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History of Leesburg
Contributed by John N. Munn September 30, 2008


History of Leesburg

Leesburg is situated ten miles northeast of Pelahatchie, on the Canton and Morton public road; was formed in 1878 and given the name of Leesburg after an early settler, Mr. Leesburg.

Leesburgh, Post Office & Location

Leesburgh  Post Office was Established 10 April 1879. First Postmaster T.B. Lamb Located in NW Section 23 Township 7 N Range 5 E Rankin County.10  September 1879 Soloman L Alman Located unknown. 18 January 1881 George S. Pickel Located Unknown. 20 June 1883 S. Barnes Located unknown. 19 May 1885 S. L. Alman 31 month and years unknown Lofton M Loper Location unknown 7 March 1887 J. M. Shephard 16 January 1889 Discontinued 15 AUG 1890 Mail to Pink Post Office Rankin County.

Leesburg Post Office & Location

Leesburg Post Office Established 10 January 1900 First Postmaster Jesse R Denson Located in SW 1/4 Section 14 Township 7 N Range 5 E. l November 1900 John M Walsh Located in Section 23 Township 7 N Range 5 E. 18 September 1925 John Alton McKay Located in NW Corner NE1/4 of NW1/4 Sec 23 Township 7 N Range 5 E. 19 November 1929 Jual McKay Located in NE 1/4 Section 14 Township 7 N Range 5 E.12 February 1934 Louis B Walsh Located in  NW 1/4 Section 23 Township 7 N Range 5 E. 31 January 1935  Robert E Munn Located in NE 1/4 Section 27 Township N Range 5 E. 2 February 1935 Located in NE 1/4 Section 27 Township N Range 5 E.  23 September 1938 Discontinued.  Mail to Morton Post Office and Route 2 was Established.

Leesburgh Church

Founded on 20 November 1881 by a group of pioneer Baptist Christians, led by, according to the church record, Elder Wm Robinson and W. W. Kersh, the church was organized.  Tradition has it that the first meetings were held in a bush arbor.  The record gives us the names of only seven charter members:  J. H. Butler, Thomas Measels, Sister Eliza Measels, H. Thompson, Kessiah Thompson, Jarvis Williams. and Sister  E. C. Williams.

The name of the infant church, it was decided, should be Leesburgh Baptist Church of Christ. This name prevailed until 1893 when the church joined the Rankin County Baptist Association and the name became Leesburgh Baptist Church.  The change of the present spelling (dropping of the “h”) came about, in the minutes of the clerk’s record book, during the year of 1901. I don’t know where the first church was located. 4 August 1894 J. M. Walsh & wife Brittie Walsh to Deacons of Leesburg Baptist Church l acre of land in NW corner Lot 1 Section 23 Township 7 N

Range 5 E. Revert Clause.  In due time a crude one room church building was erected on or near the site of the present pastorium.  Could this church have been on the above  land?  After some 25 years this building and school house that had been erected nearby, burned. This church must have burned before the School did. 4 September 1917 J. C. Bates & wife E. A. Bates to Deacons of Leesburg Baptist Church 1 acre in SW corner of Lot 5 Section 14 Township 7 N Range 5 E.
The congregation decided to rebuild the church-house across the road near where the present church stands today. 29 November 1937 J. R. Edwards Jr & Mrs J. R. Edwards to Leesburg Baptist Church Beginning NW Corner of Church property running West 60 ft. Thence south to Public Road, thence east back to SW corner of church properly, all in lot 4 Section 14, Township 7, Range 5 East. 16 August 1948 Leesburg Consolidated School to Leesburg Baptist Church Beginning at the Northeast corner of Leesburg School property and run thence South along the East of said property 35 yards; thence West 30 yards; thence North 35 yards; thence East 30 yards to the point of beginning; in Section 15 Township 7, Range 5.East . If said property should hereafter ceased to be used for church purposes it shall revert to said district.  17 February 197l The Board of Education of Rankin County to Leesburg Baptist Church BEGINNING AT THE NW CORNER OF LOT 1, SEC. 23., T. 7 N., RANGE 5 EAST AND RUN SOUTH 270 FEET; THENCE EAST 388 FEET; THENCE NORTH 270 FEET; THENCE WEST 388 FEET TO POINT OF BEGINNING. ALL BEING IN LOT 1, SECTION 23, TOWNSHIP 7 NORTH, RANGE 5 EAST. CONTAINING TWO AND ONE HALF ACRES MORE OR LESS.  9 February 1977 L. S. Bates & Agnes D. Bates Quick Claim Deed to LEESBURG BAPTIST CHURCH TRUSTEES AND THEIR SUCCESSORS, The following described  land, situated in the County of Rankin, and State of Ms to-wit; Commencing at a point 900 feet north of the SE corner of lot 4 , Section 14, Township 7 North, Range 5, and run thence south 690 feet, which is NE corner of Leesburg Baptist Church Cemetery, and point of beginning of land herein conveyed, thence run west 64 feet thence run north 110 feet, thence run east 64 feet, thence run south 110 feet, to POB. 9 February 1977 L. S. Bates & Agnes D Bates Quick Claim Deed to LEESBURG BAPTIST CHURCH TRUSTEES AND THEIR SUCCESSORS IN OFFICE Commencing at a point 900 feet north of the SW corner of Lot 5, Section 14, Township 7 North, Range 5 East, and run thence South 690 feet, to a point, which is the NW corner of Leesburg Baptist Church lot and the point of beginning of the land herein conveyed. From POB run East 210 feet then run west 188 feet to wise  side of lot 5, thence run south alone west line lot 5 140 feet, to POB. All being situated in Lot 5, Section 14, Township 7 North, Range 5 East. Ranking County, MS.

