The Burford Cemetery is located on Peyton Road. Go on HWY 305 one mile south of Mt Zion Cemetery turn west on Peyton Road and go one mile to the cemetery that is on the north side of the road on the 33-34 section line.

J. N. Walker, died July 1935, husband of Cora (new stone) 
Note: J N Walker of Memphis was buried at Burford Cemetery Sunday in the presence of a large congregation of friends and relatives. In addition to his wife he leaves two brothers, W J Walker, of Independence, and Rev Jep Walker of Oklahoma; one sister, Mrs. W H Ray of Coldwater, Mr. Walker has been in the hospital for some time. He died of cancer.
Source: The Tate County Democrat, July 11, 1935

J N Walker died at the General Hospital in Memphis, Shelby County, TN on June 28, 1935 and was buried June 29, 1935. He was 75 years of age. His wife was Stella Walker. Jacob Walker died from cancer. Jacob Walker was the son of Jeptha Walker and Lucy Burford. 
Source: Death Certificate

Cora Walker, Oct 1, 1859-June 24, 1916, wife of J. N. Walker
Note: Cora Walker died at 876 Nelly Bly. in Memphis TN on June 24, 1916. She was the wife of J N Walker. Cora was the daughter of Washington C McGraw and Amanda Balch. She was born Oct 30, 1859.
Source: Death Certificate

Grave-marker broken (small like a child's grave)

L.J.W., Small Foot Stone

Lafayette J Walker, Nov 25, 1875-Oct 11, 1885, son of MV & KE Walker

Jeptha V. Walker, Aug 22, 1813-Nov 27, 1884
Note: While time is swiftly gliding on, often we have had the painful task to chronicle the passing away of many relatives to the long hereafter, and it is but friendship to weave the garland of remembrance entwined with wreaths of cypress around the tombs of departed worth. Yet it is but meet an proper that we should tell the story; if virtues have adorned the life of those with whom the struggle is ended, that we who live, may be reading their bright record, be encouraged to imitate them in their virtues, throwing the mantle of charity over their errors.

"Gov" Walker was a native of Georgia; was born August 11, 1813; died Nov 22, 1884 aged 74 years, 3 months and 5 days. He had been the husband of two wives and father of eighteen children. He served in the Florida War, fighting the Indians in 1836, also served one year in the late rebellion. He was two years in our State Legislature, and Supervised our County two years in its formation. He was a safe advisor, a good legislator, as his record will show. He was true to the principle that he espoused--both to his religions and political tenants. He bid farewell to his friends and relatives and asked them to meet him in the "Sweet Beyond," and died in the Christian Faith. D
Source: The Tate County Record, December 19, 1884

L. A. Walker, Mother of B W & (stone broken)

Lucy Amanda Burford Blair Walker, 1830 Lincoln County, TN Died Apr 11,1906, Daughter of A. M. and Elizabeth Nowlin Burford  (New Stone)
Note: Mrs. L A Walker died Wed at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W H Ray. Her remains were laid to rest Thursday at Burford Cemetery in the presence of a large concourse of weeping friends and relatives. Funeral services by A G Perry of Coldwater. Mrs. Walker has been an invalid for sometime. She leaves 10 children, and a host of Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. She was about 75 years old and had been a member of the Baptist Church from her youth. We greatly sympathize with the bereaved ones.
Source: The Tate County Democrat, April 1906, Bowman Article

C. A. Burford, 1876-1951

T. F. Burford, Jan 21, 1847-Sep 17, 1905

Lucy L Burford, 1849-1933 (New Stone)

