Sunflower County

Cottondale Plantation; S of Ruleville 
Craig Plantation (historic), previous owner: JF Craig;  5 Mi S of Indianola
(J.S.) Dailey Plantation;  near Inverness;  Managed by Mr.Powell around  1932.  There were 2000 acres in cultivation.
Submitted by Patricia Adams Stout
Eastland Plantation; Doddsville 
Elmwood Plantation, previous owner: WG Phelps; near Heathman
Fitzhugh Plantation, previous owner: Mr. Fitzhugh; S of Parchman
Goldfield Plantation (historic), previous owner: JW Cuterer; 3 Mi. N of Drew
Gumwood Plantation (historic), 6 Mi. SW of Iverness
Heard's Landing (aka Vick's Landing); previous owner: Mr. Heard; S of Indianola
Heathman Plantation (aka Dogwood Plantation or Dogwood Ridge Plantation); was approx. 8,000 acres in 1871; S of Indianola 
Holly Ridge Plantation
Kinlock Plantation
Lakeside Plantation (historic), 4 Mi N of Indianola
(E.F.) Lombardy Plantation, previous owner: E.F. Lombardy; location Lombardy
(E.A.) Looney Plantation, previous owner: E.A. Looney; located Ballston/Bailston
Marguerite Plantation, previous owners: Mr. Trotten & WB Bradbury; E of Parchman
Markham Plantation, was named for Charles H Markham; E of Parchman
Ruleville Depot; E side of RR tracks, jct. of E. Floyce St. and N. Front St., Ruleville
Saints Rest Plantation (historic), 5 Mi. W of Indianola
Sid Dodd Plantation (historic), N edge of county
Stansel Plantation, previous owner: EC Stansel; N of Ruleville
Sunflower Plantation, developed by Lord & Crate in 1888, approx 10,000 acres, which was later purchased by the government who divided and sold it. Five Mi. W of Drew.
Sycamore Plantation (historic), Southern edge of county.
Trotten Plantation (historic), NE portion of county
Waco Plantation (historic), 6 Mi. SW of Inverness
R.T. Wade Plantation, located Wade (4 miles NE of Drew near Quiver River) (source:  Hometown Mississippi by James Brieger, 1997, 1980, page 656)
Whitney Plantation
Woodburn Plantation - at one time was the largest plantation in the county.  Four Mi. SW of Indianola.
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