Copiah County

Ailes House (aka Jones House; Chelsealy Farms; Rhymes Rd, Crystal Springs
Alford-Little House; off MS 27, Georgetown
Beasley's Tan Yard
Bell Farm
Cherry Grove; Old Hwy. 51, Crystal Springs
Cook House (aka Cook-Harris House); Extension St, Hazlehurst
(George Washington) Copley House (aka Copley Hill); Copley St, Crystal Springs
(Robert L.) Covington House; Extension St, Hazlehurst   Photo
(Isaac Newton) Ellis House (aka High House); Extension St, Hazlehurst
Hargrave House (aka Bufkin Place); Hazlehurst
(Charles Morris) Huber House (aka Huber-Messer House); Jackson St, Crystal Springs
Illinois Central Railroad Passenger Depot (aka Hazlehurst Depot); Ragsdale Ave, Hazlehurst
(Dr. William) Little House (aka Lightsey House); Collier St, Wesson
Marchetti Farm; Dale Dr, Hazlehurst
Mississippi Mills Packing and Shipping Rooms ; US 51, Wesson
(C.H.) Parsons House (aka Parson-Evans House); Georgetown St, Crystal Springs
(Dr. Robert W.) Rea House; Church St, Wesson
(James Samuel) Rea House; US 51, Wesson
Sexton House; Wesson,  Photo Source
(Qualls) Tolliver Plantation; previous owners: Qualls Tolliver & Susan Chatman Tolliver Reed; 15 miles from Hazelhurst
(Jenkins H.) Welch House (aka Mar-Mac; Oscar Adelbert McLemore House); Dentville Rd, Hazelhurst
Wesson Hotel (aka Richardson House); Railroad Ave and Spring St, Wesson
(Col. William James) Willing House; Jackson St, Crystal Springs
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