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The following list was abstracted from a map which was made in 1941 by Edgar Tobin Aerial Surveys. A very special thank you goes to the late Everette Truly for sharing this priceless data with 

Ann Brown before his death and to our "Resident Jefferson Researcher" for her wonderful contribution of this list.

Thanks "Anebec" from all of us!

The Location given for these properties only means that they are in the area of the Section listed. This does not necessarily mean it covers the whole section, although it may cover more than the section. The section is given only to denote the general location. For additional reference you may consult the Jefferson County, MS Land Records 


Arundo Plantation  Sect 11 T8N-R1W
Ashland Plantation    Sect-13-14 T10N-R2W owned by David Hunt
Auburn Plantation   Sect 17 T8N-R1W
Beaupre Plantation  Sect 13 T8N-R1W
Belle Grove Plantation   Sect 34-35 T9N-R1E
Black Creek Plantation  Sect 39-40 T10N-R1W owned by David Hunt
Blantonia Plantation House; 3 mi. E of Red Lick on unmarked rd. off MS 552, Lorman   Sect 34-35 T10N-R3E
Blue Ridge Plantation  Sect 8 T8N-R1W
Bluffs Plantation    Sect 44 T9N-R1W
Buena Vista Plantation  almost entire township & range T10N-R2W owned by David Hunt
Calvitron Plantation  Sect 47 T10N-R1W owned by David Hunt
Cedar Grove Place (aka The Cedars); MS 553, Church Hill

Sect 71 T9N-R1W

Cherry Grove Plantation  Sect 56-69 T10N-R2E
China Grove (aka McDonald Place); W of Lorman off U.S. 61, Lorman  Sect 20 T10N-R1E
Clifton Plantation   Sect 30 T8N-R1E
Coleman Plantation  Sect 20 T8N-R2W
Contentment Plantation Sect 44-45 T10N-R3E
Cottage Green Plantation Sect 64 T8N-R1E
Cottage Home Plantation Sect 53 T9N-R1W
Cunningham Plantation Sect 52 T8N-R1E
Dixie Land Plantation  Sect 65 T8N-R1E
Everton Plantation  Sect 74 T9N-R1W
Farrardale Plantation Sect 16 T8N-R1E
Fatlands Plantation Sect 13 T9N-R2E owned by David Hunt
Forty Hills Plantations Sect 30 T9N-R2W
Gayoso Plantation  Sect 37 and 40 T9N-R1W
Gravel Ford Plantation Sect 46-25-24 T10N-R3E
Green Mountain Plantation  Sect 60 T9N-R2E
Greenwood Plantation Sect 10 T10N-R1W
Hard Bargain Plantation  Sect 2 T10N-R1E
Hard Times Plantation Sect 35 T8N-R1W
Hardscrabble Plantation  Sect 47 T10N-R1E & Sect 6 T9N-R1E
Hills Plantation  Sect 5 T8N-R1E
Holly Grove Plantation Sect 60 T10N-R2E
Hollywood Plantation  Sect 32 T10N-R1E
Homestead Plantation Sect 20 T10N-R1E
Hubbard Plantation  Sect 10 T10N-R1W
Hughes--Clark House; Poindexter St, Fayette
Huntley Plantation  Sect 10 T9N-R1E & Sect 3-26 T9N-R1W owned by David Hunt
Hurricane Vale  Sect 11 T10N-R2E
Idlewild Plantation Sect 19 T9N-R1W
Indigo Plantation Sect 30 T9N-R2E
Jessamine Ridge Plantation  Sect 66-67 T10N-R2E
Lagonia Plantation  Sect 71-72 T9N-R1W
Lakeholm Plantation Sect 16 T9N-R1W
Laurel Grove Plantation Sect 34 T9N-R2W
Laurel Hill Plantation; Rodney  Sect 7-8-9 T10N-R1W (photo 1 photo 2)
Laurietta; off MS 33, two miles south of Fayette.  Owned by Thomas L. and Sophie Darden They were parents of ten children.
Locust Grove  Sect 28 T9N-R2W
Loqust Hill Plantation, Sect 30-32 T9N-R1W, owned by William L. Harper
Mercer Plantation Sect 18 T9N-R2W
Mosshill Plantation Sect 58 T9N-R1W
Mound Plantation  Sect 66 T8N-R1W
Mount Hope Plantation Sect 6 T8N-R1W
Mt. Ararat Plantation Sect 10 T8N-R1W
Oak Grove; MS 553, Church Hill  Sect 41 T8N-R1E
Oakley Plantation Sect 15-16 T10N-R2E
Oakwood Plantation Sect 27 T8N-R1W owned by David Hunt
Pecan Grove; off MS 551, Church Hill 
Pines Plantation Sect 43-44 T9N-R1E
Plains, The Sect 12 and 14 T9N-R1W
Poplar Hill Plantation  (Samuel Scott Plantation) 

Sect 23-24 T9N-R1E   More Info 

Retreat Plantation  Sect 29 T10N-R2E
Richland Plantation; Off MS 553, Church Hill Sect 21 T9N-R1W 

More Info

Richmond Hill Plantation  Sect 30 T9N-R2E
Ridges Plantation Sect 17-18-19 T10N-R2E
Roachland Plantation Sect 25-26 T9N-R2E
Rodney Hill Plantation Part of Sect 36 T10N-R1W
Rokeby Plantation Sect 22 T8N-R2W
Rosswood (aka Hamer House); MS 552, Lorman Sect 42 T10N-R2E More Info
Rustic Lawn Plantation Sect 31 T9N-R2E
Secluseval Plantation Sect 19-20 T9N-R1E (photo) owned by William Lewis Harper
Shady Side Plantation Sect 13-14-15 T10N-R1W
Southside and Brick Quarters Plantation Sect 28-29-38 T10N-R1W owned by David Hunt
Springfield Plantation; Sect 33-34 T9N-R1W (photo)
The home, built for Thomas Marston Green, Jr., has been designated a National Historic Monument because of its architectural and historic significance . Located on Hwy. 553, the mansion is open for daily tours year round. Springfield, with its thousand acre grounds, is still a working plantation after 200 years, and is presently run by resident caretaker Arthur LaSalle. The plantation is owned by the heirs to the Williams family of St. Louis.  In 1791, future President Andrew Jackson and his beloved Rachel were married here. A visitor's View
Springhill Plantation Sect 41-42 T10N-R1E (photo)
Springvale Plantation Sect 22 T9N-R1W
Stonington Plantation Sect 23 T9N-R2E
Sunnyside Plantation Sect 21 T8N-R1W 
Temperance Hill Plantation Sect 55-57-80 T9N-R1W
Vernon Plantation Sect 24 T9N-R2E
Viewless Plantation Sect 23 T9N-R1W
Waterloo Plantation Sect 15-17-18 T10N-R1E
Waverly Plantation Sect 45 T10N-R1E  owned by David Hunt
Whitehall Plantation Sect 35 T8N-R1W
Williston Plantation Sect 13 T9N-R1W
Woodburn Plantation Sect 7 T8N-R1W
Woodland Plantation; MS 553, Church Hill Sect 24 T8N-R1W
Woodlawn Plantation, Sect 49-50 T10N-R1W, owned by David Hunt
Wyolah Plantation; Off MS 553, Church Hill  Sect 10, T8N-R1W 
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