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Families mentioned: 
Allen, Gwin, Hollingsworth, Sevier, Triplett, Lewis, Roby, Edward, 
Shelby, Hearn, Mercer, Pollard 

        NATHAN ALLEN, the Immigrant, came to North Carolina from England.  It is thought that the Allen family originally went to England from France and the name to have been spelled ALAN. 
        At the time of the Revolutionary War, Nathan Allen was sent north to Massachusetta and was killed just before the Battle Bunker Hill which was fought on June 17, 1775.  About the same time his son, GREEN ALLEN, (2nd gen.) was sent south to Georgia to fight.  There he married and settled down to raise his family.  It is thought that they lived 
near Henriettee or Macon, Georgia. 
       GREEN ALLEN, second generation, had at least one son --our ancestor, Green Allen (3rd gen.) He was born on August 1, 1797 and was married to Elizabeth Pollard on July 11, 1820 by Rev. Harmon Mercer, Esq.  They had  three  children:  George T. Allen, William Green Allen, and Susan Sophia Allen and each of these married and had children of their own.  I have been able to find descendants of  George but not of either William Green or Susan Sophia Allen. 
        Elizabeth Pollard Allen died between March 10, 1832 and November 14, 1833 for on this last date Green Allen married Susan Roby.  She was born on September 14, 1813.  They were married by Rev. Frank Hearn. They had twelve children—ten of whom lived to have children of their own. 
       Sometime between 1844 and 1846 Green Allen, his wife, and ten children—three by his first wife—moved to Leake Co., Mississippi.  The Family Bible states that Welcome Berry Allen was born in Georgia on November 28, 1844 and the next child, Catherine Ford Allen was born in Mississippi on December 29, 1846. 
       Making the trip from Georgia to Mississippi were at least three other families, the Allens, the Shelbys, the Edwards, and the Robys.   I believe this last to be the family of Malachi or Ky Roby, a Captain in the Confederate Army and the brother of Susan Roby Allen. 
        The names of Green and Susan Roby Allen’s children who were born in Georgia were: Nathan Harrow Allen, Martha Jana Allen, Robert Van Allen, Eliza Ann Allen, Malachi Tip Allen, Elizabeth An Jack Green Allen, and Welcome Berry Allen.  Those born in Mississippi were: Catherine Ford Allen, Miles Turner Allen, John Marcus Allen, James Timotha Allen, and Emma Roby Allen. 
       The family were Baptists.  Green Allen died on March 7, 1875 and Susan Roby Allen died on January 30, 1876.  Both are buried  in the cemetery in Thomastown, Mississippi. 
       The Green Allen Family  Bible -- at least  part of it --  is in very good condition and is being cared for by Lottie Hollingsworth, a grand daughter of Welcome Berry Allen who lives in Kosciusko, Mississippi.  I have seen  it and have  taken all the dates and names directly from it. 
        I have received much help from descendants of  Green Allen in compiling this data.  Margaret Allen Sevier, a daughter of  Robert Van Allen and lives in Gulfport, Mississippi gave me the historical data on the forebears of Green Allen and their coming to the United States. Others who have helped me are:  May Allen Mansell, Norma Mann Triplett, Tip Allen, Lottie Hollingsworth, Clarance Gwin, Emma Eugenia Allen 
Lewis, Dewitt Allen, and my father W.  Roby Allen. 
      If any one knows or has any more information on any thing about our family I would appreciate hearing from them. 

This write-up was found in a folder with “Allen Family” on the tab in the Drew, Mississippi library.  Type-o’s were left in place and transcribed by Kim M. Pollard, March 20, 2002. 
Names listed in this page: 
NATHAN ALLEN, GREEN ALLEN, (2nd gen.), GREEN ALLEN, (3rd gen.), Elizabeth Pollard- Elizabeth Pollard Allen, 
Rev. Harmon Mercer, Esq., George T. Allen, William Green Allen, Susan Sophia Allen, Susan Roby, 
Rev. Frank Hearn, Welcome Berry Allen, Catherine Ford Allen, Shelbys, Edwards Malachi or Ky Roby,  
Nathan Harrow Allen, Martha Jana Allen, Robert Van Allen, Eliza Ann Allen, Malachi Tip Allen, 
Elizabeth An Jack Green Allen, Miles Turner Allen. John Marcus Allen. James Timotha Allen, Emma Roby Allen, 
Lottie Hollingsworth, Margaret Allen Sevier, May Allen Mansell, Norma Mann Triplett, Tip Allen, Clarance Gwin, 
Emma Eugenia Allen Lewis, Dewitt Allen, W.  Roby Allen. 

 A partial family tree is available via e-mail from Kim M. Pollard. 

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