J. B. Burford, Dec 23, 1885-Sep 27, 1889, son of T.F. & L.A. Burford

Jane Burford, Oct 11, 1816-Jul 29, 1879, Mother
Note: It is my painful duty to announce the death of our beloved sister Jane Burford. She departed this life on Monday the 21st of July 1879. She leaves 6 sons and 5 daughters and an aged companion and many friends to mourn her loss. Her sickness was cancer of the mouth. She was born in North Carolina, North Hampton County, on the 11th day of October 1816, moved to Tennessee in 1830; was married to A. M Burford in 1833; joined the church of Christ in 1841 and lived a consistent member of that body up to the time of her death. I became acquainted with sister Burford the 15th of March 1858 and have been very intimate with the family as neighbor and physician and always found her kind and affectionate. But we should not grieve after her as one that had no hope. She remarked to brother Burford before she died that she had no fears and she bore her afflictions, though they lasted twelve months, with all the patience that could be expected of anyone. Brother Burford, hold out a few more days, or years at most and you will be united with sister Burford in the better land where there will be no more parting and shedding of tears. But all will be peace and joy; may all her Children imitate her Christian example.
W. N McCain, Coldwater Depot, Mississippi
Source: The Gospel Advocate, 1879

Pittman E. Burford, Feb 17, 1856-Mar 28, 1890, Brother
Note: ACCIDENTAL DEATH: Last Friday afternoon, Mr. Pit Burford, who was blind, living at the old Doellman place, walked out of the house into the back yard, and stepped in a deep cistern filled with water. Assistance was rendered as soon as possible, but it came too late, and he died Saturday. His remains were taken up to Coldwater Sunday morning, whence they were carried out to Independence for interment. Peace to his ashes.
Southern Reporter, Panola Co, MS March 14, 1890

A. M. Burford, (Feb 27, 1807) died Feb 25, 1890, age 82 yrs., 11 mos., 27 days, Father (Jane, Pittman, & A M Burford recorded on one stone written on back side of stone In
Loving Memory Of Our Dead Father and Mother)
Note: Another grand and good old brother passed away. He was 83 years of age. He was a member of the Antioch church, Tate County, Miss. I have known him about thirty six years. He was a member of the church of Christ when I first knew him, but don't know when he first became a member. I can say one thing, I don't know that I ever knew a more consistent member in all my life. He raised a large family and one that any father could be proud of. He was kind, liberal and prompt. He leaves a wife and many relations and a host of friends to mourn his departure. But we have this consolation, he fulfilled his mission upon earth and has only passed over to take his final rest where we can again unite with him. I hope the relations and friends will imitate our departed brother, A. M. Burford. (W. N. McCain, March 3, 1890)
Source: The Gospel Advocate, March 19, 1890

Corrinne Burford, Aug 11, 1882-Dec 9, 1882, dau of WC & LV Burford

Orena Jones, Feb 27, 1873-Dec 10, 1898, dau of ME & VL Jones

William Miller, Co E 5 GA. INF CSA (No Dates) (Died Sep 2, 1870)
Note: Death date taken from CSA Pension Application of Mrs. M. L (S?) Miller.

Mary L (Granny) Miller, 1827-1911 (No Stone) 
Note: Mrs. S E Miller known as Grannie Miller, died at the home of her son R M Miller Sunday afternoon at 2:00. She was in her 84th year. She was buried at Burford Cemetery Monday at 3 p.m. Rev A N Billingsley held the funeral services. She leaves two children and a host of friends to mourn her loss.
Source: Tate County Democrat April 27, 1911

Mary E. Martin, May 8, 1850-Sep 19, 1920, wife of JP Martin, Mother

James P Martin, Dec 8, 1844-Feb 14, 1905
Note: The Democrat Feb 24, 1905 Obituary
In as much as our Heavenly Father in the dispensation of his providence has removed from our midst Feb 15, 1905, J P Martin age 60 years, 2 months and 6 days. He leaves a wife and seven children to mourn his death. We feel deeply the loss we have sustained in the death of Mr. Martin, for he was a devoted husband, a loving father and an honored old Confederate soldier. He was among the first to volunteer and fight for the cause of the South. May God comfort the bereaved family.
A Friend

