Carroll County

Briarwood Plantation (source)
Cotesworth; Old Grenada Rd, North Carrollton (photo courtesy Library of Congress)
(James Z.) George Law Office; Washington St, Carrollton
Malmaison, Carrollton vicinity, Carroll County, MS (photo 1photo 2 courtesy Library of Congress) (Source)
Merrill's Store; Carrollton
(Dr. C. M.) Vaiden House, Vaiden vicinity, one miles east of Vaiden, Carroll County, MS.    Designed by James Clark Harris. 
Roger Jones sold the Vaiden home to W. M. Lowrey, Sr. in the late 1940s.  Lowrey's son tore down the original structure in 1958 and replaced it with a one level structure in which some of his family still resides.  The new structure incorporates some of the brick from the double chimneys.  The front steps and one of the magnolias are still there. 
(photo courtesy Library of Congress - please note typographical error..  Correct name is Dr. Cowles Mead Vaiden, wife Elizabeth.)
Additional information submitted by Susie James.
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