Gracious Unto Us
The Lord Lift Up The Light Of
His Countenance Upon Us, And Give
Us Peace.  Both Now and Evermore
          -Numbers 6:24-26-


Help Us We Pray.
In the Midst of Things We Cannot Understand
The Young Dead Soldiers Do Not Speak.
Nevertheless They Are Heard
In The Still House
Who Has Not Heard Them?  They Say:
We Were Young, We Have Died, Remember Us.
Our Paths Are Not Ours.  They Are Yours.
They Will Mean What You Make Them.
Whether Our Lives And Our Deaths Were
For Peace And a New Hope or For Nothing.
We Cannot Say it is You Who Must Say This.
We Leave You Our Deaths.
Give Them Their Meaning.
We Were Young, We Have Died.  Remember Us.
                     - Archibald MacLeish (1892-1982)

Names are in two colums, with a little space between the different wars. .

This appears in the center of the Veterans Monument between the
lists of names:

Dedicated to Montgomery
County members of the
Armed forces who gave
their lives while
serving our country

during times of war
Apr 6, 1917 - Nov 11, 1918
Willis H. Barfield
Ruben F. Baskin
Cullen L. Campbell
Lee A. Dunn
John Edwards
Aaron Frazier
James M. Latham
Nick T. Pegues, Jr.
Arthur H. Taylor
Clarence F. Ware
Estle Wates
Willie Woods

Dec 7, 1941 - Dec 31, 1946
Charlie A. Bagwell, Jr.
Jessie W. Bennett
Ernest L. Bingham
Gibson C. Blaylock
Lee H. Box
Leo Breazeale
James L. Brooks
J. Talmadge Caffey
W. Alexes Collins
Raymond E. Corder
Anthony J. Cox, Jr.
Herbert S. Curtis, Jr.
Robert T. Dantzler
Lora L. Elmore
Horace Franklin
P. Lamar Frazier
Grover L. French
Gordon H. Fullilove, Jr.
William B. Garnor
Guy E. Gilliland
Everett G. Golding
Calvin C. Griffin
Eugene P. Harris
David Hearington
James Hollins
Mahlone Ingram
Prentiss C. Ingram
James W. Jacks
L. Earl Jefcoat
Earl R. Jenkins
James O. Jones
Drew L. King
William E. Kolb
Auzy L. Lamb

Arthur H. Lammers
Thomas O. Marshall
Arthur Matthews, Jr.
Daniel E. McCafferty
Isaiah McCarroll
Thomas L. McNutt
Robert W. Montgomery
James E. Mortimer
Henry F. Mullins
Talmadge Naron
Thomas W. Neel
Gus H. Norwood
Leon Oscar
James C. Peacock
Johnnie W. Phillips
Lawrence Pittman
Paul Pittman
Howard A. Pyron
William A. Pyron
J. B. Richardson
Leland O. Rosamond
Carl H. Spivey
William T. Sullivan
Jack Taylor
Dewitt Townsend
Walter L. Townsend, Jr.
Guy Vance
Carl Watts
Woodrow W. Williams
H. Roy Windham
Fred F. Wise
Benjamin F. Woods
Bernard Yolles

Jun3 25, 2950 - Jan 31, 1955
Mr. Goldman
Harris K. Herring
Curtis R. McFadden
Willie B. Purnell

Dec 22, 1961 - May 7, 1975
Hubert Croom
H. Lynn Crowder
Jimmie L. Forrest
Willie K. Fullilove
Guy W. Hester, Jr.
Chester T. Howard, Jr.
Robertis Pinkney
Carter L. Williams, Jr.

Submitted by Kenneth and Jackie Rhodes

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