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List of School Children 1856-1859

Page 60

Thomas Boshears, teacher
G.W. Moody
Wm. Moody
Miss C. Moody
Emily Moody
James Moody
W.D. McMasters
James McMasters
Miss T.? Whitehurst
Franklin Whitehurst
Robert Whitehurst
James Whitehurst
Josiah Cobb
Matilda Cobb
G.A. Cobb
J.M. Patrick
Miss M. Patrick?
Reuben Puckett?
Miss A. Puckett
Lafayette Smith
joseph Marlan?
S.E. Smith
Julia Johnson
Sina? Johnson
Marcus Johnson

M.M. Booker, teacher
C.P. Rauland?
S.E. Rauland?
Robt. Brown
Wm. Welch
James Welch
Caroline Welch

Page 61

J.T. Billingsley, teacher
William Smith
Nancy Smith
S. Jobe
Frank Anderson
Sarah Jobe
Frances Jobe
Franklin Jobe
C. Billingsley
J.? Billingsley
Frances Billingsley
C. Billingsley
Martha Jobe
Mary Jobe
John Jobe
Thomas Jobe
Henry Woodward
Martha Woodward
Marcus Morrison
P. Morrison
Robert Morrison
P. Vanderford
N. Vanderford
Julia Vanderford
Ransom Phillips
Mary Phillips
John Phillips
Sarah Phillips
?. Phillips (initial is either J or Q)

G.W. Howell, teacher
H.C. Bearden
W.O. Carter
Susan Pitts
M.C. Pitts

Page 62

Thomas S. Smith, teacher
R.C. Hattuck?
T.J. Taylor
James Taylor
Lee Fortner
Jno. Walden
M. Pearce
J.E. Williams
Hellen Williams
Paralee Williams
Lucy? A. McGee
Jack Yates (said Joseph-marked out and changed to Jack)
Jack Yates (written again underneath?)
John Huff
A. Siddle
Wilee Robinson
Robert Rogers
D. Allen
J.? Allen
J. Rowan?
Wm. Wills

E.S. Benton, teacher
J.T. Price
O. Price
D.F. Fulgum
M.J. Fulgum
C.Z.? Fulgum
S.T. Crockett
E.J. Elder
S.F. Elder
L.?M. Elder
M.T. Elder
S.J. Sweeney
G.? Harris?

Page 63

V.A.T. Smit, teacher
J.A.J. Smith
Z.T. Carter
R.R. Martin
J.L.J. Martin
W.L.orS.? Martin
Amanda L. Lee
Wm. W. Lee
J.M. Lee
Seth S. Martin
Frances J. Martin
Mary A. Honell
Sarah E. Honell
Amanda C. Honell
Nancy J. Honell
(these could be Howell and not Honell??)
Henry M. Smith?
B.F. Smith
Nicy Holly
John Hill
Edmund Barnett
Jeff S. Smith

Mrs. Lydia Buford, teacher
Martha Hamlen
Ann Hamlen
James Lidden
Mary Hamlin
William Hamlin
Frank Hamlin
Ri or Ki? Hamlin
John Edge
Ann Edge
Fred Hamlin
Mary G.? Hamlin
Martha Tarrent
John Webster

Page 64

Miss Mollie Leutchell?, teacher
Amanda Bearden
Mattie Carter
Amanda Deavenport
Fannie Dilworth
Thomas Farris
Bettie Hester
Julie Hall
James Hall
Susanna Kenyen
Amanda Patrick
Fannie Patrick
Marcus Taylor
Henrietta Walker
Richard Walker
Laudie? Walker
Cornelia Walker
Jas. Wray?

