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At The College
(The high school was referred to as the college in the 1880's and 1890's.)

The entertainment given at the College last Friday night by Mrs. Mollie Allen's Music Class was one of the best this town has witnessed in a long time. The programme consisted of music declamations and

The music was pronounced by competent judges to be very fine, especially the pieces played by Misses Willie Smith and Carrie Hill in a contest for a prize. Misses Winnie Smith, Sudie Walker, Robert
Walton and others also furnished the audience some excellent music . . . I should fall far short of reporting the entertainment did I fail to mention the very laughable dialogue and tableau acted by Misses Annie Lee Smith and Sudie Walker, and the original, witty and well adapted poem by Master Robert Walton . . . and the thing in which Booneville so much overdid herself, the thing long to be remembered was "Pumpkin Ridge." The characters in this acted their various parts so well that a stranger would have asked what famous actors were engaged.

Mr. Muse's acting was universally applauded and complimented. Misses Willie Smith, Lula Robinson and Josie McGee did splendidly, while Messrs. Will Martin, J.J. Taylor and W.T. McGee did well. This last
play would attract an audience anywhere and I hope that the manager, Mrs. Mollie Allen, will not let the characters lose themselves in the world until another entertainment is given.

All left the College breathing benedictions on Mrs. Mollie Allen and her well trained class, wishing that many more sessions may come to a close under her magnificent direction.

The Banner-Independent, Booneville, Mississippi

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