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This is two sides of the same marker. Thomas & Sarah Burress, "These are two of the charter members of Mt. Olive Baptist Church organized June 1851." Thomas Burress born Sept. 18, 1808-died Nov. 28, 1895, Sarah Anthony Berry Burress born Nov. 29, 1809-died Nov. 11, 1869, Born Anderson, South Carolina

Robert Fay Burress
born Sept. 27, 1939, died Nov. 23, 1990

Arrie Burress
born Sept. 27, 1910
died Nov. 5, 1992

Infant son of Frank and Emma Burress, born and died February 27, 1894, (Frank Burress married Emma Bigumn in 1888)

Lajauna D. Burress, born Sept. 24, 1965, died March 18, 1992

Willie Mae Burress, born May 1, 1906, died March 19, 1953
Jessie J. Burress, born July 1, 1904, died December 30, 1969

This marker is so old that you can't get a better picture. Luther Brice Burress, son of L.R. and Annie Burress, grandson of Thomas Burress, born April 29, 1876, died August 10, 1876


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