J.B. Vanderford, teacher
G.W. Frost
J.M. Frost
B.T. Frost
N. Vanderford
J.? Williams
P. Williams

Page 65

M.F. Moses, teacher
C.E. Stanley
F.H. Stanley
John Stanley
Reuben Stanley
A. Cheeves
James Cheeves
George Cheeves
Sarah Rowland
Margaret Oneal
James Oneal
W.R. Oneal
Nancy Reeve
Mary Carpenter
Louisa Carpenter
Robert Carpenter
C. Allen
Serena Allen
James Allen
Ann Allen
Margaret Allen
J.T. Brown
Mary Brown
Martha Brown
M.C. Brown
Geo. Brown
Jesse Cheeves
William Cheeves
Benj? Reese
John Reese
Margaret McEluane?
Chas. McEluane?
Monroe Cheeves
J. Nowlin
E. Nowlin
J. Nowlin
Anna? Garner
O. Garner
Mary Ramsey
James Ramse

Page 66

William T.? Gaston, teacher
Aaron Alen
Fel??? Allen
Harper Allen
William Allen
Hastings Baker
Nancy Baker
William Baules? (very dim writing)
Henry Baules (?-dim)
Coper Conner?
Nannie Davis
Charlie Gastin
LeRoy Gasten
James Gehart
? Jennings
Polk Malone
D. McCorley
L.? Neely
Wm. Neely
Chas. Nelson
Thos. Parker
Chas. Parker
B. Persons
Susan Persons
A. Persons
Susan Porter?
Penny?Perry? Polk
Wm. Polk
Henry Reed?
Lindsey Stout
L. Thompson
Clinton Whitfield
Frank Whitfield
Wm. Whitfield
Nancy Winters
M??ar Winters
John Young
Moller? Young
Columbus Doan-could be Dean?
John Butler
D. Miller
(handwriting is very hard to decipher and also faded-did the best I

Page 67

H.G. Savage, teacher
A.M. Savage
S.D. Savage
M.F. Savage
Wm. Dilworth
A.M. Dilworth
T.?H. Dilworth
J.A. Dilworth
S.?A. Dilworth
John Dilworth
S.E. Dilworth
M.A. Dilworth
A. Dilworth
M.?orW.F. Dilworth
P.N. Dilworth
F. Dilworth
F.C. Carlock
M.J.? Carlock
M.A. Carlock
Wm. Carlock
F.M. Carlock
N. Suiter
G.W. Suiter
E.F. Suiter
N.R. Suiter
N.J. Suiter
M. Suiter
R.F. Shields
E.R. Shields
William White
N.J. White
Thos. Carlock
M.D. Savage
M.A. Savage
G.M. Savage
E.J. Savage
J.E. Word/Ward
(Please send questions about any of my posts to me personally. Thanks.)

Page 68

Miss Susan OBrien, teacher
Fannie Petty
Henry Petty
Sarah Key
Gustam?? Key
May Perkins
Andrew French
Jefferson Key
George Key

P.R. Hoyle, teacher
Willis Young
A.C. Hamilton
Jesse Johnsey
Leander Johnsey
John D. Kenyon
E.J. Beauland
M.G.? Webber
S.F. elliott
P.L.? Doty
John MLaren? or John M. Laren?

Page 69

J.B. Hale, teacher
Lewis Savage
Geo. Savage
Bennett Savage
John Savage
L.O. Savage
Rebecca Terry?
Frances Howel
Sarah Howel
N.A. Howel
W.?C. Howel
M.H. Howel
Js.? T. Neal
Wm. Neal
Jeff Howel
Cooper Howel
James Howel
Peter Howel
John Howel
Lydia Edwards
T.?L. Carlock
S.L. Howel
Mary E. Howel
M.A. Carter
J.?C. Carter
Thos. Carter
J.R.P. Carter (could be J.P.&R.P. Carter?)
Mary J. Carter
Mary Lumpkins
J.M. Carlock
H. Dilworth
M. Dilworth
Wm. Dilworth
Martha Voils
Mary Voils
James ?
B.F. williams
J.C. Hammonds
M.C. Moses? (very dim)
C. Murley
James Murley
Cynthia Murley
J.E. Doggett
L.L.? Tapscott?
Thos. Carlock
?.M. Butler
James Gurley
(I was told by some of my Hurley descendents that Hurley, Murley and
Gurley were all from one family and changed the name due to a dispute.
Has anyone else ever heard this about these names?)