Leesburg School

see Class Photo


Chapter 1

AN ACT to Regulate the Supervision, Organization, and Maintenance of a Uniform System of Public Education of the State of Mississippi

 Section l.  Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Mississippi, That a Free Public School, or Schools, shall be maintained in each School District of the State for a period of four months or more in the year; and suitable School facilities shall be afforded to each and every youth between the ages of five and twenty one years, residing in such School District, as herein provided.

Base upon the above the Rankin County Superintendent appointed Dr J.R. Edward and J. L.  Watts & H.W. Measells Trustees  for township 7N range 5E.  1916 E. F. Kersh, J. A. Penn and  J. C.   Watts 5E. 1916 In 1920 Leesburg School district maintenance for two miles

2nd February 1899 S L. Alman sold to the Trustee of Leesburg Public white school & their succession the land as 1 acre in the SW corner of the S1/2 of the S1/2 of the SE1/4 Sec 15 T7 R5 E   29 July 1909 Newton Record had the following: R. E. Stewart of the place, has been engaged to teach at the Leesburg School over in Rankin County this fall. I haven’t found out where the first Leesburg High School was built but one burned in February 1923.  1 September 1923 It is ordered by the Board Supervisory  that the sum of $150.00 be set aside out of any balance in the treasury to warrant to H.W. Measles L T. Lawrence and Dr J.R. Edward Trustees  of said School  in rebuilding said school by said trustees. 20 August 1923 John M Walsh deeded to Leesburg school the following one  acre of land in the NW corner of Lot (1) one Section 23. T.7 Range 5 East.  3 September 1923  J. B.  Worley sold ½ acre of land East of School Lot commencing  at NE Corner going East 35 yards. Then South 70 yards then west 35 yards. Then north 70 yards back to starting point in Lot (1) Section 23 T 7, Range 5 East. 7th April 1928 C. W. Waltman Et Ux to / Deed Leesburg School In consideration of Fifty (50.00) Dollars, We hereby grant, bargain, sell convey warrant to Leesburg School the following described land, situated in the County of Rankin, and State of Mississippi, to-wit: Beginning at SE corner of church property running North 8 yds Thence East 591/4 yds.  South 10 yds. In Section 14 T. 7 R. 5 East. Beginning at South West corner of School proper running South 20 yds. Thence East 1291/4 yds. Thence North 90 yds in Section. 23 Township 7 Range 5 East. ; LEESBURG HIGH SCHOOL TO OPEN MONDAY 1 October 1923, IN NEW BUILDING. People of Community Gave of Own Time and money for Erection of New Building. Able Corps of Teachers in Charge of work.  The people of progressive little community of Leesburg are highly elated over the completion of a new school building. Which will be ready for occupancy October 1st and that is the opening day of the 1923-1924 session. They are indeed proud of their efforts have been crowned with success, especially since they have secured the services of an able faculty for ensuing session. Prof. S. D. Welch was elected principal, and his assistants are Miss Marie Myers and Mrs Agnes Walsh.  Although the school is late in opening, it will have the increased support and cooperation of the community as a whole.  A committee of Leesburg citizens were canvassing Rankin County on Monday soliciting funds for the purpose of painting the new building. The people of this community deserve a great deal of credit.  Alter felling to float bounds of the building., they gave of their on time and money until a structure was completed. The Directory Sheet for Schools for Enumeration of Educable Children–1927. Principal (1927-1928 E. C. Parkman Address During school Leesburg, MS. During Vacation Trenton, MS. Number of teachers including principals: Full time 3 Part time 1.School. Type of School Rural unconsolidated.

