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We are very fortunate that The Banner-Independent, Booneville, Mississippi has given us permission to post articles of historical nature to our webpage.
Jo Carolyn Beebe is transcribing a lot of them for me from papers that she has with her. A very big boon for us is their Centennial Issue. 
In the 1880's we know there was another newspaper in Booneville - The Booneville Pleader Newspaper. Vicki Roach has very graciously transcribed and sent to me clippings from 1881, 1882, 1884 and 1886. 
Check out these articles and clippings. You never know what ancestor you will find! 
If any of you happen to have any old articles of historical nature from Prentiss County - or Old Tishomingo County - that were published before 1923, I would love to post them on this site. If they were published after 1923, I will need the name and address of the editor, publisher, in order that we can obtain permission to post the copyrighted material here. (Of course, if you can obtain the permission, that is even better!)

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