Brigham Family Cemetery is located about two miles west of Cottonville in west Tate County atop a hill in Township 5, near Range 10, Section 13. The Brigham Cemetery was published in Tate Trails Vol II, Number 2, Page 33 1984.

Brown, W. J., born Aug 26, 1854 died June 10, 1918, "Father"
Brown, E. A., born Dec 1, 1856 no other date, "Mother"

Evans, Sarah Conley, born Oct 15, 1824 died July 26, 1883
Evans, Jeptha Clayton, born Sept 2, 1883 died Sept 1, 1889

Evans, Walter, son of A. M. & Mary J. C. Evans
                        born Feb 13, 1873 died Aug 25, 1876
Evans, Jeptha, born May 22, 1826 died March 13, 1877

Brigham, Cecilia A., born Oct 9, 1834 died Dec 21, 1915 "Mother"
Brigham, Thomas B., born Aug 31, 1825 died Feb 17, 1878 "Father"

"These were the only stones found however, several iron stakes, which probably marked grave sites, were found.

There is no longer a road through this area but an outline of an old road around the top of the ridge is still visible. It is a very beautiful wooded, quiet, peaceful, spot."

"Our thanks to Faye Turley (Mrs John) for her help in finding this "lost" cemetery and for guiding us there."

Reorded by Rebecca Smith, Jane and Hoyt Haas 3-2-1984.


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