Bolivar County

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Asia, William Sillers 
Belle Isle, Dickinson Bell 
Belluchi's Place
Beulah, owned by Col. F. A. Montgonmery who ,In 1865, donated land from the planation for a county site for erection of a courthouse to replace the courthouse built 1857 in Prentiss, which was destroyed by Federal Troops in 1863.  (source Heart of the South, p. 693)
Bishop Place, Thomas J. Allen 
Burris House, Benoit (photo 1, photo 2 courtesy Library of Congress)
Carson Plantation, Mrs. A. Carson
Dahomey Plantation; 1833, F.G. Ellis; 1837 Joseph Hugh; 1856 I.F. Daniel.
Denton's Place
Donelson House; SW of Duncan, Duncan 
Doro Plantation, received as a fee in a famous Indian lawsuit in the 1840ís by Charles Clark, later Civil War governor, 1863-65.  One mile south of Beulah (source)
Dorset Grove, William Sackville Cook
Dowd Plantation (Historical) SE cprner of county near Shaw
Egypt, Jonathan C. Lobdell
Fall Back Plantation (Historical) Approx 6 mi SSE of Benoit
Glenwood, George L. Gayden
Hollywood (aka The Burrus House); MS 448, Benoit
Isole, Col. Green Clay
Issiah Thornton Montgomery House, West Main Street, Bayou (photo 1photo 2 courtesy Library of Congress)
Jacob's Plantation, Charles Jacob
Keeler's Place
Knowlton Plantation, Perthshire
Lake Bolivar Plantation, E.S. Stacey
Macanut, Col. M.D. Shelby; Capt. Issac Shelby (s/o M.D.);George Shelby (Name changed to Bellvue then Shelby Plantation)
Maine's Place
Manocknut Plantation (Historical) Shelby
Meyer's Plantation, Mrs. G.W. Meyers
(I. T.) Montgomery House; Main St, Mount Bayou
(Arthur) Pearman's Plantation, previous owner: Arthur Pearman; NE of Cleveland
Perthshire, 1845, Gilford Torrey
Reveille Plantation, Mrs. W.L. Nugent
Rosedale, Lafayette Jones
Scotland Plantation (historical) N side of Beulah
(Walter) Sillers, Sr., House; Levee St, Rosedale
(F.) Sligh Plantation, previous owner: F. Sligh
Stafford's Place
Sugarhill Plantation (historical) 3 Mi W of Beulah, Judge Joseph McGuire
Sunflower Plantation, Merigold (photo of abandonded house on plantation, courtesy Library of Congress
Sunnywild, Miles McGehee
Terrene, James M. Porter
Timber Lake Place/Plantation (historical) SW corner of county, John L Martin
Triumph Plantation, E.S. Stacey
Virginian Plantation, aft.1898, Alex Scott
Waxhaw, John C. Kirk
Wildwood Plantation (historical) Benjamin B. Wilson; Col. W.N. Brown; Maj. Robt C. Duncan
Woodlawn, Joseph Sillers
Zumbo/Zumbro Plantation
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