School Trustees 1927-28
Name     Address   Date Term Expires
Messells, H. W.   Leesburg   March 1929
Walsh E. H    Leesburg   March 1930
Collum, D. A.    Leesburg   March 1928
Messells, H. W   Leesburg   March 1929
Walsh, W. H.    Leesburg   March 1930
Bilbo, O. H.    Leesburg   March 1931.
Location of the school building as to (a) Section 23 Lot l Township 7N  Range 5E.
The school was built 1923 Cost $2500.00 Frame. The number of rooms used for Instruction purposes. Four List other rooms, such as library, offices, auditorium, study hall, etc: auditorium

The following Article were taken from the Brandon News

Thursday, October 31, 1935. Leesburg School Honor Roll
Beginning: Julia Beth Walsh, Leslie Harrell, George Wilie Harrell
First Grade: Hattie Boyd Walsh, Randolph Walsh, Hubert Steadam, Charles Coleman, Thelma Harrell
Second Grade: Barney Parker
Forth Grade: Glenwood Peagler, Bobby Ruth Alman, Annie Bell Williams.
Fifth Grade: Brittye Jean Walsh, Gracie Pruitt.
Thursday Dec. 5, 1935 Honor Roll Student for the 3rd month
Beginning: Julia Beth Walsh, Leslie Harrell, George Willie Harrell, Helen June Bate, Lavern Bates.
First Grade: Thelma Harrell, Randolph Walsh Second Grade: Theo Peagler, Glenwood Renfrow
Third Grade: Betty Joyce Bates
Forth Grade: Glenwood Peagler
Sixth Grade. G. B. Shoemaker, Bromberg Edwards
Seventh Grade: Fondren Walsh, Charles Ray Noel, A. G. Marburry, Bryant Piegler, Harvey C. Munn
Eight Grade: Inez Bates. Clotene Munn
Thursday Jan 30 1936 Leesburg Honor Roll
Beginning: Julia Beth Walsh, G. W. Harrell, Leslie Harrell Lavern Bate
First Grade: Randolph Walsh, Hattie Boyd Walsh, Jestine Munn, Lorene Jones, Dewette Joyner. Willie Merle Bates.
Second Grade: Thelma Harrell, Theo Peagler
Sixth Grade: Brombert Edward. G. B. Shoemaker
Seventh Grade: Fondren Walsh, Charles Ray Noel, A. G. Marburry, Bryant Peagler
Eight Grade: Roy Munn, Ray Walsh, Inez Bates.
Thursday 26 MAR 1936 Leesburg Honor Roll
Beginning Julia Beth Walsh, Charles Stevenson, Lavern Bates, Helen Jean Bates.
First Grade: Randolopy Walsh, Dewette Joyner

Third Grade: Bettie Joyce Bates, J. W. Renfrow, Barney Parker Bessie Mae Munn, Montine Penn
Forth Grade: Glenwod Peagler, Annie Bell Williams, Billy Layton, Thomas Joyner
Fifth Grade: Lucille Bates, Brittie Jean Walsh, Gracie Pruitt, Geneva Bates.
In 1947 a new school was built. At that the Leesburg school district was as follows: The E1/2 of Sec 16 S1/2 of NE1/4 and the SE1/4 of Sec 21. And E ½ and SW1/4 and S1/2 if NW 1/4 of Sec 22. The E1/2 and NE1/4 of SE1/4 of Sec 28 all of Sec. 10, 15, 26, 27. 34 and 35 and all that part of 11, 14, 23, 25and 26 in Rankin Co. T7 range 5E.

Sep 3 1956 Transfer of Leesburg Students to Pisgah it was approve Sep 3 1956 Nov 29 1956.



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