Page  70

Mrs. M. O'Brien, Teacher
Mary E. Boone
Bettie Morten/Marten? (think it is Morten)
Ann Reese/Ruse
Mary Reese/Ruse
A.E. Miller
M.A. Whitlow/Whitlaw?
V. Matt/Mott
Emily Gibson
Mary W. Boone
Alice Boothe
Elizabeth Laney
Margaret Laney
Jennie M. Elroy/could be McElroy?)
Caroline Cook
Fenetta? Reese/Ruse
Julia Reese/Ruse
Susan Hall
(When I list two possibilities for surnames, the first one is my most
likely choice.)

Page 71

U.?M. Hubbard, teacher
B.B. Williams
Chas. Williams
Walter Williams
Alonza Dalton
C. Dalton
F. Dalton
R. Street
Donald Street
A.D. Robinson
W.A. Re?der
Word Nance?
Henry Lowrey
G.F. Whitlow
Wm. Whitlaw
Rufus Curlee
Jas. Lyon?
Peerce Lyon
William Bass?
John Austin
Wm. Hughes
Winston Williams
Jesse Jones
M.M. Moore
J.A. Dilworth
Reuben Boone
William Reese
Adolphus Reese
J.T. Young
William Young
Frances Boone
John Walker
John S. Ellis

Page 72

A.B. Tapscott, teacher
James Earnest
William Earnest
V. Kerr
William Kerr
Thomas Norman
J. Norman
William Norman
John Norman
william Gibson
John Gibson
P. Gibson
H. Davis
M.J. Davis

Miss Nancy Morrow, teacher
Amanda E. McDougal
Margaret E. McDougal
John C. Morrow
Wiley A. Morrow
L.C. or T.C.? Morrow
T.L.? Morrow
Isham Richardson, teacher
John W. Green
Sarah Green
Nancy Green
Frances Ruller? (unsure about last name could begin with K??)
Lewis Pate
John Pate
Elijah E. Blythe
Martha Blythe
Mary F. Blythe
Elizabeth Blythe
A.G. or A.J.? Hughes

page 73

Miss Henrietta Beller?aw, teacher (could be Better?aw)
L.P. Lowrey
Rachel M. McDonell
R.E. Murdock
Mary F. Sheperd
M.E. McDanel/McDonel
Sophia Lewellen
Martha E. Huff
Orlene Lowry
M.M.J. Huff
R.F. Payne
Eliza E.Watts?
John Ridel
Adaline Tidel
Martha Shepherd
Susan Huff
E.J. Payne
U.A. Lowrey
John Shepard
Martha Lewellen
F.E. Huff
J. Shepard
M.J. Lewellen
Eliza Lewellen
Geo. Strange
John S. Watts?
Rose Murdock
Adaline Watts?
Josiah Watts?
Alexander Watts?
John Murdock
Mary J. Thompson
Francus? Thompson
(Names are repeated?)

Z.W. Newman, teacher
L.B. Adams

Page 74

John Lane, teacher
Geo. McCulloh
Sophia McCulloh
Laura McCulloh
John McCulloh
W.R. Skillman
Martin V. Atchen?
Mary Jumper
W.A. Jumper
M.J. Krummer?/Krammer?
C.S. McElroy
Martha J. Yates
E. Jumper

A.W. Connely, teacher
S. Montgomery
Thos. Montgomery
R. Montgomery
J.T. Whitehurst
L. Boothe
Robt. Smith
Peter Smith
William Smith
Eliza Phillips
Sarah Phillips
Gray Phillips
William Phillips

R.B. Peel, teacher
N. Moreland
Jackson Moreland
Jefferson Moreland
Geo. Moreland
Jester/Lester Peel
W. Peel (written over hard to read)
W. Peel

Page 75

J.D. Lovering?, teacher
William Payne
Henry Payne
John Payne
Newton Payne
Columbus Doan
William Klyce
Adam Holt
Robt. Barrington?
John S. Graham?
Nemrod? Holt
John F. Williams
John F. Duncan
Thomas Duncan
Edom? Estes
C. Doan
Julia Doan
Elizabeth Duncan
Susan Duncan
Martha Duncan
Mary Dickey
Julie Dickey
Cynthia B??ten?
Winship? Conner

Miss Angeline G. Stephenson, teacher
William Pate
Elias Wallace
William Landuth?
John Wilson
John Kimsey/Kinsey?

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