Henry Richardson, June 1, 1829-Feb 10, 1875

Wm. S. Richardson, Mar 22, 1857-July 16, 1863

Charles Edwin Richardson, Jul 2, 1854-Oct 31, 1887

AEB, MGY, JMW, Small Foot Stones

Jessie M. Allen, Dec 22, 1880-Aug 27, 1882, dau of HO & ML Allen

James M Wall, June 1, 1840-July 21, 1896

Ella May Ellis, Sept 30, 1899-Nov 4, 1901, dau of GR & AM Ellis

B Jane Burford, Sept 9, 1836-Feb 8, 1930, wife of D.L. Burford

Daniel L. Burford, Apr14, 1827-Nov 10, 1880
IN MEMORIAM: It is with deep regret we chronicle the death of our true and tried friend, Dan'l L. Burford, who died at his residence 2 1/2 miles south of Independence, Tate County, Mississippi, on the 10th day of November 1880. He suffered much and long and bore his affliction with a great deal of fortitude and ? . He was an old and institutional mason and he proved it by his works. He made a profession of religion in the year 1833? and in 1853 he united with the Baptist Church, the one of his choice and lived a ? and Christian until his death. he proved his Christianity by his liberality to the church, to the poor, and to the suffering, honestly and ? in a word he was really ? a helping hand of his monumental charity to all who was in distress. Ever working in Jesus when his place on earth would be ? in a ? and would pass the glittering ? of righteous prepared for the ? faithful. Rose of Sheron at the head of his grave neither would look as beautiful to the eye as his robe of righteousness which he put on while in the flesh. Or when he ? die he might be transfigured from this world of trouble, sorrow and affirmatives into the garden of immortality where there is joy, peace and happiness forever and ever. When we witness the last changes we can but say. "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord, yes henceforth sayeth the Spirit they shall rest from their labor and their works do follow them." He leaves a wife and two children and many relatives besides a host of friends to mourn after him. We can only say our loss is his gain. 
A Friend
Source: Tate County Record, Dec 18, 1880 

Barsheba L. Burford, June 3, 1857-June 3, 1857, dau of DL & BJ Burford

Philemen H Burford, Apr 9, 1856-July 15, 1856, son of DL & BJ Burford

L.P.C. Burford, Nov 1800-Sep 20, 1863, born Oglethorpe Co., GA, son of Solomon Burford

Rebecca P Burford, May 5, 1844-Dec 1856, dau of LPC & Rebecca C Burford

Alexander L. Burford, Sep 12, 1852-1856, son of LPC & Rebecca Burford

Mary F. Burford, Sep 17, 1848-1849, dau of LPC & Rebecca C Burford

Elizebeth J. Burford, Sep 11, 1841-1842, dau of LPC & Rebecca Burford

Infant son of LPC & Rebecca C. Burford, b & d Dec 23, 1837

Daniel C. Burford, Nov 18, 1835-Aug 22, 1857, son of HC & R Burford

Martha W. Young, Nov 10, 1828-(Stone Broken), wife of J W Young

Dr. W. H. Burford, May 23, 1823-Dec 12, 1901, son of Daniel & Lucy Burford, born Madison Co, Ala, died Tate Co, MS

RHBK, Small Foot Stone

Daniel Burford, Nov 5, 1782-June 19, 1848

Lucy Burford, May 22, 1789-May 26, 1847, consort of D. Burford

Tahpenious Newman, Aug 25, 1837-Oct 19, 1856, dau of HC & R Burford, married Howard Newman in 1855

Rebecca Ann Burford, Jan 7, 1846-June 28, 1846 dau of WC & EC Flewellen Burford 

Rebecca F. Young, Sep 16, 1844-Apr 1, 1847, dau of JW & MG Young

Harvey C. Burford, Dec 2, 1811-Jan 30, 1846

Lucy T. Burford, July 15, 1847-Sep 18, 1851, dau of WC & EC Burford

Leonard P. Burford, July 23, 1843-Oct 20, 1853, son of WC & EC Burford

John Heron Burford, Dec 26, 1854-Jan 3, 1855, son of WC & EC Burford

Martha Jane LaFayette Burford, Dec 29, 1840-Sep 15, 1851

William Philemon Burford, Jan 7, 1856-Aug 13, 1860, son of WC & EC Burford 

Thomas A. Burford, March 6, 1859-Dec 22, 1860, son of WC & SE Burford

William C Burford, Dec 29, 1863-Sep 5, 1884, son of WC & SE Burford

Elizabeth C. Burford, Dec 31, 1824-Sep 22, 1856, wife of WC Burford

Wm C Burford, July 30, 1816-Oct 19, 1863 Masonic Stone (stone broken)

