Yazoo County

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Yazoo County Roll Call

Left Side:

Ellis S. Abney
Edward G. Allgood
William T. Bridgeforth
Calvin Brown
Claudy Cage
Robert E. Carpenter
John W. Claburn
Eugene C. Clardy
Clarence Clark
William G. Coleman
Carl L. Crowther
Michael J. Curran, Jr.
Clarence W. Davis
Ray Davis
Edward J. Derden
Lucius D. Edwards
Walter C. Eldredge
Luther L. Ellison
Robert John Fisher
Dan Haywood Fowler
Jesse E. Fowler
Raymond D. Fowler
Jim Howard Gilmore
Clark Green
Frank Hancock, Jr.
Charles A. Harrison
L. V. Herbert
Alfred Owen Hogue
John R. Holmes
Willie E. Hunt
Orie Lee Jennings
Oscar T. Jones, Jr.
Alfred W. Kirk, Jr.
William S. Ledbetter
Jeddie Lewis
Lonnie Lewis
Joseph J. Magee
Ray H. Matin
Earl Matthews
Gibson D. McCorkle
James R. McCoy
Warren E. McMurtray
Charles Preston Miller, Jr.
Cardell Miller
Clarence J. Moore

Abe L. Nolan

Dedicated to Yazoo
County Members of the
Armed Forces who gave
their lives while
serving during times
of war. These shall

never be forgotten


Right Side:

World War II (no dates given on this side)
David Edward Nolte
James V. O'Neal, Jr.
James G./ Overby
Albert T. Pettus
Lester C. Pierce
A. C. Pleasant
Tom Ramsey
William Randolph
Clifton Earl Richards
Milton L. Richardson
Carl B. Roberts
Henry Dancy Roberts
James C. Robertson
Ernest Edward Rogers
Aubrey Joseph Rogers
Felix H. Sadler
Henry Alton Smith, Jr.
Bobby Stinson
Nathaniel Thorntob
Mose Washington, Jr.
W. Lewis Waters
Elvi P. Westcott
Paul Whitaker
Russell T. Whitney
Harold F. Williamson
Ruben Wiygle
James Austin woods

June 27 1950 - Jan 31, 1955
George W. Cagle
Edward H. Davis
Charles D. Ertle
Arthur W. Glass
Guy Harrell
Robert Johnson, Jr.
Arnett C. Mabry
Richard Garner Osborne
Duke Williams, Jr.
John Baker McCall

August 5, 1964 - May 7, 1975
James D. Blanden
Peter Brown Cook, Jr.
Ernest Pepper Gulledge, Jr.
Harvey Harris, Jr.
Willie Rogers Hornurger
Howard Hamilton Nelson
Earl M. Stanford
Garrett Garland Sutton, Jr.
Sylvester Washington

Submitted by Kenneth and Jackie Rhodes

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