Jackson County

Bellevue (aka Longfellow House); Beach Blvd, Pascagoula
Bertuccini House and Barbershop; Washington Ave, Ocean Springs
(Capt. Willie) Bodden House (aka Larry K. Taylor House); Pine St, Pascagoula
(Anna C.) Brash House (aka Paul W. Hines, Jr. House); Buena Vista St, Pascagoula
Carter-Callaway House; State St, Ocean Springs
(Clare T.) Clark House (aka Brent E. Smith House); Beach Blvd, Pascagoula
(Capt. F. L.) Clinton House (aka Billy R. Anderson House); Tucker St, Pascagoula
Cochran-Cassanova House; Robinson St, Ocean Springs
Colle Company Housing; Frederic St, Pascagoula
(Capt. Herman H.) Colle Sr., House (aka Mrs. W.J. Colle House); Live Oak St, Pascagoula
Cottage by the Sea Tavern (aka Bobbie J. Fondren House); Beach Blvd, Pascagoula
Cudabac-Gantt House (aka Hiram M. Cudabac House; E. K. Gantt House); Main St, Moss Point
(A.F.) Dantzler House; Griffin St, Moss Point
DeGroote Folk House; Hurley
DeJean House; Frederic St, Pascagoula
Delcastle (aka Lee House); Government St, Ocean Springs
(R.A.) Farnsworth Summer House (aka J.W. Brumfield House); Beach Blvd, Pascagoula
(Mayor Ebb) Ford House (aka Wendell Lee House); Pascagoula St, Pascagoula
(George) Frentz House (aka James H. Franke House); Morgan St, Pascagoula
(Adam) Gautier House (aka M.L. Hatten, Jr. House); Cedar St, Pascagoula
(Eugene) Gautier House (aka Virgil C. Gill House); Willow St, Pascagoula
(Walter) Gautier House (aka Warren B. Seely House); Canty St, Pascagoula
Griffin House; Griffin St, Moss Point
Halstead Place; Beach Dr, Ocean Springs
Hansen-Dickey House; Shearwater Dr, Ocean Springs
(Lemuel D.) Herrick House (aka Elizabeth Ertz-Berger House); Pascagoula St, Pascagoula
House at 1112 Bowen Avenue; Bowen Ave, Ocean Springs
House at 1410 Bowen Avenue; Bowen Ave, Ocean Springs
(William) Hughes House (aka Harris and Michele Barrett House); Pascagoula St, Pascagoula
(Edgar W.) Hull House; Beach Blvd, Pascagoula
(Thomas Isaac) Keys House; DeSoto Ave, Ocean Springs
(Georgia P.) Kinne House (aka George J. Hollister House); Beach Blvd, Pascagoula
(Agnes V.) Krebs House (aka Donald E. Frederic House); Buena Vista St, Pascagoula
(James) Krebs House (aka Harold A. Thomas House); River Rd, Pascagoula
(Leonard) Levin House (aka Grady Baggett House); Washington Ave, Pascagoula
(Col. Alfred E.) Lewis House (aka Oldfields); Watersedge Dr, Gautier
Louisville and Nashville Railroad Depot; Railroad Ave, Pascagoula
Miss-La-Bama; Front Beach Dr, Ocean Springs
Nelson Tenement (aka Charles Franklin House); Pine St, Pascagoula
(John C.) Nelson House (aka Jennie Ruth Davis House); Pascagoula St, Pascagoula
O'Keefe-Clark Boarding House; Government St, Ocean Springs
Old Farmers and Merchants State Bank; Washington Ave, Ocean Springs
(Lena) Olsen House (aka Norma Smith House); Buena Vista St, Pascagoula
Randall's Tavern (aka Hollister House); Beach Blvd, Pascagoula
St. Mary's By the River (aka M'hoon Estate); River Rd, Moss Point
(Dr. Joseph A.) Tabor House (aka M. M. Flechas House); Live Oak St, Pascagoula
(George) Thompson House (aka Capt. S. H. Bugge House; Stephen T. Mathis House); Orange St, Pascagoula
Vancleave Cottage; Government St, Ocean Springs
(Laura) Westphal House; Krebs St, Pascagoula
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