  W.C.B. Footstone:

Mary J Francis, Born May 23, 1850-Died June 28, 1859

Sarah J L Francis, Born July 1, 1832-Died Dec 5, 1856

Wm W Francis, Born Mar 19, 1824-Died Jan 24, 1854

Solomon Burford, Nov 17, 1763-Feb 27, 1837, born North Carolina died Marshall Co, MS

Valentine Wolfe, June 2, 1803-May 1, 1871

Hawkins, (no given name or dates)

Jefferson Davis Brister, March 5 1855-Feb 9, 1910 (New Stone)

Rebecca Clark Brister, July 15, 1862-June 25, 1932 (New Stone)

George Brister, Dec 22, 1903-Dec 22, 1903 (New Stone)

Sina L Wilkerson, Sept 23, 1885-Oct 22, 1885 

SLW, Small Foot Stone

R.H.R. Kingsbery, Mar 23, 1876-Sep 6, 1876, son of WL & EJ Kingsbery

W. R. J. Kingsbery, July 3, 1872-Feb 4. 1884, son of WL & EJ

W. B. Roberts, Co C 20 ARK INF CSA (no dates)

Evelyn Dillard Roberts, Jan 1854-Nov 9, 1928  wife of W.B. Roberts (new stone)

Grave- Base, Top of Stone Missing

Grave-Metal Marker

Winfield Scott Burford, Jan 28, 1849-Nov 23, 1935 (New Stone) 
Note: Uncle Scott Burford one of the oldest citizens of our community, died at the home of A J Burford last Tuesday night and was buried at Burford Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Uncle Scott would have been 86 years old had he lived until January 28. He was a member of the Christian Church of which he was a consistent member. He leaves two boys one in Arkansas and the other in Oregon. He is also survived by several nieces and nephews. Rev Huffstatler conducted the funeral services.
Source: Tate County Democrat, Independence News December 5, 1935

Mary Mahala Wallace, died Apr 3, 1887 (no Stone) 
Note: It is with sadness that we chronicle the death of Mrs. Mahala Wallace, who died yesterday at 6 a.m., and was buried the same day in the Burford Graveyard. She was a devoted Christian and leaves many friends to mourn her departure. (April 4, 1887 is the date of the article)
Source: Tate County Record, April 7, 1887

Hezekiah Lipsey, 1795-1880 (New Stone) (source: Lipsey Papers)

Huel Maxie Blair, Aug 12, 1917-June 26, 1992 (New Stone)
Note: Huel M Blair, 74, retired carpenter, died Friday, June 26 at St Joseph Hospital in Memphis. Services were at 2 p.m. June 28, at Mt Zion Baptist Church, where he was a member, with burial in Burford Cemetery. Brantley Funeral Home in Olive Branch has charge. Mr. Blair, the husband of Bessie Stacks Blair, also leaves a daughter, Sharon Whitworth of Independence, three sons, Stanley Blair and Gregg Blair, both of Independence, and Wayne Blair of Wyatte; two sisters, Helen Posey of Independence and Joyce Clark of Corinth, nine grandchildren and five Great-Grandchildren. Active pallbearers were Ellis Blount, Retus Blair, Vinon Ferguson, Archie Powers, Maise Ferguson, and Sammy Harris.

Honorary pallbearers were Wilbert Pope, Albert Blair, Tommy Brandon, Wildfred Walker, Harold Neal, Jimmy Blassingame, Bennie Stacks and Howard Bourdette.
Source: Tate County Democrat July 16, 1992 

Bessie M Blair, Aug 3, 1922-incomplete (New Stone)

Infant Crawford (No Stone)
Note: The Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Crawford was buried at Burford Cemetery Saturday.
Source: Tate County Democrat May 21, 1909

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