Garrott-Wright Cemetery

The information on the Garrott-Wright Cemetery was submitted for publication by Joy Patterson Blair, Bartlett, Tenn. in Tate Trails. The article appeared in Volume II, Number 4, Page 107. 1984.

  In September, 1979, my sister and I were graciously welcomed to the Senatobia Area by a "long-lost cousin" we had never before met, Robert L Durdin, who provided access to the Durdin Family Bible and who led us to the cemetery described here. It was located on the property of Mr Enos Brown, and elderly man who, in his infirmity, was no longer physically able to maintain the cemetery. A short walk from his home and surrounded by crop fields, it was overgrown, heavily populated by chiggers, and many of the markers were fallen and partially covered. Reportedly, Mr Brown had said that he remembers helping to erect one of the larger markers, that of "Capt" T B Garrott; the stones were hauled in by wagon and it required several men to handle them.

All notes are Mrs. Blair's .

T B Garrott, 1841-1907 
L E Garrott, His Wife, 1846-1898 

(Note: From census studies, we know that there were two James Garrotts in the area at the same time, one 12 years younger than the other. Each had sons named T B. The T B Garrott of this double marker is the son of the younger James. His wife was named Lydia. I spoke to a granddaughter of this T B Garrott and she confirmed Mr Brown's memory of his rank: "He as a Captain in the Army."

Robert J, son of R C and M C Garrott born Aug 14, 1858 died Feb 1, 1888
" gone fair baby boy A Father's pride and Mother's joy"

James G, son of R C and M C Garrott Sept 7, 1852-Aug 10, 1870
"None knew him but to love him, None named him but to praise."

Charity O, wife of R G Meacham and daughter of R C and M C Garrott, born May 24, 1855 died May 19, 1879
"As a wife devoted, as a mother affectionate, as a daughter ever kind and true."

James G, son of J W and M E Garrott born May 14, 1871 died Sept 3, 1878
.......of joy"
(Note: J W 1845-1889 and Mollie E 1852-1938 are buried in Senatobia, Charity C is a granddaughter of the elder James, daughter of his son Rufus. Source: census data (Mrs Blair's note.

John F Scott, born Dec 29, 1832 died Aug 15, 1869
Reverse: Samantha J, wife of J F Scott born on Dec 25, 1838 died March 1, 1882
(Note: Samantha was a daughter of the elder James Garrott per census reports.

Infant son of J E and S J Scott, born on Sept 16, 1858 died Nov 26, 1858

Leontine, son of J E and S J Scott, Nov 26, 1869 died Oct 31, 1870

Nathaniel A Johnson born Jan 2, 1818 died Oct 20, 1882

W B Johnson born Jan 16, 1849 died Nov 8, 1870

Nearby foot markers: E J J, (L or I) A

Robertson H Johnson b. Feb 13, 1846 d. Sept 25, 1889
Note 1860 census switches birth years of W B and R H and R H appears as "H R". Both are sons of N A.)

1 Lieut. Wm. B Wright, C. O. B. Wood's Confederate Calvary
Foot marker: S . G.

Lula D Wife of Dr R J Harris, born May 16, 1860 died Oct 21, 1903
"Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."

Three Infant Children Of R J And Lula Harris
"Our darlings hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore."

(Note: Lula D and R J Harris are this researchers (Joy P. Blair) maternal grandparents. Lula Durdin was the daughter of Cornelius Durdin and Mary Ann Eleanor Garrott Durdin, who was the daughter of the elder James Garrott.

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