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Oak Ridge School - Teacher's Contract
Submitted by Belinda Houston

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Oak Ridge, part of Burton Consolidated taught until house is built.

Teachers Contract

I hereby employ Frankie Lee as [Principal crossed out] asst. in the Burton Prentiss County for the Scholastic Year 1922-1923.
at a salary of ($60) Sixty and No/100 per month. The salary if fixed as above on condition that the average attendence of the past two years be maintained; but if the average attendence during any month shall be less than 45 pupils, the salary for the month shall be $57, and if less than 42 pupils the salary shall be $55. If, after the opening of school, it be found necessary to employ an Assistant, the foregoing amounts are subject to such reduction as will make the salaries of the Principal and Assistant conform to the requirements of the school law; but it is mutually agreed that such an Assistant shall not be employed unless the average attendence reaches forty, and that the contract of the Assistant is to terminate at the end of any month the average attendence of which falls below forty.

Given under my hand this 11th day of October, 1922

J. W. Taylor
Superintendent Public Education
Prentiss County

I hereby agree to the foregoing contract

Frankie Lee, Teacher

This contract must be made and signed by both parties before the school is opened, as the law specially prohibits payments for services rendered before the contract is made and signed.

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